Seahawks concerned Chris Clemons may have ACL injury

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Although it won’t get as much attention as the injury suffered by Robert Griffin III, the Seahawks are also concerned on Sunday night about a knee injury suffered by a key player.

Seahawks coach Pete Carroll acknowledged after the game that the team is worried about the injury suffered by defensive end Chris Clemons, who started all 16 games during the regular season and led the team with 11.5 sacks. Carroll said Clemons will have an MRI back in Seattle on Monday.

A league source told PFT’s Darin Gantt that there’s fear Clemons has an ACL injury.

So the Seahawks will have to cross their fingers and await Monday’s MRI results, hoping that their top pass rusher will be available to them as they move forward in the playoffs.

29 responses to “Seahawks concerned Chris Clemons may have ACL injury

  1. That’s a huge blow if true because the Falcons’ pass protection can be somewhat inconsistent to put it mildly.
    And I say that as a Falcons fan.

  2. Blame that disgrace of a field for that, Haushka and Griffins injuries. The old Vet in Philly which was a carpeted parking lot was in better shape then today’s.

    You’d think Snider would have some extra cash laying around to do more then spray paint hard dirt.

    Clemons will be a big loss…massive. They need that pass rush next week vs Ryan to be effective with the defensive scheme with the big corners and athletic line backers…and further if Seattle makes it past ATL.

  3. Spot on……stampnhawk says: Jan 6, 2013 8:44 PM

    Blame that disgrace of a field for that, Haushka and Griffins injuries. The old Vet in Philly which was a carpeted parking lot was in better shape then today’s.

  4. Even if it’s not torn, it’s going to be severely strained, and he won’t be 100 percent next week.

    Going to be up to Bruce Irvin and Greg Scruggs to step it up. Seahawks also had Ray Edwards in for a look a few weeks ago, maybe they can add him to play some snaps if the worst is true.

    Much props to the Redskins fans and organization this weekend…but that field is an atrocity. Clem with an ACL, Griffin tweaks his knee on it twice, and Seattle’s kicking game may also be compromised as Haushcka sprained an ankle. Thanks for nothing, Dan.

  5. I’ve seen about a half dozen Giants tear their ACLs on that field, along with Adrian Peterson, and Bob has ripped his twice now in a month’s time on this trash. Add in Clemons and this is where Snyder’s money should be going; and not on the back end of those contracts he doled out in 2010.

  6. With those kinds of injuries and the frequency of them, can’t the NFL force Snyder to repair his field? If he doesn’t care about his own players that is one thing, but people from other teams should not be forced to incur injuries there.

  7. just another excuse when Atlanta wins. Clemons was out. bring it on Hawks fans. we’re waiting with open arms

  8. As a hawks fan obviously RG3 and RW3 are simular players. skins need field turf like we have here n seattle to protect him. it was sad to see today and for how much dan s gave up for rg FIX THE DANG TURF DAN. dont and your a FOOL.

  9. Bitter Skins fans and ill-informed (i.e. 99.8% of all of them) Falcons fans think that Clemons being out means they breathe easier, when Irvin is even more explosive hahaha.

  10. Bruce Irvin was drafted to step into the Leo. He is extremely explosive when given time and perfect example when RT tried to cut him on RG3 roll out and he blew it up for 10 yard sack. The only issue is we lost DE Jones to IR and don’t know who can be that extra edge rusher on 3rd downs. Maybe it will actually make Gus Brady send a blitz after our D puts somebody 3rd and forever. Heal up Clem, you have been a stud all year. Go Hawks!

  11. So when they say 12 man are they refering to the architect who built the stadium or the guy who runs the speakers when the opposing team is on offense?Cause anyone whos been to Seattle knows those lames aint making all that noise…Sorry just never been intimidated by dudes wearing corduroys and flannels who drive Subaru outbacks….Seattle nerds…

  12. Where is all this Seacluck love coming from all the sudden? I mean they used to have like 200 fans now theyre some dynasty? What a joke….lol

  13. I’ve seen quite a few Seahawks games this year and I have to disagree. I do believe that they may take more chances when the football is in the air, but take a look at the way Robinson and Samuel from Atlanta dive bomb receivers.

    Seattle was in the middle of the pack in terms of penalties during the season. 5 other playoff teams were penalized more.

  14. NFL should pull the franchise from D.C. if they don’t fix that field during the off-season. What a disgrace. 90,000 seats and all those VIP boxes full of fat-cat political types and barely a blade of grass anywhere between the endzones and the hash marks.

    Honestly, I’d rather my Hawks just bench all our starters and play the backups rather than risk losing them to injuries caused by that dirt lot they call a football field. Pathetic.

    Also, losing their franchise would be a way to finally rid the NFL of that offensive team name once and for all.

  15. Can we get LT suited up for them ??? A few lines and some Red Bull, he’s ready to go. Or Howie Long. Micheal, can you stop yapping with Kelly for a few hours.?

  16. Yeah Ace and Randall… It’s only the Falcons. The team who got the most wins in the NFL, without the refs giving them one as a freeby.

  17. I think the big question this week is does Sherman burn Atlanta one more time? last time he came through there was lots of lootin’ and rapin’. The South hasn’t been the same since!

  18. SEATTLE needs to sign Ray Edwards right away. Not only can he come in to help at DE, but playing Atlanta will give him a spark I am sure.

  19. I hope Seattle beats Atlanta and GB beats the 9ers. I want to see a fail mary rematch.

  20. Looks like these posters have ATL as an easy win. Wonder if the team will get the memo and lay down for the hype machine? Doubtful Good luck Seachickens!

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