Marrone could be trying to lure Carmichael to Buffalo


Quietly, the contract of Saints offensive coordinator Pete Carmichael, Jr. is expiring.  Adam Schefter of ESPN reported several days ago that both Carmichael and offensive line coach Aaron Kromer will soon be free agents, absent new deals.

Now with former Saints offensive coordinator Doug Marrone, who worked for the Saints from 2006 through 2008, running the show in Buffalo, Marrone could be trying to make a run at Carmichael.

Per a source with knowledge of the situation, the Saints haven’t given up on Carmichael, yet.  They believe that, ultimately, Carmichael will choose to remain in New Orleans.  (The presence of Drew Brees on the roster could be a slight factor in the final decision-making process.)

Carmichael, who joined the Saints in 2006, also has interviewed for the head-coaching job in Chicago.

14 responses to “Marrone could be trying to lure Carmichael to Buffalo

  1. That would be incredible! We can only hope! I hope Marrone can pull it off and get Pete to jump to The Bills. I would also be happy with Norv coming here and making a run at Alex Smith as a free agent.

  2. Doug who … this is the reason the bills are terrible every year… and Alex Smith is under contract for the next 2 seasons. Oy bills fans.

  3. Marrone helped build that New Orleans offense. Before that he designed the blocking schemes for Curtis Martin’s HOF career. Don’t sell this guy short. As far as Alex Smith is concerned Bills fans, don’t waste your time. Marrone needs a guy who can sling it all over the field in cold weather…enter Matt Flynn…

  4. Aside from the fact that Carmichael is a free agent, and Marrone knows him, is there any shred of evidence that this is actually happening?

  5. @93warchant, how do you kno, shut your mouth, unless u have a crystal ball I don’t want to hear your negativity, here in buffalo, we re high on Marrone, and what he brings to the Bills, if you don’t like it go get a new team, we don’t need crappy fans like you, we’re the die hards who bleed red, white, blue, and charging Buffalo’s, we will never bail on our team, god that gelt good!!!!!!!!!!

  6. 93warchant:
    Doug who used to be the offensive coordinator for Sean who when he took the head coaching job in 2006 in New Orleans.

  7. As crazy as this sounds, Chan Gailey should just be demoted to offensive coordinator.

    The Bills have to pay him anyway. He just needs someone to take over play calling and game planning. But the design of the offense is actually really good.

  8. Any coach who would leave Drew Brees when he’s still putting up 5,000+ yard seasons must make an appointment with a shrink.

  9. so bills fans think highly of Doug. no surprise there since he was 25-25 at Syracuse. that’s it bills fans settle back in your seats and accept mediocrity for years to come.

  10. @93warchant you’re obviously a fair-weather fan. If you knew the game of football, you’d see Doug Marrone changed the entire SU football program. He took a team that had no talent, and turned them into winners in 4 years. Look at syracuse’s w/l records before he arrived, and after he took over, and you’ll see why Buffalo and its fans are so high on him. (San Diego and Cleveland also stated serious interest in him) he’s a young, up-and-coming coach. He’ll do just fine in WNY

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