The Chip Kelly face-saving process commences


So when Chip Kelly returns for the second straight year to Oregon after flirting seriously with the NFL, what will the story be?

Will it be that Kelly and his agent, David Dunn, aimed too high and played too shrewdly and failed to get the deal Kelly wanted?  Or will it be that Oregon stepped up, causing Kelly to decide there’s no place like home, at least for another year?

Our money is on the latter.

It’s not a fair bet, because the wheels already are in motion for Kelly to save face by staying put.  According to Ian Rapoport of NFL Network, Nike chairman Phil Knight is making a push to keep Kelly at Oregon.

So why’s the push starting now?  It’s been common knowledge for weeks that Kelly planned to bat his eyelashes at the NFL once the college season ended.  If Knight wanted to prevent that from happening, it should have happened long before Kelly had a chance to turn the flirtation into action.

Knight previously may have stayed out of it due in part to Nike’s still-new exclusive apparel contract with the NFL.  Now that it looks like neither the Browns nor the Eagles are willing to give Kelly what he wants, Knight risks creating no friction with the NFL by trying to persuade Kelly to love the one he’s with.

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  1. Good, anything to keep him away from Philly. Now the Three Stooges (Lurie, Roseman and Smolenski) can focus on getting a coach that has NFL experience and doesn’t run gimmick schemes.

  2. I now can’t stand this Kelly…twice in two years with 3 different teams you do the same thing…stay in college where u belong Chippy…

  3. If he doesn’t have the competitive juices to coach against the best then Kelly should go back to being the big fish in the little pond. If he wants to be a man then Kelly should put on his big boy pants and go coach in the NFL.

  4. If he wasted this much of both the Eagles’ and the Browns’ time only to wind up staying in Oregon, I hope that’s the end of Kelly’s interviewing prospects with the NFL. Flirting is one thing … but no one likes a tease.

  5. He’s a college coach…nothing more. There’s no shame in that, but these guys seem to think they need to validate themselves by doing it in the pros (Saban, Petrino, Spurrier).

  6. As an Eagles fan I’m glad. It’s scary hiring a college coach, no matter how good they were. Now lets get a solid NFL coordinator and turn this thing around.

  7. It is now common knowledge that Kelly does not have the “rocks” to compete with the big boys at the NFL level.

    Also, why is Phil giving this guy another raise when he has failed for the 3rd year in a row to deliver a national championship?!?!?

    This year Oregon clearly has the most talented team in the PAC12 but failed to get past a WELL COACHED Stanford team.

  8. i think lurie and roseman tried to sell chip on michael vick, as dumb as that sounds.

    they probably think vick is the perfect guy to run the oregon offense.

    no wonder chip has 2nd thoughts.

    also browns were never realistic option.

  9. Obviously, Kelly is just looking for an offer that he can’t refuse. Looks like he didn’t get it and is staying put. I don’t see why anyone has a problem with it – there’s no loyalty any longer between employer and employee.

    If you think he somehow owes Oregon to not consider other options, you are fooling yourself. He’s obviously not going to take just any old offer, which is as close a thing to loyalty as an employer deserves these days.

  10. Phil knight wipes his hiney with billion dollar bills while 12 year old Chinese laborers toil in brutal conditions making 10 cents an hour. The shareholders will argue “hey – that’s 10 cents more than they would have gotten had we not taken over their village.”

    Me myself, I think Phil Knight is disgusting and embodies the very nature of what is emptying America of its good natured old fashioned soul.

    So who cares what Phil Knight is doing on another rainy Sunday in the Northwest? I mean really

  11. Having read, reluctantly, all the comments posted in recent days, it is clear that the self-anointed experts have condemned Oregon’s Kelly. So sad, to be so lacking to profess such judgement.

  12. If I am an NFL owner, I think I grab the commissioner’s ear and let him know, Phil Knight needs to learn where his bread is now buttered.

    That being said, I think McCoy is a better fit for the Browns and the Eagles.

  13. “So why’s the push starting now?”

    Well how about because realizes that Kelly didn’t want to really do anything until after the Fiesta Bowl. Also, sometimes it is good to let him explore his options before getting in a final consultation. Really, nobody has any idea what Chip is thinking because he never shows his hand. I love how quick this story has changed over the past two days making all these “reporters” look clueless. Nobody knows what Chip will do or what went on during this process outside of Chip and those he spoke with.

  14. Even if Chipper returns to Oregon, he and the media will always keep his name in the spotlight. Anytime a big HC job in college or the NFL, Chip will make sure he’s a candidate. Chipper loves being the center of attention and the media loves to play along with that.

  15. Why is it such an issue that he is exploring his opportunities thoroughly? He should be hearing what NFL teams have to say and if he doesn’t like what he hears then return to a great program at Oregon. I don’t think that the University of Oregon should feel disrespected by the process, he will have chosen them over the NFL in 2 years now and seems to have been upfront and honest with the AD there. If he chooses not to sign with the NFL teams they shouldn’t feel disrespected, he gave them time to present to him and he didn’t like what he heard, there’s nothing wrong with that.

  16. As great as it was that Reid got fired, it would have been twice as bad if Kelly was the replacement.

    Some times the decisions that don’t get made end up being the ones that benefit a team the most….this is one of those decisions.

  17. As an Eagles fan, I hate this guy as a NFL coach. 1.) He is Fat Andy 2. Just look at him. The no-run offense of Fat Andy would be back with a vengeance. 2.) No NFL player is going to be willing to run the hurry up all the time. These guys have their money, and are in the show. There is nothing in it for them to work that hard. 3.) No NFL player is going to respect a coach who has not coached or played in the league.
    Go back to Oregon you gimmick offense dork.
    Good riddance to bad rubbish.

  18. Screw Chip Kelly and his gimmick O. Give me Brian Billick and his ring.

    Guy knows how to develop QB’s- look what he did with Randall in Minn. He also knows how to adapt to his talent. In Balt he relied on his D and become conservative offensively.

  19. Kelly over-valued himself. Now he has to go back to Oregon and face an NCAA investigation and possible sanctions hanging over the program.

    Could have easily bolted like the weasel Pete Carroll did at the first sign of NCAA investigators.

  20. Regardless of how you feel about Kelly, please do not be so silly to call that offense a “gimmick”. A gimmick is running the wildcat twice a game, a fake punt, a halfback pass. A gimmick is not running an offense with dozens of set plays and reads. It is a system that requires certain types of players, and its much easier to recruit said players then to try to construct a team a few players at a time through the draft and free agency. I could see his teams struggling under his control and then him getting fired before he has the time to build the team like he wants. If that was to happen, it wouldnt be because his offense is a gimmick, it would be because he didnt have the time to build his roster.

    If he is smart instead of arrogant, whenever he becomes head coach he’ll try to fit his system around his talent instead of his talent into his system.

  21. Isn’t it entirely possible that he realized he’d be in Cleveland or Philadelphia and decided he wanted no part of either? I’m not a Kelly fan, but I wouldn’t want anything to do with either franchise.

  22. Browns…do what Ohio State did. Go out and get the best college coach available and pay him big bucks. This time go after the best pro coach available..”Jon Gruden”..and pay him the really big bucks to coach the Browns. He sure fits the criteria you set up for a coach and with total control of roster l’m sure he would jump at it. Only a suggestion.

  23. I like how some say ” Those college coaches scare me” We’ll they ALL came from college at one point and time! It’s called experience.
    Could anyone really see his Offense being run consistently in the mud and muck of Cleveland?
    Philly was the best bet with Vick running the show to start and then him drafting his guys. Personally, I think he should just stay in College or come to KC in about 3 years after we are done with Reid and Chip can take us the rest of the way!

  24. I really don’t care about Chip Kelly or the Eagles… but it would be interesting if the Panthers have an opening next year and Kelly went there with Newton as the QB. He’s the only QB who has a chance to stay healthy long-term running that read type of offense.

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