Mike Shanahan meets the media again at 3:00 p.m. ET


To his credit, he’s not heading off to the Bahamas for a week or otherwise getting out of a kitchen overheated by a reinjured knee.  Instead, Redskins coach Mike Shanahan will show up on Monday for an end-of-season session with the media, a day after the failure to pull a hobbling Robert Griffin III from the game helped ensure that the franchise’s unlikely winning streak would end at seven.

It all gets started at 3:00 p.m. ET, and it will stream at Redskins.com.

There’s a chance it will occur without a final diagnosis regarding Griffin’s new injury.  According to CSNWashington.com, Griffin was receiving treatment on the knee Monday, at the team’s facility.

Four weeks ago, the Redskins were quick to declare that an MRI showed no structural damage to the knee.  Since the latest injury, the Redskins have said nothing at all.

Either way, the silence will be broken later this afternoon.  Unless Shanahan decides to catch a plane for someplace warmer and friendlier.

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  1. If RG3 comes back the same or better next year the Redskins are going to be scary. That team has so much talent all around the ball on both sides. And its not all about RG3, a Kirk Cousins lead Redskins would do exceptionally well. The defense is underrated and Alfred Morris is a monster. All they need is a threatening number one reciever. All the pieces are there for Master Splinter but can HE deliver the big cheese?

  2. I bet they popped a few champagne bottles in Shannyville. Job security for another year. Too bad about that RG3 guy, but it was a sacrifice well worth the price.

  3. It’s about 9 months until the Redskins’ next game. Even Shanahan will come clean on injuries with that much lead time.

  4. Fans will be down on Shanahan if he let RG3 plsy with a torn ACL but it’s been done before. Phillip Rivers played a playoff game with a torn ACL – knowing that only side to side motion was impeded.

    You get that close to the Super Bowl and as a player you are willing to give it a go. He may miss most of the season next year but if his backup can get them to the playoffs, having him healthy by next January is more than doable even with ACL repair surgery

  5. I don’t see how you can second guess the coach for this. RG3 said he was good to go and the coach let him go back in based on that. It was a no win scenario for Shanahan. If he had put Cousins in and they lost then everyone would be saying he should have left RG3 in the game. It didn’t matter what decision he made, everyone would be saying he did it wrong.

  6. So what if my star QB is basically playing on one leg? So what my team has a 14 point lead and a very capable..and healthy backup on the bench? So what if my owner can’t seem to afford a decent groundskeeper to keep the field from becoming a quagmire? I just don’t see what’s the big deal? After all, the man said that he was hurt not injured, our world renowned orthopedic surgeon said he was good to go (oops on that one!) and my son and I have serious job security. Thank you John Elway & Terrell Davis!!!

  7. ravenmuscle says: Jan 7, 2013 1:36 PM

    But no draft picks for three years catches up to you eventually.


    Really tired of this comment. First of all with our cap hit it would take up room, but please keep in mind that we still have our 2-7th round picks people. You can still rebuild with those picks, and once we get our cap back the following year, we will have the ability to pick up a free agent. RG3 was well worth the trade, just ask any of the teams that were watching the playoffs this weekend. He will come back next year, and be just as effective and another year smarter, which is quite scary. HTTR!!

  8. ravenmuscle says:
    Jan 7, 2013 1:36 PM
    But no draft picks for three years catches up to you eventually.

    right, because the team has 0 draft picks. not a single one.

  9. The question isn’t whether the Redskins traded away too much for Griffin. The question is will they waste it all by getting him hurt or standing idly by while he gets himself hurt. He doesn’t seem to be modifying his playing style much.

    If he stays available the trades would have been worth it. If not, then they will be seen as a waste.

  10. Wow, throwing Andrews straight under the bus. Either he is a liar or Dr. Andrews is an irresponsible monster.

  11. It will interesting what that CRAZY eyed little man has to say about leaving RG3 in and the HORRIBLE field conditions……………….

  12. skinns won’t be going anywhere with Shanny he ruined your whole future Could have traded Cousins for two decent corners this year but now with RG 69 done yes done of he will never be the same they have to keep Cousin and start a whole new offense around him Good luck Skins

    I live here in the DC area my whole life I don’t have anything against the skins I was actually rooting for them But I CAN’T STAND THIER WHINING FANS.

  13. nokoolaidcowboy says:
    Jan 7, 2013 1:21 PM
    This coach is going to arrive with egg on his face no matter how he tries to spin this.
    Hey Moderator, what was so inflammatory about my previous post above that it had to be removed?
    You a Skins fan?
    Third time a charm?….

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