Weeden watches, waits as Browns search for a coach

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It’s widely believed that, if Chip Kelly becomes the next coach of the Browns, the relatively slow-footed Brandon Weeden won’t be the team’s quarterback of the future — or maybe not even of the present.

Weeden, we’re told, shares those concerns regarding how he fits, or doesn’t, in a Chip Kelly offense.  He said so several days ago, but then took to Twitter to point out that he was joking.

As we understand it, it’s not a joke.  Weeden understandably is worried about whether he’d have a future in Cleveland if Kelly is the head coach.

If the Browns were to move Weeden, other teams would surely be interested.  The question is whether the Browns could get a return that would justify in hindsight the use of a 22nd overall pick on Weeden in 2011, one of the picks obtained in the trade that allowed the Falcons to get receiver Julio Jones.

Given that Weeden spent his first NFL season working for Andy Reid disciples Pat Shurmur and Brad Childress, a deal that would send Weeden to Kansas City could be a possibility.

Of course, none of this matters unless the Browns hire Kelly.  At this point, it appears that he could land with the Browns or the Eagles.  Or maybe some other team that decides to swoop in and offer more than either the Browns or the Eagles have put on the table.

11 responses to “Weeden watches, waits as Browns search for a coach

  1. So the Browns are in rebuild mode AGAIN. 2-3 years in the future Kelly will be gone and they’ll have to draft a whole new offense yet again.

  2. Weeden isn’t horrible. Let him compete. He didn’t totally suck this year. I’m a Jag fan and I know a thing or two about crappy quarterbacking. He would have been an improvement.

  3. Well at least the Browns have a new owner and a new front office. Maybe the mentality that believed Weeden would be the answer to the Colt McCoy question will be replaced by the idea that you really need to find a true starting QB before you blow your payroll and your draft picks.

    Unfortunately it’s not a very good free agent market for QBs right now and the draft class isn’t rich at that position either. That’s why it’ll be easy to trade Weeden, but hard to replace him with someone who’s a significant improvement.

  4. I personally don’t care if Weeden is in the mix. Thought he was a reach @ 22. Showed some flashes but not enough to force him on a new HC.

  5. Other teams will be interested, but not as a starter. The most compensation I could see them getting is a 6 or 7 round draft pick. That’s not much return on your investment, but better than nothing.

    It’s pretty obvious he’s a capable quarterback but his ceiling is not very high, probably not much higher than where he is already.

    But there is so much drop-off at the starting quarterback position someone will be interested in brining him in to serve as a decent backup.

  6. Weeden isn’t the problem in Cleveland.

    The problem is Banner, Mr. Know-it-all.

    It is going to take a really strong coach to deal with that has-been. It is obvious that he is part of the problem when it comes to Kelly not signing with Cleveland.

    Philadelphia would be easier to turnaround.

  7. Weeden isn’t the answer at QB regardless of who is coaching him. At the Football Outsiders site, where they evaluate players using extensive metrics, Weeden ranked #35 among QBs. That’s right, worse than even some of the backups on other teams. And he’s 29, so it’s not like he’s a young kid with a high ceiling. Simply put, the Browns had a need, they gave Weeden a chance, and they found that he isn’t the answer. Next man up.

  8. The Browns are overlooking the perfect HC candidate. He’s gone to two superbowls, won one.
    He’d be comfortable with most of the current players and he knows Cleveland!

    Mike Holmgrem!!!!

  9. I wouldn’t want Brandon Weeden in Kansas City. The guy makes to many mistakes and who knows. He could end up being a Matt Cassel…

    If I was the Chiefs. I would find away to trade for Matt Flynn from the Seahawks and then draft Geno Smith as his back up…Matt Flynn is a stud but he is a dud in Seattle.

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