Report: Bears seek permission to interview Bevell


Darrell Bevell could be returning to the NFC North.

The second-year coordinator of the Seattle Seahawks, who previously spent five years with the Vikings and six with the Packers, has landed on the Bears’ radar screen.

According to Sean Jensen of the Chicago Sun-Times, the Bears have requested permission to interview Bevell.  Under league rules, assistant coaches employed by teams that won in the wild-card round can be interviewed this week, but only if their current employer agrees to it.  Per Jensen, permission is expected to be granted.

Bevell can thank rookie quarterback Russell Wilson for this development.  Not even Bevell’s work with Brett Favre helped nudge Bevell toward one of the 32 most coveted jobs in all of football.

38 responses to “Report: Bears seek permission to interview Bevell

  1. Bevell struggled in MN because Childress was a control freak. As a Vikings fan I wonder what could’ve been if Bev had called all the shots on offense. Oh Chilly, how long will you torment us?!

  2. Phil is really compiling quite the list. I commend him on his leadership and for not rushing into a decision. I see and hear all of these coordinators but haven’t heard any A list formers mentioned yet. I know Phil will hire somebody he truly believes in but let’s open the door just a little wider. Holmgren, Billick, Gruden, Dungy, Cowher. Keep an open mind Phil and make us proud!

  3. buhbay1c says:
    Jan 6, 2013 10:29 PM
    Bevell struggled in MN because Childress was a control freak. As a Vikings fan I wonder what could’ve been if Bev had called all the shots on offense. Oh Chilly, how long will you torment us?!


    Agreed. Plus Childress loved TJoke and you can’t run an offense without a QB.

  4. Hahaha why? He was awful as a coordinator for Minnesota. Only reason why he kept his job because of his relationship with Favre. Terrible coordinator.

    Vikings, Lions, and Packer fans are happy if he’s hired.

  5. So, I guess that this means it’s possible Seattle could be shopping for new offensive and defensive coordinators this offseason. Bevell could land with the Bears, and Bradley could land with the Eagles. Here’s hoping that they both stay. They’ve both been very important to the development of the team.

  6. How come no Saban-to-Chicago rumors? Seems like a better fit. Emery comes from the Belicheck tree, and Chicago is a much bigger market.

  7. Seahawks fan here, for the love of Allah please take him. Bevell was instrumental in hamstringing Wilson and the offense and losing us games. Remember, just one more win and Seattle would be the #2 seed with a bye and homefield game. We should have never fired Jeremy Bates.

  8. Actually, the fact that those names AREN’T on the list has been the most encouraging to me.

  9. Report: Bears to decide on coach by June 15th

    Will take them that long interviewing all these people. I really thought Phil had a better plan in place when he fired Lovie. Is there really any “A” list guys out there? None of the retreads that just got fired aren’t that impressive (although I would take Turner as OC) and I don’t see the guys you listed as options. Gruden and Cowher will want to much power. Dungy is done and you don’t hear anything about Billick anymore. Holmgren…I think his time has passed as well.

  10. Ok NFL, poach all of our coaches; teams are interested in OC Bevell, Asst Head coach/line coach Cable, and DC Bradley.

    But no one will give Pete Carroll credit for assembling the team or its coaches. He’s just Rah Rah and should go back to college.

  11. Billick, Cowher, Dungy? Forget those guys, they’ve got it too good in TV, they ain’t coming back.
    Look for the next Tomlin, McCarthy, Pagano…that’s the way to go. Marc Trestman would be an excellent choice.

  12. Wilson and Lych have more to do with Bevell’s success than anything else. He stunk it up last year with TJ

  13. SMH

    Geezus why don’t these NFL execs do their research. Yeah Bevell is the OC, but thats Tom Cable’s offense. Read options, stretch plays. That’s all Cable. Bevell is Cable’s pupil.

  14. For those of you who don’t know much about Darrell Bevell, in his college days he was the Quarterback who took Wisconsin to the Rose Bowl, then when he didn’t exactly make it as a Pro Quarterback, he turned to coaching, and that’s where I met him. I was backup safety to an All American safety on a NAIA college football team called Westmar University Eagles (which is now defunct aka the school closed) in a small town in Iowa which is Division III equivalent, and it was 1996 when get this Darrell Bevell was the Quarterbacks coach for that school and somehow Bevell got a junior backup QB from Division 1 Minnesota Golden Gophers to transfer to this Westmar and we finished 8 wins and 2 losses then lost in the first round of the NAIA playoffs. So Darrell Bevell has gone from QB coach for a Division III equivalent team in 1996 to getting a possible interview as an NFL head coach in 2013 some 17 years later. I remember playing catch with Darrell Bevell back then because at the time it was cool to play catch with Wisconsin’s Rose Bowl Quarterback and now he is coaching another former Wisconsin Rosebowl QB in Russell Wilson. Small world of lots of connections there….

  15. @Burgandy2260
    the list of coaches you just named
    are the last coaches the Bears need.
    Not that they are not good coaches but they ALL HAVE OLD SYSTEMS. CHICAGO needs to play the game that is being played today. Im thinking Greg Roman.. Pete Carmichael Jr. … or Mike McCoy would be better than a high priced coach with an OLD system

  16. Does it matter? The next 10 years will be ruled by Jon Gruden and the Eagles. This meaningless speculation over which coach goes where will inevitably lead to failure. Dream Team 3.0 will win multiple Lombardi’s and make dynasties like the Patriots and 49ers look miniscule.

  17. If you look at the NFL, unless you have Brady, Manning, or Rodgers, you aren’t winning with a pass heavy offense. Rather, big D and a running game. Every team in the playoffs fits that description – with the above 3 exceptions and the Falcons and Colts. So, the old smash mouth is back in vogue.

  18. Well, I’ll give Bears GM Phil Emery this much:

    A) He is doing his due diligence in the interview process

    B) After 11 months on the job as GM, he’s assessed, moved on from Lovie and he is NOT moving at the ‘glacial pace’ that Halas Hall has moved at the past few decades in hiring a Head Coach.

    C) Best get it done soon though, so you don’t lose at the game of musical chairs in lining up assistant coaches and coordinators. Hopefully the entire offensive staff gets replaced – but the Special Teams and Defensive Staff remains (other than Lovie’s son, who somehow got an NFL coaching job without paying his dues elsewhere).

  19. jdhein22 says:

    How come no Saban-to-Chicago rumors? Seems like a better fit. Emery comes from the Belicheck tree, and Chicago is a much bigger market.
    Yes, the Belichick [note sp] tree has borne such exquisite fruit–

    Matt Cassel
    Scott Pioli
    Romeo Crennel
    Josh McDaniels
    Cheeseburger Charlie Weis and his Decided Schematic Advantage

    I wish Emery well, but he has a lot to overcome.

  20. Gee I wonder what would happen if Bevell and Bradley both left. Those two along with Cable have helped masked Pete’s ineptitude with great play calling. I bet that would hurt worse than any team in the division losing theirs. Fangio leaving would certainly hurt the niners a lot but I think Tomsula could fill the job well if given a chance

  21. Let him go coach the Bears…
    I’d rather have Cable as the OC anyway…
    Go Hawks!

  22. Phil Emery will not be satisfied until he has interviewed the coordinator of every successful offense in the game.

    Call me crazy if you want, but I’m getting vibes here that he’s looking for a coach who can call his own offensive plays.

  23. Bevell went and copied the Redskins playbook – which they admitted and seemed proud of. As a Seahawk fan I am glad they did, but before that happened everyone in Seattle was begging for Bevell to be fired.

    This was the furthest thing from my mind…worried Bevell would be hired as a HC. Its almost funny.

  24. Aww… just when I was starting to warm up to him. Then again, it was Bevell who swore to Pete and John that T-Sack was about to break through in Minny until he got a raw deal and benched in favor of Favre.

    If he goes, he goes. We can do better.

  25. Say what you want about Bevell, just don’t hold T-Joke against him. Childress drafted T-Joke, Childress alone thought T Joke could play and Childress designed the T Joke offense for Bevell to call.

    The rest of the NFL was just happy that T Joke was around so that Peterson would waste the prime of his career playing for a joke of a QB, a joke of a head coach and a joke of a team.

  26. Wow! another candidate. Bears remind of most employers nowadays. Advertise a position and say they are looking move quick, but in actuality stretch out the interview process going through the motions hoping to find the person that will work for particularly nothing.

  27. hopefully bevelle goes,his play calling has slowed down our offense all year,any seahawk fan that has watched every game knows what im talking about,it seems like he forgets what the hell he is doing at times,hope bradley stays tho

  28. YES!! One move that would make Seattle stronger and an NFC foe weaker!..

    You go Bevell! Really, I mean it Please GO!

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