Kubiak touts Dennison for head-coaching job

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So far, Texans offensive coordinator Rick Dennison has landed on the interview list of only one NFL team — the Bears.  His current boss thinks the time has come for someone to give Dennison a chance to run a team of his own.

“I think he’s been ready for awhile,” Kubiak told reporters on Monday.  “I think Rick is a very smart guy.  He’s selective.  I’ve been called on him for about three years in a row now, but I think Rick knows what he wants to do with his life and if he’s going to take an opportunity to be a head coach, he’s going to be selective in what he does.  He’s got a great background in the National Football League.  He’s a 10-year defensive player in the National Football League.  He’s been a special teams coach in the National Football League.  He’s been an offensive line coach.  He’s been an offensive coordinator.  There’s nothing this guy hasn’t done.  He would do an excellent job if he gets the opportunity.”

It’s a selfless move by Kubiak, who would be losing a key member of his staff.

“He’s my teacher,” Kubiak said of Dennison.  “He’s a guy that comes down here every day and puts it together with the players, teaches the plan, teaches his scheme, teaches what we do and coordinates everything with the offensive coaches and how we go about our business getting ready to play every week and then right there with me on game day calling plays and helping me out.  He’s the leader of what we do offensively.”

He could soon be the leader of what another team does offensively and defensively.  And on special teams.

7 responses to “Kubiak touts Dennison for head-coaching job

  1. Shouldn’t Kubiak be worrying about how to keep the Patriots from hanging 50 on the scoreboard on Sunday?? Andre Johnson may disagree, but this is the biggest game in that sorry franchise’s history. They could be hosting the AFC championship game if they and Baltimore can pull off upsets, and he’s inviting the distraction of having his OC being offered jobs into ha locker room. Moron.

  2. I would prefer that Gary Kubiak coach the Bears as I think he and Matt Schaub have maxed out in Houston.
    Either way, the TEXANS need to hire Norv Turner as the offensive coordinator and gameday playcaller. In order to take the next step toward winning the Super Bowl, the Texans need to score more touchdowns and settle for less field goals.

  3. Coming from Colorado, I’ve followed Dennison’s career from Colorado State, where he was a tight end, to the Broncos, where he was a linebacker, to his long, varied career as an assistant coach. It’s true, he’s played and coached pretty much everything.

    He’s got a very strong resume, but so do Mike Zimmer and Perry Fewell, neither of whom are attracting any head coach attention.

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