Stubbornness leads to RG3 reinjury

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They should have listened to Dr. Andrews.

One of the most renowned sports physicians has been concerned about the Redskins’ decision to use quarterback Robert Griffin III while he recovered from a Grade One LCL sprain, suffered four weeks ago.  Today, with Griffin limping increasingly throughout a wild-card game against the Seahawks, the injured right knee appeared to finally give out while Griffin was trying to get his hands on a bad shotgun snap.

It never should have come to that.  With the Redskins being hailed for their shrewd decision to take a fourth-round flier on quarterback Kirk Cousins, who helped the Redskins come from behind against the Ravens and then beat the Browns, coach Mike Shanahan should have called for Cousins, especially after the Seahawks took a 21-14 lead.

They didn’t, and now Griffin is done for the day and, barring a miracle, for the year.

The only question is whether Griffin has done further damage that could impact his preparations for the 2013 season.  If so, owner Daniel Snyder should be asking tough questions of anyone and everyone involved in the process that kept their most prized player on the field when he should have been on the sidelines.

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  1. Shannahan’s fault. Even if you decided he was good to go before the game, they should of took him out after when he fumbled on the 2nd touchdown drive. He was obviously hurt after that.

    Forget the fact that he wasn’t the same player, and the offense has been dead since. He was obviously injured. Which becomes even more obvious, when you see his knee give out doing something that should NEVER cause your knee to give out

  2. There goes the Skins’ season, RGIII won’t least 5 seasons in the NFL, if he doesn’t stop taking hits. I know he didn’t get hit on that play but that is a result from getting hit, all game and all season.

  3. I said in the other thread, leaving RG3 in there was irresponsible. Especially when you have a good back up. Now he ended up injured more, possibly risking his future and the teams future.

    Remember Shanahan also put Terrel Davis back in a Super Bowl despite extreme migraine.

    Heads need to roll for this decision today. They couldve not only won this game, but kept RG3 from risking further injury. Should NOT have been allowed to happen. Utter stupidity by the head coach.

  4. It was clear RG III re-aggravated the knee just before his second TD pass in the 1st quarter. Shanahan had the opportunity to put Kirk Cousins in with a 14 point lead……..

  5. Shame on Shanahan. It was obvious to everyone that RGIII was injured. Cousins is more than capable of leading the Redskins. I hope the young man is not damaged extensively.

  6. logicvoice,

    your comment was dumb as usual. He hadnt peaked. He shouldnt even been allowed to stay in this game given his condition, yet they did so anyways. NOW they risked his career. He had a bright future and still may but this is all on the coach.

  7. and THATS why scramblers are never franchise QBs

    he took a couple of devastating hits… tweaked a knee bad… and now… when his team needs him in the playoffs, he’s running at 50% the entire game and ends on a potentionally career altering knee pop

  8. Shame on Mike Shanahan and shame on the team doctor.

    There are no excuses at all, we all saw what happened and we all knew he should have been pulled a long time ago.

    I hope they didn’t ruin the kid, my God.

  9. Shannahan should get the ax for this. I can’t believe he let him stay in the way he was limping and missing every throw.

  10. And the fans start to head for the exits….

    Hey anybody hear from logicalvoicesays lately?

  11. Done in by the awful turf (or lack there of)…

    Redskins spend $10000000000000 on coaches, players, etc but wont spend a dime to fix their field. Nice.

  12. Not only did the coaches cost the Skins a win, they may have cost Griffin A LOT more! What idiots…..and they have a PROVEN backup QB! Shanahan deserves what he gets!

  13. Looks like there may be some smoke to this fire. RG3 going down didn’t look very normal.

  14. Should have brought in Cousins to strat the second half..gotta give RG3 big props for the heart he showed. Such a dynamic player..whe healthy…

  15. That’s Shanahan for you. Remember when Terrell Davis couldn’t see, yet Shanahan made him play? No regard for player safety. He should be fined and suspended, possibly banned from the sport. It’s definitely worse than Bountygate.

  16. If they didn’t have Cousins, this might have been an understandable move (I don’t think it would be but there would be an argument for it). But they have Cousins! Who played in and won them a game earlier in RGIII’s absence! What are you doing? All the more reason for me to love the player and revile the franchise.

  17. Attention: everyone making comments about how RG3 won’t last yada yada yada.


    Thank you!

  18. RG3 … A short and glorious career. Nice job running the kid into the ground there Shanahan.

  19. Look at the bright side ‘skins fans, at least Maurice Jones-Drew isn’t gonna tweet that RGIII is a quitter for playing in a game he shouldn’t still be in and uncapable of contributing to.

  20. Where did logical voice go? I wanted to congratulate him on the extended vacation his team was just sent to

  21. Stupid, selfish Shanahan decision. Put Terrell Davis in the Super Bowl with a migrane. Put RG3 in with an obvious weak knee. Total disregard for your own players’ safety…and Dan Snyder might want to think about expanding his grounds budget so they can put new sod down on that pathetic playing surface.

  22. How can you watch the guy limp around the edge on a play action after having the best knee surgeon in the world say he’s not ok, and not trust the guy in Cousins thats dug you out of a hole into overtime and a win with the playoffs on the line???

    All I can hope for as a non redskin fan is to see him fully healthy next year and able to keep doing what he does for the excitement. People hate when qbs pull out when they have a chance at playing, but RGIII had given all he had.

  23. I really like RGIII, but as a Rams fan, I like those 1st round picks better! I really do hope he’s okay though.

  24. …owner Daniel Snyder should be asking tough questions of anyone and everyone involved in the process that kept their most prized player on the field…

    The first guy to ask in that cabal is RGIII himself. He knows the risks, knows what he’s doing, and knows his body better than anyone else. He gambled and lost before anybody else did.

  25. Anyone who knows anything about football knows Kyle Shanahan just ran RGIII into injury. Roll out after roll out after sprints, even though he was injured in WITH a 1 point LEAD!

    RGIII’s pride with Kyle Shanahans stupidity lost the lead and the game.

    Hats off to Seattle.

  26. Seahawks have been a playoff team in recent years and Redskins finished last almost every year. How about a little credit to the guy for helping double the teams wins? Further this season than any Redskins fan could ask for.

  27. Frank Reich did it for Buffalo when Jim Kelly got hurt. Cousins is an excellent back up. Listen to your athletic trainers.

  28. Lol, stupid skins fans thought you had a chance. Enjoy your year in the sun, the league will figure this offense out and then it’s back to the basement!!!

  29. every game stunk this weekend. stay tuned next week for a real game. SF vs GB

  30. He’ll be back. As long as he stays focused like how AP did, he’ll be back. Anyways as for the Redskins, they need to fix that turf. Taking out opposing kickers and re-injuring their own qb alike.

  31. Mr Wilson, meet John Abraham and Sean Weatherspoon, they’ll be welcoming you to Atlanta.

  32. Daniel Snyder needs to ask Shanahan some questions after the game about exposing his franchise QB to further injury when he was obviously laboring with his knee after going out of bounds in the 1st half. Then he should fire him and bring Chip Kelly in.

  33. gangsterg22 says:
    Jan 6, 2013 7:23 PM
    cheer up skins fans

    RG turd = mr. mike vick (made of glass)

    good luck with your future.

    Please don’t compare him to Vick. It is a disgrace to compare the two….

    Vick won his first playoff game against Green Bay.

  34. The Seahawks are full of talk, and they mostly talk like they are: trash. The only team I’ve seen get dirtier and chippier is St Louis.

    With RGIII healthy, there’s no way the Skins would have lost this game. Seattle needs to enjoy tonight, because this is as far as they are getting in the playoffs.

  35. Shannahan is an idiot. Kurt Cousin should have played the second half. Plus there is a chance he could have just lost Griffin next seasons. Griffin was worse than Webb in the second half.

  36. Take a deep breath everyone… RG3 is gonna be fine, and next year he won’t be playing this week… he’ll be enjoying the bye week.

  37. It was obvious RG3 reinjured his knee in the first quarter. Shanahan did his team an injustice leaving Griffith in the game. I hope the kid doesn’t have major knee injury, that play was gruesome.

  38. With the condition of that turf I really would’ve taken him out when he really started limping after that TD pass. It was too much of a risk.

    I know its the playoffs, but thats why you drafted Cousins….and he had shown he could come in and manage the game in previous appearances. And with a 14 point lead I think they would’ve had a better chance of not only winning the game, but also protecting their franchise player.

  39. Whatever. He’s just the newest incarnation of in-his-prime Mike Vic. Those fads come and go, and the guys getting the rings are the same conservative pocket passers. Think about it. If you play a game, and you happen to be playing the position which is (justifiably) given the most protection, and you choose to relinquish that protection by running and getting smashed – then just how smart are you?

  40. A healthy RGIII is a great player, no doubt, but the Redskins were idiots for mortaging their future for one player, especially one whose stature and playing style will get him killed in the NFL.

    And Shanahan is an idiot for keeping him in the game.


  41. It’s pretty bad when the team doctor feels he has to go to the press to cover himself. Obviously he did the right thing. I always thought Shanahan was cruel to Terrell Davis and he was definitely cruel to RG3 today.

    I hope this comes back to bite him hard.

  42. No player should be in a game when they’re not effective enough to help their team. SB shouldn’t even be on the skins mind, rg3 clearly wasn’t ready to come back and play. When you invest in a guy for long term, your job is to protect that investment with all means. Shanny shouldn’t never let RG3 0play base on inspiration. I hope RG3 recover in time and continue on having a long nfl career

  43. How come the NFL still has the 46 man gameday roster? It has become obvious the a 46 man gameday roster does not work for a 16 game season. The roster should be a 63 man limit for pratice and games with a 10 man practice squad.
    Also, the NFL needs a weekly inactive list so a player with an injury who needs to sit out a week or two can be replaced with a guy from the practice squad. This would work great for concussions. If a guy gets a concussion then he goes on the list until an independent doctor clears him to play. Maybe on the 1st concussion the player sits out a minimum of 1 week, if he gets a second concussion then he sits out a minimum of 2 weeks and if the same player gets a 3rd concussion in the same season then he should be done for the year.
    These would be great first steps to improve player safety if the NFL is sincere about player saftey. Better equipment is also needed. Kevlar should be mandatory in all helmets.

  44. Hindsight is always 20/20, what if Washington would have won the game? I agree RG3 needs to learn how to pass, but I don’t blame shannahan for leaving him in there as it was probably their best bet to win.

  45. jessethegreat says:
    Jan 6, 2013 7:25 PM
    Where did logical voice go? I wanted to congratulate him on the extended vacation his team was just sent to


    Predictably, he disappeared like always after a loss. But don’t worry the Skins and RG3 are too good to even sully themselves with any more playoff appearances let alone a Superbowl appearance.

    To all of the ppl suggesting that Shanahan is making his players play when hurt, did it ever occur to you that perhaps the players are insisting on playing?

  46. dybzinski10 says:
    Jan 6, 2013 7:17 PM
    Fun while it lasted. New hyped player next year.

    Gale Sayers II

    Are you saying that Gale Sayers was a hyped player?
    If so then you really have no idea what you are talking about.

  47. I also think the League should look into whether this was truly a grade one LCL sprain or a torn ligament. And if Shanahan has ruined this kid’s career he should be fined by the league and fired by the owner.

  48. Looks like RG3 is another Michael Vick. I think Shanahan made a idiotic decision keeping RG3 in game he wasn’t performing well. Kirk Cousins could have won the game.

  49. How can you watch the guy limp around the edge on a play action after having the best knee surgeon in the world say he’s not ok
    Dr. Andrews was on the sideline and supposedly looked at him (briefly) at some point during the game after he started limping around. I didn’t notice the doc arguing that he shouldn’t play. (might have happened but I don’t remember seeing it today) Regardless, the coaching staff should have seen what most of us saw after that 2nd score…RG3 was hobbling, slow and no longer effective

  50. unfortunately many games over the next few years will be analyzed with the opening statement. ” if R.G.3 was healthy”.

  51. 1. Dropped INT by Skins D
    2. Dropped Fumble by Skins D
    3. Couldn’t recover 2nd fumble by Skins D
    4. Shanahan winning by 14 and not putting in Cousins who is healthy.

    = Fox Sports calling Wilson “excellent”.


  52. Rg3 or Cousins it would not matter. The Seahawks defense was just too good. Cousins came in and the Seahawks shut him down. Cousins won a game against a Baltimore missing Lewis and Suggs and beat Cleveland. Why roll RG3 out with a bad knee? Just stupid

  53. I am sad that RGIII got hurt, and I never wish for a player to become injured, but I am so happy that we don’t have to hear from Redskins fans for the remainder of the season that RGIII is the second coming of Christ. So long Washington…. Enjoy the off season.

  54. Cousins should have come into the game right after the second TD. RG3 was limping badly and had no mobility after that. His inability to move let alone run completely changed the game.

  55. sixjak says: Jan 6, 2013 7:53 PM

    jessethegreat says:
    Jan 6, 2013 7:25 PM
    Where did logical voice go? I wanted to congratulate him on the extended vacation his team was just sent to
    On the toilet flushing the skins season where it belongs!

  56. Kurt Cousin should have played the second half.
    yooperman. If you’re really a yooper, you should know it’s Kirk, not Kurt.

    For those of you who have never been west of the Beltline or east of the California fault lines, a yooper is someone from the upper peninnsula of Michigan.

  57. Agreed. It was obvious on the third series the guy was shot.

    We already know Cousins is good enough.

    Shanny threw that game away.

  58. This is just funny. When romo does it with broken ribs and a hole in his long he’s a hero. Get over people. And for the jealous people who are bringing up draft picks again. Name any 2 people in the next 2 drafts that’s worth RG3 a rookie who took a decade of losing to the nfc top in one year. HTTR A healthy rg3 and this game isn’t even close.

  59. Bad decision by Shanahan. Calling him an idiot and saying that a single game will forever ruin a star rookie’s career is just… Completely typical for this website. Over reaction of the year, we’ll see you dorks next year. HTTR

  60. IMO fireable offense by Shanny.

    This day was set in motion many weeks ago. Running a college offense that exposes RG3 to such physical abuse means his body giving out in one fashion or another was inevitable. Shameful.

  61. It appeared to me as though he attempted to play the same type of game he did when healthy. Perhaps he could have adjusted his normal running style and used the pocket passing skills he absolutely possesses. I don’t understand how he attempted to continue his style on one leg. Where was the coaching here?

  62. steelers88 says:
    Jan 6, 2013 8:09 PM
    Eli, Vick, Romo, and RG3 all walk into a bar to watch the playoffs!

    Actually, RG3 had to be wheeled into the bar.

  63. Not that RGIII should’ve been playing at all, but why in the world wouldn’t you re-sod your home field prior to the game? They were playing in green-painted dirt out there.

  64. I hope you reassess your position, think about it for a bit and realize how dumb your position is! Down only by 7, docs saying he’s not going to do permanent damage, and your qb saying he can do it, you gotta leave your star qb in! What kind of a lack of trust is that if coach pulls his star qb? This is a moronic viewpoint, rg3 as a pocket passer is way better than a Kirk cousins as a pocket passer!!!

  65. Shannahan just gave Dan Snyder a reason for firing him opening the door to bring the latest circus act Chip Kelly. Funny think is if he can make a full recovery RG3 is the only QB in the league that could operate Kelly’s wacky offense. Appropriately located in the city that wastes more money thanks to our elected officials, Snyder spends it like it’s OPM (other peoples money). Oh that’s right it is. The fans that support his penchant for throwing good money after bad on the wrong free agents and over matched coaches. Thank God I am not one of them.

  66. Russell Wilson humiliated NFL conventional wisdom. First no rookie QB is supposed to dominate the NFL, 2nd no 5’11” QB is supposed to dominate the NFL, 3rd no running QB is supposed to dominate the NFL. 4th no running, rookie, 5’11”!QB is going to win a playoff game…on the road.

    5th, Pete Carroll isn’t supposed to dominate the NFL.

    NFL conventional wisdom dies a painful death.

  67. If Adrian Peterson can do it, I believe RG3 could possibly heal up and give next season another good try.
    But they definitely should have put Cousins in after the 14-0 lead. Oh well…

  68. RG3 was so OBVIOUSLY hurt last week against Dallas, but they rolled the dice. Same story this week, only it got EVEN more obvious in the first quarter — as RG3 was LIMPING everywhere. What kind of coach fails to appreciate that RG3′s effectiveness was severely compromised after coming up limping early in the game – AND – that he was highly susceptible to catastrophic injury.

    Shanahan blew it. Bad.

  69. Shanahan didn’t just leave him in. He kept calling running plays for RG3!!

    The Shanahans have been lauded as innovators all year when instead they were risking RG3’s long term career for short term chance at a few more wins. Is anyone shocked that his season ended on the bench due to an injury?

  70. It’s completely foolish to use a young, franchise athlete when he is not really healthy enough to play. I mean, what would we all be saying if Adrian Peterson got hurt in Sept. Shouldn’t the Vikes have held AD back a few weeks too fully heal? Athletes play hurt. It’s a roll of the dice. Let’s hold off a bit and see how RG3 is in a few weeks. He’s got all winter to heal. The Vikings risked the entire season.

  71. Get a lead, run the ball. Or put Cousins in and maybe you win <> fan.

    For your sake I hope he calls RG3 needs to call Adrian Peterson.

  72. Yes, Shanahan was wrong for leaving RGIII in the game for too long but stop comparing this to Terrell Davis. Davis was asked to go in for ONE PLAY AS A DECOY. He wasn’t asked to run the ball or block.

  73. They didn’t, and now Griffin is done for the day and, barring a miracle, for the year.

    Heck, ol’ horse teeth might be done forever. I see toothpaste commercials in his future.

  74. alstottwastheman says:
    Jan 6, 2013 8:47 PM
    RG3 wasnt allowed to leave anyway even if he was hurt. Remember when Cutler left cause he was hurt? Why would this have been any different?
    The difference is that idiots love to bash Jay Cutler no matter what he does.
    They have been told that “This is the guy you need to hate” by sports T.V. shows and certain Internet sites. *cough*
    RGIII on the other has been anointed as the greatest QB ever and not only is he NOT a quitter but it is all the coaches fault that he was hurt.

  75. I’m just glad I won’t be seeing any more of the pre-1992 musty, dusty, tattered Redskin flags flapping from the cars of Deadskin fans that are still holding onto the memories of the Hogs, Smurfs, and Dexter Manley :/

  76. While at Baylor, RGIII would always give credit to his teammates when they won. I realize he is competitive, but I blame him as much as Shanahan for staying in the game. For some reason, it’s like he thinks he’s the only reason the Skins can win.

    I wouldn’t be surprised if he’s out a lot of next season, just like at Baylor when Nick Florence had to fill in for him before his Heisman season. Worked out ok for both guys, I suppose, but a painful way to do it.

  77. I’m a die-hard Seahawks fan and even I think they had a good shot at us with Cousins in there.

    How surprisingly well he played when he brought them back from a two-touchdown deficit, and played the game he started probably has a lot to do with why RGIII didn’t want to risk him burning up the playoffs and keeping the starting job even when RGIII knew he was in pretty bad shape.

    Had any of about 20 other teams drafted Cousins he just may have upstaged our third-round jackpot by earning the starting job coming out of the fourth round.

    Hold your heads up, Skins fans, you’ve got a strong team here and you’ll be in the post season many times over the next decade.

    Had it not been for Shanahan gambling with RGIII’s career it could easily be us heading home for the year.
    Looking forward to playing you guys in the post season many times in coming years.

  78. The entire Redskins organization should be sanctioned and majorly fined for not providing a suitable field for BOTH teams to play on. By CHEATING in a blatant attempt to slow down Seattle’s fast defense, they wound up not only injuring our kicker and top pass rusher, but may have ruined the career of their own #2 draft pick star QBotF.

    Shanahan allowing RG3 to keep playing is but a part of a much bigger scandal here, imo. There is ZERO excuse for any NFL team not to have a minimum standard of playing surface, especially when the weather was both dry and mild temps. Seattle’s field is always in top condition and gets rained on constantly and is never muddy or torn up. This is a travesty.

  79. Snyder asking tough questions about them playing RG-3? Oh yeah cause Snyder would never compromise someone’s health to win a few games…lol. Nah not the Cap violator well known bad guy Snyder. The guy who sued and tried to put out of business a small paper cause it criticized him. Please Florio gives us a break, Snyder is right there wthe rest of the Skins mgt. who would put winning a few games over the health of a player.

  80. Mike Shanahan needs to be fired for leaving RG3 in the game and at further risk to injury. It was clear from the 2nd quarter on that RG3 was hurt and couldn’t do much of anything. A stupid and stubborn decision by Shanny and it could end up costing RG3 his career. Dumb. Dumb. Dumb.

  81. Hello all you hindsight masters! If he had finished the game and had won, everyone would be praising the decision and calling him the world’s greatest! lol, you guys crack me up. He’ll be fine, and it will make for all the more dramatics next year with “comeback from rehab” talk and such. Relax people, he will be fine.

  82. Shanahan should have never let RG3 come in in the second half. That was a DA mistake on his part. Cousins should have been brought in and the Skins would have won the gaem. RG3’s health must not mean much to Shanahan.

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