Rick Dennison joins list of Bears candidates


The Texans offense didn’t look particularly impressive in Saturday’s 19-13 win over the Bengals, but that isn’t stopping their offensive coordinator from drawing head coaching interest.

Adam Schefter of ESPN reports that the Bears have asked for and received permission to interview Texans offensive coordinator Rick Dennison. Dennison’s record with the Texans goes a lot further than just one Wild Card game, of course, and it speaks well of his ability to generate an effective running game.

Dennison previously worked for the Broncos, where he was considered for the head coaching job before it went to John Fox, and that means he knows two key members of the Bears offense very well. Quarterback Jay Cutler and wide receiver Brandon Marshall both played for Dennison in Denver, which would seem to be something that would make any transition easier.

Schefter also reports that the Bears have candidates from the offensively-slanted list they’ve compiled that they’d like two finalists to return for second interviews, although Dennison would interview before the second round gets underway. With the Texans moving on in the playoffs, Dennison is eligible to interview later this week.

15 responses to “Rick Dennison joins list of Bears candidates

  1. I’m getting deja vu from when they were looking for a Offensive Coordinator. Bring in all these big names and get turned down by all of them. Man, I hope they’re not blowing smoke.

  2. “Quarterback Jay Cutler and wide receiver Brandon Marshall both played for Dennison in Denver, which would seem to be something that would make any transition easier.”

    They’ve never made the playoffs there either, which should make for an easier transition.

  3. I was really hoping he would be one of the candidates for the Bears. The zone running game with play action and bootlegs fit both Cutler’s and Forte’s strengths perfectly.

  4. As a Texans fan, please Chicago please, hire Rick Dennison. I would rather have Norv Turner as the offensive coordinator and gameday playcaller.
    Actually, I wish you would take Gary Kubiak. He is too soft and conservative to win big games. I am sure Dennison and Gregg Knapp would love to be reunited in Chicago.

  5. Mccaskeys and Philips told money is never an issue but looking at the names they are targeting, they want the biggest bang for the smallest buck. I just hope these O-minded folks do not turn down and Phil` first HC hiring goes up in smoke. If Jay can ensure a playoff run next year, chances are that he would be our long term solution ..Phil` is pulling all stops to ensure cheap HC + cheap QB …

  6. The Texans offense didn’t look particularly impressive. You mean except for the 420 yards and the 39 minutes of possession? Yeah they settled for field goals, but they moved the ball very well. And their defense is finally playing well enough to compensate for field goals. Is that good enough to beat the Patriots? No. But if they move the ball as well as they did yesterday, they’ll at least still have the opportunities to score.

  7. It’s beginning to look like Emery has no clue who he wants for a HC. Most GMs have a short list of candidates, Emery’s list never stops growing. No coach is going to wait 3 weeks for him to go thru his expanding list.

  8. Emery is stalling on perpose he hasnt interviewed Greg Roman and
    thats who he wants. but I belive Pete Carmichael Jr. is high on his list
    too. But Mike McCoy makes more sense

  9. Seems to me that Emery is taking his scouting experience to interview all these people….

  10. When they were getting turned down by offensive coordinators, it was when Lovie appeared to be a lame duck with a terrible GM.

    Things are a lot different now.

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