Marrone interested in bringing Pettine to Buffalo


It looks like Doug Marrone doesn’t plan to kiss Rex Ryan’s rings.

Marrone, the new head coach of the Bills, has sought permission to interview Jets defensive coordinator Mike Pettine, according to

Pettine has served as defensive coordinator of the Jets for four seasons, taking the job when Ryan was hired as head coach.  But Pettine’s contract has expired, and he is free to leave the Jets for the Bills or any other team.

For Marrone, an offensive specialist, the identity of his defensive coordinator will be critical to Marrone’s eventual success.  Or lack thereof.

The lack thereof in New York has created a situation in which Ryan will be on the hot seat in 2013, and that’s enough reason for Pettine to move on and/or move out.

UPDATE 7:54 p.m. ET:  Per Manish Mehta of the New York Daily News, the Jets have granted the Bills’ request for permission to interview Pettine.

15 responses to “Marrone interested in bringing Pettine to Buffalo

  1. I would welcome this hire………..Jet’s offense stinks, but this guy has had a top 5 defense for a few years. Sign him up Doug…………also reports the Bills want to talk to the Jags Def Coordinator, but I lie Pettine much, much better. Go Bills!!

  2. As much as the Jets Defense underperformed, Rex is a great defensive mind and he hired this guy. That says something.

  3. The first line of this article doesn’t make any sense.

    Pettine is a free agent. He can interview with anyone he chooses.

    So asking for permission from a team when you don’t have to seems to be the opposite of “not kissing” a team or it’s coaches ring.

  4. You have to ask permission because his contract won’t expire till end of league year, even if they are not in playoffs contract still stands

  5. Well Rex has been taking credit for all the defensive success for past 4 years that Pettine has been DC. Lets see if the Jet does as well without him.

  6. Figures. Probably the best coach on the Jets’ staff will go in the division without so much as a peep from Woody Johnson. Pettine is the only coach on that team that just goes about his business without running his mouth. Hey, maybe Jerrah will allow Rex & his brother reunite in Gang Green. The only thing worse that having Rex as your coach is have TWO Ryan’s on the same sideline.

  7. As a Jets fan, good bye and good riddance. “top-5” defense which couldn’t stop anyone from stuffing it down their throats in a big spot. Hopefully he takes Manesh with him.

  8. blackandbluedivision says:Jan 7, 2013 7:33 PM

    aaaand another guy who can’t stop Bill Belichek

    Perhaps you weren’t watching the 2010 playoffs when the Jets went into New England and beat the Patriots, holding Brady to under 300 yards passing with an incredible game plan. Give Pettine some credit, the Jets defense is always pretty top notch.

    Anyone know why Pettine turned down the contract extension? Did he not like the terms, wanted to wait until the end of the season to negotiate, didn’t want to be part of the circus act anymore, etc.?

  9. What type of a defense would Mike run if hired in Buffalo… a hybrid? a 30, a 40? I stick by my feelings that it should be Lovie, Horton or Raheem. But I do not make any decisions for The Bills nor should I. LOL, if I did, The Bills would be in much worse trouble than they have been the last 13 years. 🙂

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