Bruce Irvin to play bigger role for Seahawks with Clemons injury


With defensive end Chris Clemons lost for the season due to a torn ACL and meniscus, the Seattle Seahawks will have to hope rookie Bruce Irvin can fill the void.

Irvin was Seattle’s first-round pick in last April’s draft and has been used almost exclusively on passing downs this season. Irvin had just 17 tackles during the regular season, but eight of which were sacks. Irvin picked up another sack in the Seahawks 24-14 win over the Washington Redskins on Sunday after Clemons left due to injury. Irvin will be the first option to fill Clemons’ role on the defense.

“The logical thing to do is for Bruce to move up and do all of the playing and takes the lead spot and then we’ll fit it in behind him,” head coach Pete Carroll said.

“That is stuff that we saw him do in college that everybody talked about that they didn’t see. He played the same position in college so really he has done fine. He’s not as big as Chris Clemons is on blocks, but he’s faster and he’s quicker, so he’ll give us some stuff. We’ll certainly miss Clem, but he can hold up his own.”

Carroll also said they can use lineman Greg Scruggs or possibly even linebackers K.J. Wright or Mike Morgan as options to complement Irvin.

Seattle also had former Falcons defensive end Ray Edwards in for a workout two weeks ago and elected not to sign him at that time. With Clemons out, he may once again become an option for the Seahawks just in time to face his former team. Carroll said general manager John Schneider is seeking out options on the free agent market with Clemons headed for injured reserve.

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  1. Too bad for Clemons …Irvin was a good pick..guess there was talk of the Bears grabbing Irvin instead of McClellin…8.5 sacks versus 2.5 for Shea..Seattle made the right pick though I think McClellin will still be a productive player..Hawks got a real good shot at beating Atlanta with or without Clemons.

  2. Losing Clemons will be rough but this is any backup’s dream opportunity.

    Time to prove you were worth the 15th pick Irvin. Make the most of it.

    Go Hawks!

  3. Bruce Irvin should be an excellent replacement. Irvin is not that strong against the run but Atlanta has the 29th-ranked rushing attack in the NFL. Being strong against the run is simply not necessary. But he is excellent on the pass rush which is precisely what we need. This works great.

  4. I love watching Bruce play and he can step up without question. All due respect to Scruggs but I watched the game again and he gets no rush on the outside. He looks more like a undersized interior lineman and and good to spell big Red Bryant. From being healthy we lost two productive DE’s in 3 weeks. We need an edge rusher, I hope they sign Ray Edwards because I don’t even know any DE’s sitting on a couch that can come and even give depth.

  5. Good for him that Atlanta can’t run the ball I guess. I’m not trying to discredit Atlanta as much as others are cause they still went 13-3 and didn’t make their easy schedule, just played it and won almost all their games, but at the end of the day, this seems like a really bad matchup for them. We’ll see how it plays out though.

  6. Do you mean he can knock down more unsuspecting just-injured players ten seconds after the play is over? Sounds like he’s a perfect fit for a leading role in Seattle.

  7. Calling all recent defensive HOF inductees !!! Need cash, don’t go to some check cashing place !! Suit up, get paid ! That nice fat SB check will come in handy and the ring will look great too. Go Hawks !
    T.O. , Brett, and Chad need not apply.

  8. Bruce Irvin is a beast, im excited to see him play sunday. itll be interesting to see how he fairs against the run, time to prove your worth first rounder!

  9. Russell Wilson is overrated, the Oline is the meanest in the NFL and Jamarcus Russell could put up pretty numbers behind them. When this O-line gets a rash of injuries it will be clear what is propping up these ridiculous rookie numbers.

  10. Next man up, Big loss but good teams take this as a challenge and get the job done.

    Luckily the youth and depth of this team can at least try to overcome this. Most teams wouldn’t have a shot.


  11. Atlanta will beat Seattle. The Clemons injury is huge. I don’t care how good their CBs are, a lack of pressure against Ryan will spell their demise. Irvin has been good but that was with Clemons on the other side. Now they’ll have a tomato can on the other side.

  12. commonsensedude says:
    Jan 8, 2013 1:07 AM
    Do you mean he can knock down more unsuspecting just-injured players ten seconds after the play is over? Sounds like he’s a perfect fit for a leading role in Seattle.

    RG throws himself on the ground after every touchdown pass anyway (even though it is illegal to go to the ground in celebration, he never gets flagged for it). the seahawks were just helping him down.

  13. Hawks will sign a guy today or wed. Pete in his PC said john S is working hard on it. Pete also said if they have to they will split time on the strong side with KJ,malcom and Scruggs, even use Morgan, all of which can rush but this would create a wrinkle the Falcons havent seen. Its a loss to loose Clem no doubt. he has been relentless for 3 years and its a big hole to fill. Just hope he can comeback next year full strength. GO CLEM!!!

  14. seattlecoug says:
    Jan 8, 2013 11:02 AM
    Doesn’t matter – Matt Ryan chokes, he’s a poor man’s Joe Flacco.

    Hawks 38
    Falcons 13


    Joe Flacco has won playoff games before dude. Blame Lee Evans and Billy Cundiff for Flacco not getting a ring last year.

  15. I’ve noticed that whenever someone makes a disparaging remark about the Seahawks there is an overwhelming thumbs down response by followers of this string.
    Could those negative comments be coming from fans of teams that Seattle has beaten?
    Just asking……

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