London Fletcher may have played his last NFL game


The Redskins’ playoff loss to the Seahawks may have been the final game of linebacker London Fletcher’s career.

“I’ll take some time to let the emotions of the season kind of get away, refresh a little bit and then sit down with my family and make the decision from there as far as whether I’ll continue to play or not,” Fletcher said after the game, via the Washington Post.

Redskins linebacker Lorenzo Alexander said after the game that he hoped Fletcher would keep going but sensed they might have been playing together for the last time.

“You could tell he was really sad, upset,” Alexander said. “We’re real close so it was real heartfelt for me, that this run that we had was kind of second to a Super Bowl win with what this team was able to do with him leading it. With that, is he coming back? Is he not? It’s that kind of sentiment, because you get close to guys and you never want to see them go away because that’s what you really miss.”

The 37-year-old Fletcher is a three-time Pro Bowler who has never missed a game in his 15-year career.

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  1. Not a fan of any teams he’s been on but Fletcher is one tough dude and gives it all he has every time….he’ll be back.

  2. I’ve always been a huge fan of London and not just because I’m a John Carroll alum. I respect his love for the game and refusal to quit. Most of all I love the class he showed on and off the field. If this is the end, it is a sad day for football fans. You will be missed.

  3. Hey Logicalvoice, you now get to fulfill your daily infatuation of comparing London and Ray Lewis all you want. Of course you might wanna wait till Ray gets done playing …still. LOL!!! U mad bro?!?!?!?!

  4. One more year, London Fletcher, all us fans love what you do and all you bring to the Redskins!! Hail!!

  5. Shanahan doesn’t deserve to coach guys like Fletcher (and RGIII) after that move he pulled last night with RGIII and all that baloney with Dr Andrews. It made ME angry and I couldn’t give two hoots about the Redskins.

    It was nice to see Fletcher go out not tooting his own horn too (if he’s going out). I hated all that showboating yesterday by Ray.

  6. MUCH better player than another 37 yo linebacker we are all forced to listen to over and over again.

  7. When did the redskins become te most hated team in the nfl and why does everyone here hate them? Did Thier coach get caught cheating like Belichek?

  8. What an amazing career for this guy! I feel certain he just needs a rest, physically and emotionally, before he will decide to give it one more try; unless, as someone mentioned, he learns that Griffin’s knee is ruined.

  9. I have all the respect in the world for Fletcher. As a Cowboys fan, I’ve watched him be a thorn in our side since he arrived in Washington. That said, I believe he is possibly the best undersized linebacker I’ve ever seen and was definitely the heart and soul of the Skins. Was a pleasure to watch him play. He is proof that you cant measure heart with height

  10. This guy will go down as maybe the most underrated player of his era, and in the minds of at least knowledgable football fans, as hall of famer.

  11. A sad year if Ray Lewis and London Fletcher retire in the same year. Although, I would like to see London go into the Canton, since I will already be there for Ray.

  12. No one cares. This guy is just a poor mans ray Lewis. Just like the Deadskins are a poor mans ravens. No one will miss London fletcher except redskins fans who always try to compare him to ray which is an absolute joke.

  13. I’ve said this before. It isn’t the game that leads the older players to retire, it’s the redundancecy of practice, and the constant repetition of things they already know. Practice, man. We’re talking about Practice.

  14. Logicalvoice is M.I.A. He was last seen parading around Raven threads before RG3 and their dreams of actually being relevant went down in flames.

  15. I can see London retiring. He’s 37, he battled injuries this season despite not missing a game, and hes lost a step. The smartest players leave before there body gives out. Londons a smart guy. If he doesnt retire now next season for sure is his last. Loved his professionalism, his intensity, his passion for the game. Will miss him but i hope he makes the best decision for himself and his family either way.

  16. Londer Fletcher is one of the greatest of all time at his position. He gives it his all every time and doesn’t take it for granted. Hope to get to see you play some more Fletch but if not it was a great ride and glad we had you for a few years. You are a special player that will be very hard to replace. Redskins nation loves you! #HTTR

  17. What a great player London is.

    I hope he plays a few more years.

    Tough & durable as they come.

  18. If London Fletcher does decide to hang it up, he’ll leave with the legacy of being one of the best, most consistent, and durable LB’s in NFL history; as well as one of the most underrated.
    Good luck to him whatever he decides.

  19. One of the most underrated players of the last decade. Dude is a beast…if he hangs it up this cheesehead will miss watchin him play.

  20. no matter what the article is someone must bash the ravens. They are the most polarizing team in football. No matter what they have to compare London Fletcher to Ray Lewis. Ray Lewis is simply the best no doubt no questions.

  21. Been a Cowboys fan all my life, but I have tremendous respect for Fletcher. What a player. “It ain’t the size of the dog in the fight, it’s the size of the fight in the dog!”

  22. I love Ray Lewis and he is def the greatest but to say London Fletcher isn’t even close??? Get out from under your bubble. Fletcher is the most underrated player in football. Always gets overlooked for Probowl which is a joke! Ray Lewis > Fletcher but it is only by the smallest of margins. Lewis is just more vocal than Fletcher and that makes the difference. He is more entertaining but when it comes to football, it is very close. Lewis and Fletcher should both be first ballot HOF!

  23. I haven’t watched much of London but know through my Skins fan friends that this guy is legit, just very quiet and humble, similar to Champ Bailey (Broncos still reaping the benefits of that moronic trade by the Skins).

  24. I’ve been reading these posts about how London Fletcher is better or equal to Ray Lewis and it’s plain b.s. I know that fans like to prop up their favorite players and measure them up to the greatest. But in this generation of MLBs Ray is the measuring stick. I really believe that London Fletcher is a Hall of Famer one day and that he was truly a solid MLB but nobody will mention his name after he’s really done. He won’t get mentioned with the all time greats. He most likely won’t get voted in to the HOF first ballot simply because he doesn’t have the credentials to do so. He has a Super Bowl ring and a ton of tackles but it’s not hard to rack up the tackles that he has after playing 17 years. Ask yourself how much of an impact has he actually had on his team or even on the league? Is he a generational player? Someone that when you get old you can say that you had the priveledge of watching. He’s played on some bad teams and bad defenses. He’s been in the league 17 years and has only gone to 3 Probowls. Obviously there were better MLBs in the NFC for 14 out of his 17 years. You can’t debate stats because they are facts. Lewis has a SB. 12 Probowls, 10 time All Pro, 2 time DPY, and SB MVP. Plus he’s been the leader of one of the most dominant defenses in the NFL over the last decade. So he’s consistant. So he garnered all of these accolades because he speaks out and hypes up his players? Even if he didn’t play for my team I would be typing this reply because it’s the truth and I don’t hate on players because everybody that claims that they have a beef with Ray would love to have had him be the leader of their teams defense the past 17 years.

  25. By far the best free agent signing the skins have had during the Snyder era. Maybe the best ever. London is a class act, reliable as a rock, and a great player who gives it his all. The skins seem to be legit now so it would be sad for him to leave just after becoming contenders after years of being terrible

  26. I appreciated what London has done, but to compare London and Ray is stupid. in 12 less games, Ray has 242 more tackles, 4.5 more sacks, 8 more INT, 29 more PD, let’s see the difference if Ray plays same amount of games.

  27. London Fletcher never had a flashy personality and didn’t generate a lot of headlines, but he was a consistent upper-level linebacker for a very, very long time in the NFL. Congrats on a great career, and best wishes going forward.

  28. I remember way back in 1998 I was watching a regular season game between the Niners and the Rams. John Madden was talking about this new undrafted free agent the Rams had playing linebacker named London Fletcher. 15 years and three Pro Bowls later he was one of the best mike linebackers of his era.

  29. I hope Fletcher comes back for another year. He was the heart & soul of the Redskins defense.

    As for the comparisons to Ray Lewis, he’s closer than people give him credit for. It was said earlier, RL was multi-year probowler, DFPOY, SBMVP on a dominant defense, etc. Ask yourselves this, IF RL wasn’t on a dominant team, would he still have those accolades? NO, You’d have London Fletcher…

  30. It’s amazing all these delusional Redskin fans thinking Fletcher is better than Ray Lewis. Not surprising as Redskin fans seem delusional about everything. Fletcher’s BEST years = Lewis’ average years. If you don’t believe me, ask ANY NFL player, including Lavar Arrington. This was brough up on his show one day and he laughed and said Ray Lewis is infinitely comparison. Sorry Redskin fans. Get a clue. Also, your back-up QB isnt starter caliber either..sorry!

  31. giants fan here, one of the most underated linebackers that i have ever seen play, def not on ray lewis’ level but one of the most durable and productive defensive players i have ever seen, can’t say that i’m sad to see him go as a gmen fan but they sure can use a linebacker like him

  32. I bet ESPN won’t be throwing the check book at him. Simply because he’s not a loud mouth “look at me dance” type. Too bad Ray Lewis is getting the attention. Guess you gotta be an accomplice to murder to get any attention ’round hea.

  33. It’s too bad Fletcher didn’t draw attention to himself with a lame dance before every game like Ray Lewis. Otherwise, he’d be a surefire HOFer. Easily, the most consistently good linebacker over the last decade.

  34. golonger

    When you say Lewis’s average years, are you talking about every year after 2001 (with the exception of 2006, when he was actually really good)?

    Look at the numbers.

  35. skinsfan87

    You nailed it. Fletcher never played with a Suggs or a Ngata.

    Just look at last nights game. Lewis had a ball tipped into his hands. If he would have held onto it and run it back for six, everyone would have ruined their pants saying how good he still is. The fact of the matter is, SOMEONE ELSE made the play for him.

    He led the team in tackles yesterday because Luck was throwing right at him. He would have had 2 more tackles if Luck’s receivers could hold onto the ball. He wasn’t break up the passes though!

  36. johntonioholmes…Lewis hasnt played many years with Suggs or Ngata and he won a SB without them! I could argue the reason Fletcher got his tackles is because he has always played behind a week line! Lewis is better period..if you dont think so you are clueless!

  37. London Fletcher still brings it at 37. He has 5 Int’s and still a tackling machine this season. Even last game he made some open field tackles on Lynch that the young studs in NFL miss on regularly not to mention that helmet to ball fumble on 1 yard line. Class act, great professional and deserve to be mentioned with the best. Last 2-3 years he has been a far better player than Ray Lewis, years before Lewis will have the edge no doubt.

  38. johntonio – making a lot of tackles does not make you a great linebacker…Ray MADE the Ravens D dominant, NOT the opposite…many players have come and gone and what is the main constant?..HIM. No linebacker calls the Defense and makes things go like he does. If you want to pretend Flethcer does, go ahead. Ask ANYONE remotely related to the NFL and they will tell you the same. You can continue your grade-school conjectures and waste your own time!

  39. Hey golonger – Fletcher has won a superbowl. He’s been to more superbowls than mighty Ray.

  40. yeah – 2 Super Bowls carried by the offense..they werent there because of their defense which is partially why he wasnt kept by the Rams.LOL

  41. golonger

    Actually, 1999, the Rams had the #4 defense in the league for points and number 6 for yards. They were number 3 in 2001. Not too shabby.

    Again, look at the numbers. Ray was obviously better than Fletcher ever was in the early part of his career. But Fletcher has been better over the last decade.

  42. moagecu says:
    Jan 7, 2013 11:08 AM
    I appreciated what London has done, but to compare London and Ray is stupid. in 12 less games, Ray has 242 more tackles, 4.5 more sacks, 8 more INT, 29 more PD, let’s see the difference if Ray plays same amount of games.
    Good point, but Fletcher has an NFL record 86 pick-sixes in his career. Wow, making up numbers is fun.

    While Lewis does have 4.5 more sacks and more interceptions than Fletcher; Fletcher has 167 more tackles than Lewis, and four more passes defended (also one more forced fumble and one more safety, in case anyone cares). Don’t believe me? Look it up yourself.

    Fletch and Ray Ray are both great players, and I’m not here to pass judgment one way or another, just keeping it straight. Well, maybe I’ll pass judgment on on moagecu. Lewis is a great player bro, I don’t see why you have to taint your argument with faulty numbers.

    Moreover, I just don’t see how this is such an antagonistic rivalry. I’m a big Fletch fan and a big Ray Ray fan. I think most Fletcher fans genuinely like Lewis, and it should work the other way around as well.

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