Irsay on Colts season: “What a ride it’s been”

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The Colts went from 2-14 to 11-5, made the playoffs and found a new star quarterback in Andrew Luck, and watched their head coach battle back from cancer while the interim coach who filled in for him was hospitalized for yesterday’s playoff loss to the Ravens.

That’s more than one can sum up in a tweet.

“It’s been an incredible, incredible year. In 40 years, I haven’t seen one like it. I really haven’t,” Colts owner Jim Irsay said, via Phil Wilson of the Indianapolis Star. “We’ve had the greatness. I felt the Lombardi Trophy in the rain in Florida. So many different things that we’ve done through the years. This year was incredible, tough. It was special and unique in so many different ways.

“I couldn’t have imaged this type of year that it was going to be and the credit to think that we could get this thing reorganized and win 11 games and go through the adversity with injuries and a coach fighting a life and death illness, and then have the coach that was holding it together ending up in the hospital today. What can you say? There’s not much you can say except if adversity builds greatness and strength and those things, then we just added a lot of adversity in our bank.

“I thanked everyone. I’m just thankful to God [head coach] Chuck [Pagano] is standing their healthy and feeling good [after battling leukemia]. What a ride it’s been. Like I said, one of the most special years not only in Colts history but in the history of the NFL, 90-plus years, you just don’t see many years like this. . . . Obviously the future, to say it’s bright is an understatement.”

Irsay went on (and on and on) about the challenges his team faced this year, and made a strong pitch for general manager Ryan Grigson as executive of the year.

Irsay also said they flew offensive coordinator Bruce Arians’ wife in while he was hospitalized in Baltimore, saying “there doesn’t appear to be anything extremely serious, life-threatening.” He said he expected to have Arians flown back to Indianapolis today after further tests.

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  1. It’s going to be a much different ride next year. No last place schedule … and everyone has seen the act. They’re reviewing the game film as we speak.

  2. Indeed, I think every Colts fan and football fans anywhere can agree that it was truly a special season and I can’t wait to see what the future holds for this team. They gotta improve the defense and offensive line quite a bit but as long as #12 is there, we’re in good hands.

  3. Not a Colts fan, but congrats on a very good year. I don’t think anyone saw this season coming for the Colts. Despite the fact that Peyton is in the playoffs and look like strong contenders for the Superbowl.. Luck looks like the real deal, of course only time will tell if they made the right move.

  4. Jimmy gets a lot of grief from some because he is eccentric and loves to trip out on Twitter, but he’s a class act and a good owner.

    Those that work for him, from the janitors to the secretaries to the coaches and players, see his passion (and compassion) daily.

    The future is bright once again in Indianapolis.

  5. The future couldve been another trip to the superbowl if they didn’t ditch Manning. Bad move Irsay.

  6. He’s a cheat, just like his father who moved the Colts out of Balt in the middle of the night.

    He threw the 2011 season so he could get Luck. No question. I don’t care how many new players are on the roster, you don’t get that bad, that quick, even without Peyton.

  7. Can’t see much difference between the Colts’ season and the Vikings’ season. The Colts went from two wins to 11, while the Vikings’ went from three wins to 10…
    Parity (a watered-down league) makes all things possible.
    The real challenge is maintaining success, which I don’t believe either the Colts or the Vikings are equipped to do.

  8. Ok the Mayflower story is old and played out, the Ravens came from the Browns, so lets drop that dead horse….

    Also the same ones saying the Colts only are 11-5 is that they had a last place schedule were the same ones saying this year that the Colts wouldn’t win 5-8 games.

    Colts did beat the Packers, Vikings, and Houston all in the playoffs.

    Grigson got some amazing results out of the draft and FA.

    With a great cap year, another good draft year and FA, and experience under the Current Rookies’ belt, the Colts will be contenders again.

  9. Peyton Manning never would have made it through the season with his lack of mobility. Luck is way mobile is still took numerous hits. Had manning been there, they wouldn’t even had made the playoffs and he would be thinking about retirement.

  10. You Colts fans had the greatest quarterback of this generation but only one Super Bowl win to show for it.
    You’d think you people would get the hint that championships aren’t about quarterbacks but about TEAMS.
    The Colts, as team, have a lousy defense and a turnover-machine offense. Playing cupcakes practically every week allowed the Colts to qualify for this season’s playoffs.
    But don’t expect a return trip anytime soon.

  11. Luck is out of the league in two more years. The ravens showed the world what Andy does against a good defense.

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