With Reid hired, LaMonte focuses on placing Holmgren


Agent Bob LaMonte has been a busy man in recent weeks.  And for good reason.  With plenty of coaching and executive clients who want to find jobs or upgrade those they have, LaMonte is spinning plenty of plates, while periodically focusing closely on one or two of them.

Much of his time last week was spent finding a new job for Andy Reid.  Ultimately, it worked, with a five-year deal that surely pays the former Eagles coach handsomely to run the show in Kansas City.

Next up, apparently, is the Big Show.  Otherwise known as Mike Holmgren, for coach of the Packers and Seahawks and most recently the surrogate owner of the Browns.  LaMonte methodically and consistently has been planting stories about Holmgren’s potential interest in coaching again, starting with the notion that Holmgren would be interested in coaching the Cowboys.

In fact, at one point Ed Werder of ESPN reported that Holmgren would return to coaching only with the Cowboys.

Since then, Holmgren has broadened his focus, saying that if anyone is interested, he’ll listen.

The Chargers, according to CBS, are now interested.  On the surface it makes plenty of sense in light of the fact that former Packers G.M. Ron Wolf, who hired Holmgren in Green Bay, is advising the Chargers in their search for a coach and a G.M.  But on closer inspection, it doesn’t make much sense at all.  Holmgren won’t come cheap; for what it would take to land him, the Chargers could have made a pre-emptive play for Reid.

Moreover, we can’t get out of our heads Werder’s report that, for Holmgren, it would be the Cowboys and only the Cowboys.  And so this idea that the Chargers are interested in Holmgren very well could be the equivalent of the report that the Cardinals were 95-percent sure to hire Reid, with the goal of flushing a bigger blue-starred bird out of the bushes.

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  1. ya know, I wouldve taken Holmgren over the Bills new guy. Or even my team’s HC, Mike Munchak

  2. What team wouldn’t want to interview this guy? Minus the whole Cleveland debacle he’s been a winner every place else. It shows that he’s a coach not a president. I would love him in Chicago but would he fit w/Phil? I don’t think so but what a dream that would be. Big city…big name coach…big wins! Think it over Phil!

  3. This means we will have several reports from LaMonte’s tool, Adam Shefter, that Holmgren is “95% sure” to agree to coach the cowboys. Or anything else LaMonte wants him to say.

  4. I think he would consider Chicago but he isn’t worth the money and or power he would likely demand. If he puts aside his misplaced ego and just does the HC aspect, he could be a very good hire for the Bears.

  5. Holmgren’s always had the goods as a coach, but I’d never let him buy my groceries, as Parcells would say. That means he might be the one guy who’d actually work in Dallas since Jerry’s never going to give anyone else personnel control. Ryan has the defense on track, and Holmgren could be the offensive guru to help Romo find his inner Favre. Jones should really give this one some serious consideration. Garrett is not the guy.

  6. I’m sure he’s gonna look for a lot of cash but maybe a combo of what we would pay him on top of what he’s still getting from Cleveland would satisfy him.

  7. His time in Cleveland was not a debacle. People don’t understand what his job was. He was running the whole team, including the business side. He hired a great talent evaluator in Tom Heckert, who has done a great job in rebuilding the roster. Look at his drafts.

    I am firmly convinced that if Haslam had not bought the team, the Browns would have been a playoff team next year. If anyone did not see the progress, they had their eyes closed. This is the equivalent of firing a carpenter half way into his work because the house isn’t finished yet. Holmgren was doing good work in Cleveland.

  8. Holmgren is a great coach – but nothing more, nothing less. In Seattle he wanted a ton of “power”, and was both GM and coach – only to have his GM duties taken away and THEN Seattle was a GREAT team for years.

    Holmgren reminds me of people like Michael Jordan who WANT to be good at something they are not (Baseball), yet they are excellent at what they specialize in.

    Just be one of the best coaches in the NFL and BE HAPPY.

  9. LaMonte is the reason the NFL mgmt hiring process blows!

    His HC’s only hire their coaching staff only if they’re represented by LaMonte!

    Who is this guy, L Ron Hubbard?

  10. Holmgren is my first choice. First George McCaskey clearly stated money would not be an issue in hiring a new HC. Holmgren would command respect from coaches,players,and the media from day one. He would be best candidate the organization has ever hired, period. He has nothing to prove,I would think egos would not be a problem. Cutler would shut up and do what he’s told and Forte would flourish again. I would like to see what an Emery/Holmgren draft would produce.He would make the right choice about Marinelli and the D. He has the best understanding of the NFC North and its traditions. Last he would be in a great position to be the first modern day HC to win two SB’s with two different teams.

  11. His success in GB is undeniable, but IMO, overrated. Yeah, they had 2 great seasons. Won a superbowl, and made another. But since then, what has he done? The years after those 2 runs in GB were nothing to memorialize, or he wouldn’t of lost his job there.

    His teams weren’t anything special in Seattle (In a division that, at the time, was anything but elite), and that team got better relatively quickly once they got rid of him.

    As far as his FO talent, what has Cleveland done with him in charge?

    Not saying he won’t, or shouldn’t get a job, just saying I don’t think he is the mastermind a lot of people still make him out to be. I would much rather (as a fan of a team still searching for a HC) rather has a coordinator that has been on the sidelines every week the last few years than someone who hasn’t

  12. The Chargers dodged the Andy Reid bullet– let’s hope they can do the same with the Holmgren idea.

    If they were going to go the retread way why even get rid of Norv?

  13. Excellent coach, not so good in the front office. Maybe he could help the Bears beat the Packers?

  14. If the Eagles were smart, they already let go the student (Reid), they now should hire the teacher (Holmgren).

    HC: Mike Holmgren
    DC: Lovie Smith
    OC: Norv Turner

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