Bucs have no plans to extend Josh Freeman’s contract

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Let’s see if we understand this one.

Mark Sanchez, the fifth overall pick in the 2009 draft, already has received a second contract.  Josh Freeman, taken in the teens that year, hasn’t.

And Freeman, at least for the coming season, won’t.

According to Rick Stroud of the Tampa Bay Times, the Bucs won’t be extending Freeman’s contract, which expires after the 2013 season.  And as Stroud explains it, the decision not to sign Freeman to a new deal could be part of a plan by coach Greg Schiano, who inherited Freeman, to get his own quarterback.  And Freeman may change Schiano’s mind only by playing so well this season that Freeman leaves the Bucs with no other option than to use the franchise tag or sign him to a long-term deal.

One possibility would be to apply the non-exclusive tag and to see if anyone is willing to sign Freeman to an offer sheet and give up a pair of first-round picks.  That would enable the Bucs to pull a reverse Keyshawn, giving up a player and getting two first-round picks 14 years after they gave up two first-round picks to get Keyshawn Johnson from the Jets.

The Bucs likely would settle for less, since the alternative will be to let Freeman walk away.

21 responses to “Bucs have no plans to extend Josh Freeman’s contract

  1. Fantastic News!

    It gets frustrating watching The Bucs reward players with contracts for mediocre playing…

    Highly doubt that any team would be so FOOLISH as to give 2 1st round picks (or anything close) for a QB that after 4 years still often plays like a rookie!

  2. Freeman is no Peyton Manning, but I’m not sure why that would be a wise move. Why not try working out something 3 year deal, or something that could be severed around then with minimal damage?

    If he insists on having “his guy” (I wonder just how many fans have had to deal with poor play from teams because of this thought process), that guy can come in and compete. You look pretty damn silly if you like Freeman walk and end up with an inferior player.

  3. Why do you take every opportunity to bust on Mark Sanchez. He is irrelevant to every conversation…including discussions about the Jets! HEY OH!!!!!!!!!

  4. Freeman is inaccurate, inconsistent, and makes poor choices. He probably winds up as a backup somewhere.

  5. And they shouldn’t. Freeman hasn’t earned anything yet, giving him a Sanchez or Schaub like extension would be disasterous. Freeman has to show signs of progression next year, otherwise let him walk.

  6. Just because Mark Sanchez received an extension doesn’t mean every team should throw money away on their underachieving QBs. Freeman hasn’t yet performed consistently well enough to deserve a lucrative extension. He’ll follow up an effortless 400 yard, 3 TD game with a 200 yard, 3 pick game easily. Let the team see what he can do next season before opening up the wallet with an extension. He’s shown flashes of greatness, but far too often he’s mediocre. The Bucs front office are playing it safe. I don’t blame them.

  7. Freeman is an example of why I wait before getting too excited by guys like Russell Wilson, RG3, etc. Let NFL defenses get a year or two of tape on these guys, and then let’s see how they’re doing.

    Remeber, Derek Anderson once threw for 29 touchdowns and was named to a Pro Bowl.

  8. Anyway you look at it there should be lot difficulty in making that decision. The Bucs have a history of giving up on quarterbacks too soon and sending them to other teams to be super stars.
    Freeman has shown flashes of greatness. His work ethic and attitude are highly professional.
    His talent has been given high marks by his peers in and out of the media. The Bucs should not be too hasty in letting Josh walk unless they are willing to start all over again at the QB position. We all know where the teams real weakness is right now and it is not Josh Freeman.

  9. How is four (or five after next season) years of seeing the same issues and inconsistencies continually crop up being hasty?

    Yes, Freeman works hard and is committed. So where’s the improvement? Where’s the “getting it”? Where’s the consistency? I’m not in favor of dumping him immediately like some are, but they definitely need to bring in someone — draft, trade, FA, whatever — in case Freeman ain’t the guy. Better to be like the 49ers with the successor already in-house and maybe some controversy than to have nobody in the wings and be maybe be forced to draft a QB higher than you should.

  10. He is just like Flacco, except Flacco has a defense to cover for him. Mediocrity can win, but only if a team excels in other areas. Brad Johnson was about as pedestrian as they come, but he won a Super Bowl because of a great defense.

  11. Why is it wrong to give an honest assessment about Josh Freeman??

    Was my suggestion of trading him that offensive???

    You don’t need competition if you’re good!!! Just go ask Mark Sanchez!!!

    If you need competition you do not deserve to stay. Freeman seems like a nice kid, but he’s letting people down.

    He needs to be traded for an early 2013 2nd rounder or 2014 conditional 2nd round pick that can become a 1st.

  12. You could just give him what he is worth?? 2nd – 3rd tier money now because it will be hard to find a QB of his worth in the draft or FA. Who wants to trade thier #1 QB?? Bucs offense averaged the 2nd most points in the NFL this year until the last 4 games. Btw 2011 was really Freeman’s only bad year when he injured his thumb on his throwing hand. Give Freeman a top 10 defense, and the Bucs would be in the playoffs every year with Freeman.

  13. Btw He has had 3 OC’s in the last 4 years?? Plus This was his first year in this system. He is too physically talented to become Alex Smith, but the front office is stunting his growth by hiring and firing coaches. Schiano might not of drafted Freeman, but the GM Dominik did and he won’t let Freeman walk. I think they are just using the media as leverage for negotiating his contract.

  14. Makes good sense to me as a Bucs fan.
    Schiano will be coaching his second year and has already said that he needs to evaluate Freeman.

    Josh has the ability, and has shown it in spurts. Let’s just make sure that any “failure” from Freeman is actually HIS fault – and not the play calling.

    If Josh is the good competitor that I think he is – he can EARN his contract this coming year. It’s a motivator to a competitor.

  15. Freeman was a junior and drafted at only 20 years old. There are college players that will be drafted this year who are the same age he is right now.

    Consistency tend to come in the 5th year for some elite QBs. Eli was like that I believe.

    People say Freeman is innacurate…not completely true. When the oline does their job, his rating is over 90%. But he was playing behind a depleted oline most of the year…yet he STILL completed for over 4000 yards…a franchise record. AND he scored more touchdowns than any other QB in team history.

    Give him a healthy oline for a year and he’ll run with it. The Bucs just witnessed their best offense in team history…add a better pass defense and keep the lines healthy (both sides) and you’ll see them dominate a lot of games. It’s coming.

  16. freemantowilliams says: Jan 14, 2013 8:41 PM

    I like freeman I really do (look at my screen name) but…. There’s this guy playing at Texas A&M that looks like he’s gonna be a great one. With the success that some of these younger guys are having (kap, Wilson, rg3) I just feel like its time to move on after next season. Now if freeman comes out next year and really lights it up my mind will change.
    Seriously? So your plan is to ditch your 6’6 first round quarterback, who has proven himself a more than capable NFL starter, after 2013; so that you can tank your 2014 season in order to draft un(NFL)proven 6’1 Jonny Manziel (presuming he comes out as a junior, which is highly doubtful).

    I’m not saying Manziel won’t succeed at the NFL level, but starting a “Don’t do well for Manziel” campaign after his freshman year is one of the most ridiculous things I’ve ever heard.

    Also, somebody needs to come up with a better catchphrase than “Don’t do well for Manziel”, because that is just terrible.

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