Doug Marrone’s looking for experienced coordinators


The Bills introduced new head coach Doug Marrone at a press conference on Monday and, as you’d probably expect, Marrone didn’t offer many specifics about what he’ll do to get the Bills back to being a winning team.

There was no discussion about players or what they’ll do at quarterback, for instance. You wouldn’t expect that during introductory remarks, of course, so that’s not much of a surprise.

Marrone did talk about his high regard for analytics dating back to his days as the Saints’ offensive coordinator and made it clear that he saw himself as taking a CEO-style role with the team. Marrone said he won’t call plays on offense, but will be on the headset with everything in all phases of the game will flow through him. That’s probably why he’s looking for a particular type of coordinator to run things on both sides of the ball.

“No, I will not call plays. But everything will go through me. I will be on the headset and will be managing the game and those game management decisions which can affect play calling will be handled by me,” Marrone said. “The coordinators will need to have thorough NFL experience, especially on the defensive side of the ball.”

Experience isn’t everything when it comes to coaches, something the defense’s performance under recently deposed coordinator Dave Wannstedt in 2012 makes clear. For a guy taking his first job as an NFL head coach, it’s still probably wise to prize experience for the rest of the staff.

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  1. On the D-Side, I could see Rod Marinelli or Gary Gibbs as Coordinator in Buffalo. On offense, Mike Tice could be the O-Line coach, with Paul Hackett, Ben McAdoo or even Ken Whisenhunt as the O-Coordinator.

  2. I think The Bills should pay Lovie whatever it takes for him to accept The DC position. If ray Horton does not get a HC gig, again, pay the man whatever it takes to accept the position. The Bills have a great D waiting to happen with a smart hire at The DC position. Personally, I am happy with The HC hire. Now as long as I do not hear Mike Martzs name at all in any discussions I will still be happy. Pay Lovie or Horton whatever it takes! Do it Russ/Bills!! Also, call The Redskins and help replenish a 3rd and 5th rounder for them in exchange for Kirk. If negotiations call for a 2nd, make the move. Lets Go Bills! .500 would be great for a start in 2013, maybe more if they land Lovie or Horton as DC!

  3. You know, after pondering the thought for a few moments… Raheem Morris may be a good hire at the DC position also. We have a great D depth chart for the tampa 2 minus a linebacker that we can get in the 1st round… Yes, Raheem would also work for The Bills.

  4. This is a pretty bad hire… Reminds me of Nick Saban when he was with the Dolphins losing, not winning championships with the Tide. Terrible Hire…Should’ve gotten Lovie or even Ken Wisenhut.

  5. I wish Wannstedt would have had a better first half of the season, then maybe he would have been kept by Marrone. I can see Wannstedt running the Defensive side, while hiring Tice for the Offensive Coordinator position.

  6. No Romeo Crennel. Your franchise has invested a ton in that 4-man defensive line. Changing to a 3-4 would be a disaster. Bringing in Lovie would be perfect, but he’d probably sit out the year instead of playing 2nd fiddle. Raheem Morris is a nice fit. Note to those saying they should have hired Whisenhunt or Lovie…Buffalo is notorious for the retread coaching hire. Nice move bringing in someone who wants to control all aspects of the team, not just one side of the ball.

  7. EJ says:Jan 7, 2013 2:04 PM

    I wish Wannstedt would have had a better first half of the season, then maybe he would have been kept by Marrone.

    Dave is washed up. The game has passed him by. At the most, I see him as a position coach in The NFL now or Coaching at a lower level College program. Dave couldn’t adjust well this past season during games and his Def gameplans going into most games were bad to say the least. The Bills D improved the second half, but I see that more as a nod to the talent and not the coaching. Srry, no offense meant. Just my own humble opinion. I also agree with the comment of The Bills sticking to a 40 defense and not switching to a 30. We are stacked for a 40. Yes, Raheem Morris would would do good. I hope he is on The Bills radar.

  8. Yes, Raheem would be a great fit. Not to mention that he could develop our young secondary corners. He could give his career a boost by taking this job and being able to Coach The D side of the ball in Buffalo with all of the talent The Bills have. Rumors were saying Raheem had a big hand in turning around the D fortunes of The Skins this year and The Guy knows how to motivate his players. Bring raheem in. I’m starting to think Lovie or Raheem are the best available and the best choices for DC job. Make it happen Bills.

  9. All of you so-called football experts need to give it up. Not a single one of you came even close to guessing who might be the Bills Off. & Def . coordinators. Not one of you. All of you people think that you know more about football than the next guy. What a bunch of ignorant buffoons!

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