Pete Carroll says FedEx Field was “horrible”

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The Seahawks beat the Redskins on Sunday at FedEx Field.  But Seattle coach Pete Carroll wasn’t happy with the quality of the turf.

“It was horrible,” Carroll told Brock & Salk of ESPN 710.  “It’s a horrible field.  It’s as bad as a field can get for being dry.  And it’s too bad, it’s really too bad.  And we deserve better. . . .  We deserve better. . . .  It just was worn out.  And there was a lot of slipping and all that kind of stuff.”

Though he said that the poor footing affected both teams, Carroll thinks it should never come to that.

“We should just expect to see a better field at that time of year,” Carroll said.

He believes it was even worse than the condition of Soldier Field two years ago, when the Seahawks faced the Bears in a divisional-round game.  “There was just kind of dirt on top of the grass, and there just wasn’t good footing,” Carroll said regarding the condition of FedEx Field.

Among those who experienced the bad footing was Seattle defensive end Chris Clemons.  His agent blamed Clemons’ knee injury on the “crappy” condition of the turf.

There’s no excuse for anything other than pristine playing conditions at every NFL stadium.  The league obsesses over uniformity in every other way.  Why not obsess over the quality of the surface on which the game is played?

Until the league insists on the use of the best possible fields in every venue, any further comments regarding player safety should be viewed as self-serving rhetoric.  (Then again, many already are viewing those comments that way.)

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  1. OMG! I actually agree 100% with Florio on something.

    Injuries to RGIII and Clemmons were 100% on the field. Time for Field Turf to be required at all outdoor cold-weather stadiums.

  2. Good job Snyder, spends tons of money on players who are worthless but can’t put up money to fix the field where his most prized possession (rg3) plays on.

  3. “Why not obsess over the quality of the surface on which the game is played?”

    Because a) that is an owner issue, not a player issue
    and b) where’s the profit in it?

    Of course if an injured player would file a lawsuit…
    [I wonder if the what Clemons’ agent is setting up].

  4. For playoff football, it was beyond pathetic. Shouldn’t even play preseason games on those conditions. Uncle Moneybags Snyder needs to get on that.

  5. Absolutely, this is a multi-billion dollar a year industry, stadiums valued from hundreds of millions to over a billion, and millions in ticket sales from each game.

    Does anyone think that if there were minimum field quality standards, there wouldn’t be a way for the teams to meet that?

    A blown ACL can end a guy’s career, not everyone is an RGIII where the team will wait for him, some of these guys get hurt then they get cut. Yeah there is always a risk but horrible field conditions aren’t exactly helping.

  6. Talk about concussions & safety like they are doing something about it, but allow franchises to put players at risk like that is atrocious! AP went down in that same field last year!

  7. Time to make Field Turf (or some variation) MANDATORY! At least of the cold weather cities.
    The Technology has come A LONG way since the days of the VET in Philadelphia.

  8. Honestly, it looks like there’s a giant skid-mark down the middle of the field. You can barely even make out the team logo!

    And as far as player safety goes, keeping a field in good condition is probably one of the least expensive means of keeping players safe available to the NFL.

  9. With the amount I spent on food/beer at FedEx yesterday, there’s absolutely no excuse for that crappy field. Seeing it in person… it’s so much worse than you can imagine.

  10. Don’t forget, Adrian Peterson tore his ACL on that same turf at he end of last season.

    The turf looked real bad on TV. I can only imagine what it looked like in person.

  11. Both times RGIII went down hurting his knee it was both on non-contact plays on that turf. Same with Clemons.

    RGIII is the franchise moving forward, he’s going to be at risk for injury as is, Washington doesn’t need to increase the risk by having him play on an extremely sub-par playing surface.

    NFL needs to step in. Field turf or mandatory re-sodding at certain points in the season.

  12. Maybe the NFL needs to hire their own ground crews instead of the teams being in charge. You can still bill the teams for the employment of the ground crews but bring them under NFL control, that way there isn’t any of this it’s our “home field advantage” crap that comes in to play when teams think they can grow out the field or water it down, etc.

    If they can have decent grass in Lambeau then they should be able to grow it anywhere, don’t give me this nonsense of it’s january and the grass can’t grow etc. Whomever is the ground crew for Fedex Field better be looking for a new job this morning….

  13. But just for the record, if we are pushing for the safest conditions and uniformity, then every single dome should be banned from the NFL, since field turf is proven to rip up knees more often than grass. I’m perfectly fine with that since domes are for pansies, but just want to make sure we acknowledge that grass isn’t the issue. Look at Lambeau field on Saturday night: pristine conditions and its been below freezing there for a month.

  14. They didn’t even paint the dirt green!! On a serious note I think the worse field I have seen this year.

  15. Hey, isn’t it winter right now? Unless things have changed a lot, doesn’t grass go dormant in the winter and turn brown? Doesn’t the ground get harder and more slippery?

  16. RG3 was seriously hurt by the turf and he wasn’t even hit by another player. It seems to me that Redskins would want to protect their investment.

    That field is probably $1m – and they have $80m of product (both teams) every week playing on it.

    Dumb, dumb dumb. Like I said, that field is worst than what I played high school FB on.

  17. It’s a matter of priorities. Redskins owner Daniel Snyder can’t afford nice grass at his house and at the stadium.

  18. There’s a reason for everything, I remember a speedy team was coming to play a”slower” team, and their sprinklers came on the night before and ran all night. Nature has it’s ways.

  19. Petey is right. Those conditions were absurd. You’ll see something change there considering how they lost Griffin. Just you watch.

  20. I wonder if Clemons and RGIII can sue due to poor field conditions. I remember one of the commercials for GTA said, “This is America. You can sue for anything and probably win…or at least get a settlement.” Sad but nearly true at this day and age.

  21. How many players have to get injured on the sloppy field before the league steps in? Adrian Peterson, RGIII, Chris Clemons, even the Seahawks idiot kicker hurt himself when he tried to plant in the slop.

    Snyder, put in real turf.

  22. With all the money Snyder has thrown away over the years in years his teams lost heavily, its amazing he won’t spend to have a decent surface when he finally gets a winner going.

    Especially since his marquee does a lot of running.

    Shows once again that having a lot of money does not necessarily mean you’re smart.

  23. That field was horrible. I find it funny that 25 yrs ago everyone wanted to get rid of AstroTurf for grass. Now people want to get rid of grass for field turf.

  24. Even worse when you consider the Skins don’t share a stadium with a college team or let high schools hold playoff games there, so there were only 10 games on that field prior to yesterday.

  25. The NFL needs rules regarding the playing surface. The World Cup of Soccer does not want to play on Century Link field’s artificial surface. Their standards are a pristine grass field. Either way, the players deserve the field to be first class to protect their health and consistent from one city to the next. If Paul Allen can afford to haul in a grass field for a pair of World Cup matches, then Snyder should provide an artificial surface for FedEx Field.

  26. There are high school stadiums in the South and Texas with better field conditions. Inexcusable for an NFL stadium to have anything other than pristine, immaculate field conditions. It’s high time that teams start getting fined for poor conditions.

  27. It is like the football field at my junior high which got repaired about once a year except there are no dandelions along the edges.

    Daniel Snyder is surprisingly cheap. For all the revenue that craphole of a stadium generates he really is cheap about the field and the practice facility.

    FedEx Field, in general, is a lousy stadium. Very bad transportation and parking in a city obsessed with good transit, warehouse-like concourses, tiny bathrooms with bad entry/exit flow, and generally uninspiring stadium bowl seating.

  28. First off….who does Pete Carroll think he is? God’s gift to Football? Secondly…Redskins are Number 1 in Worth…why do they not have a better field if it is that bad?

  29. While it would be hard to make all fields all field turf (I think if that were to happen, it might ruin a bit of football tradition), you surely can enforce strict field conditions for each game. I turned the game on at the beginning of the first quarter and the field looked like the games had been going on for 6 hours. The middle of that field looked like a beach. SMH

  30. If players can be fined for not wearing the appropriate league approved clothing, then the league should be able to fine clubs for not having the proper playing field. Start fining them and this will stop being an issue.

  31. good point by the article. the league will fine guys if their socks are three inches too short or if their gloves are not the right color, yet they put that field out there. reminds me of the ref lockout. the league can pretty much print money, but pinches pennies for a playoff game.

  32. Snyder thinks that field gives him some advantage. Kinda like the Steelers. So he won’t change it.

    It’s really tragic and terrible to think of the career that RG3 could have had. Now, his knee is toast and it’s doubtful he’ll ever be the guy he was coming out of college. Truly a shame, and I’m a Seahawk fan.

    I wanted to see the Seahawks beat RG3, not watch in horror as his leg implodes on a crappy field. I hope the kid is able to recover and maybe we get to play him again when he’s healthy. I wish him the best.

    That Redskin organization is a (bad) joke, thanks to the worst owner and management in the NFL. How does a team trade away 3 drafts for a player and then leave him in a game to get killed while literally every player and fan watching the game knows he needs to be pulled? Pathetic.

  33. The field was an absolute embarrassment to the Skins and the NFL. I was at the game and the only green on the field was caused by paint. Pathetic.

  34. Actually Lambeau Field has a combination synthetic grass and real grass which holds up quite well even in the frozen tundra. They played there on Saturday night and the field was fine. I looked at FedEx field yesterday and it looked terrible. You couldn’t even tell what the logo was in the center of the field. It looked like one big blur of colors.

  35. 49ersgiants4life says:
    Jan 7, 2013 2:39 PM
    If you look at the statistics knee injuries happen more on field turf then grass

    That’s because only a few teams still use grass. The rest of the NFL is intelligent enough to realize that your own team is the one who suffers most from a substandard field, and as a result, have installed Field Turf or some equivalent.

  36. I enjoy football. And by football I mean outside in the elements on real grass. That’s the way it was meant to be played. If you don’t like the field conditions then don’t play. We hear way to much about field conditions, game officials and injuries. Weather, missed calls and blown out knees are part of game. If you don’t like it don’t play or don’t watch. Nobody is making these guy’s go out there and play for hundreds of thousands of dollars. They dont have to do it. The players and coachs need to take there paychecks and shut up. Dance clowns.

  37. The FedEx Field conditions were bad enough, but made even more embarrassing by the near-pristine conditions at Lambeau Field the night before, when it had snowed that week in Green Bay. If the Packers can keep grass on the field in THAT climate, the Redskins should be beyond ashamed.

  38. They had to paint the field green to make it look like grass and Snyder is a billionaire…

    It’s nice that he’s away from football operations, but he needs to be active as an owner on this and pay to fix this mess. Shanahan condemned the lack of an indoor facility, now they have one. Hopefully, these complaints bring about improvements to the field conditions. Congrats ‘Hawks btw.

  39. Adrian Peterson last season, RG III this season….May be time for the league to step in. Injuries are a part of football, but that field looks sub-par.

  40. I know Lambeau uses a hybrid which is a combination of real and artificial. Its waterned like normal grass but holds up a heck of a lot better. Even in the worst weather conditions, that field is very playable.

    This goes back to the whole player saftey issue I think. If the NFL is so concerned about concussions and how they affect the player, how can they not be concerned with torn knee and ankle ligaments? it doesn’t make sense.

    The NFL should’ve required the Redskins to replace that field mid week. And even worse, the team should’ve done that on their own, if anything to help avoid injuries to their own players.

  41. The Patriots call a crappy field “homefield advantage”. Remember those Foxboro playoff games against the Colts when they purposely left the field uncovered?

  42. FedEx Field has become the Veterans Stadium of grass playing surfaces.

    While 30 miles up north, that Sportexe Momentum 51 turf at M&T Bank stadium is absolutely beautiful.

  43. RG3 had a gutsy performance last night but he got hurt not from a big hit but twice from slipping on the field. Clemons who is our best pass rusher and stayed healthy all his 3 years with Seattle goes down without contact and may have tore his ACL. Cold weather games are great (trust me it is an advantage to a defensive and strong run team) but NFL has to make sure teams take care of their field so these injuries don’t happen to players.

  44. The turf on any NFL field should not create an advantage, period! See Pittsburgh, Chicago, now Washington. Awful, it should be 100% the same everywhere. Cheaters!

  45. I hate to say it, but Pete Carroll kinda grows on ya!! Seems like a pretty grounded dood. Say what ya will, but I am really starting to respect his coaching abilities. Im a Bronco fan and Im glad Seattle aint in the AFC West like they were many years ago!

  46. Florio’s almost right. Other than weather there truly is no reason the field conditions shouldn;t be in pristine condition at the start of every game.

    The NFL is a BILLION dollar industry and every team should be required to meet a minimum field condition.

    I forget which stadium it is (Arizona maybe?) but the grass field is made up of large sections of grass that is brought in and fit together for each game. There is no reason a similar but opposite thing be required for every team that uses grass normally. Require them to have a Turf Field in sections ready to be used two days before the game if the grass cannot pass inspection.

    Protect your billion dollars. Protect your product. Protect your players.

  47. Florio, I hardly ever do this… But I agree with you completely. That turf looked atrocious and it very well could have ended RGIII’s career. I sure as hell hope not. I’m a Seahawks fan, but I can assure you that none of us wanted to see that happen to him. He’s a fantastic talent and I sure hope he’s okay. Aside from RGIII, our best pass-rusher (probably) tore his ACL and our kicker hurt himself on that field. Why is field turf not mandated in this day and age? It’s easier to maintain, and it doesn’t have the problems that AstroTurf had. Every field should have it.

  48. Actually, Lambeau is 100% natural Kentucky Blue Grass that gets covered in an a custom Air Beam tent that essentially turns it into 120×53 yard greenhouse that protects it from the elements. Best surface in football.

  49. Both times RGIII went down hurting his knee it was both on non-contact plays on that turf. Same with Clemons.

    I think Haloti Ngata’s hit could be considered “contact”.

  50. @ilivincin: I don’t know about other stadium but the turf at FedEx create no advantage to anyone. Except maybe for Dr. James Andrews.

  51. Dan put in a new field you love to spend money so buying a new field shouldn’t be an issue. Something has to be done because if it isn’t more players are going to suffer serious knee inuries on that horrible field.

  52. That’s what happens when an owner is not used to making the playoffs, “why bother with the field we usually aren’t playing at this time of year”..

  53. Dan Snyder strikes again!

    How the hell does he explain Lambeau Field being better than a field in the mild mid-Atlantic?

    With all the technology and PAT out there, there is no excuse for one of the greatest valued franchises in pro sports to play on a freakin’ cow pasture …

    But again…we’re talking about a Dan Snyder-run team.

  54. More ….

    It’s probably Snyder’s way of finagling for a new DC stadium … for which, of course, the public will be fleeced to pay ….

  55. I was confused by it, more than anything. There hasn’t been any football played there in a while- no college or high school games played on that field, the Redskins weren’t even there last week… and the place looked like that? It hasn’t really snowed or rained much the past couple of weeks, not at all in the past several days (I live just south of the stadium)… and yet it looked like the 1st Armored Cavalry ran their tanks over the field a few times. Even the team logo at the 50 yard line looked faded and crappy- for the first home playoff game in over a decade? THAT’S how they want their field to look?

    No wonder I don’t cheer for the Redskins- they don’t even care themselves.

  56. The reason why Lambeau considered a hybrid is because of the subsurface… it’s a combination of top soil followed by a porous sand composite to allow water to be absorbed when its nit covered. It’s because of all this (in addition to the radiator system underneath it) that allows it to remain green and thawed during the harshest winter conditions.

  57. There is something wrong when a billion dollar organization has worse field conditions for ANY game than the local high school 5 miles down the road…not good Snyder….idiot!!!!

  58. I hope Snyder’s pathetic field is directly responsible for RGIII knee being blown out and he is never the same since. Just desserts for the biggest idiot owner and fool in sports!

  59. NFL should go in the week before a game and look at the field, if it is not up to snuff, then take away the home game and make them play at the road teams stadium. Have that happen once and every team will have a top notch field.

  60. Anyone know who won the Supercross/Monster Truck rally at FedEx Saturday night? Huge Jeremy McGrath fan here.

    Seriously, though. If you fine a player $10,000 for wearing the wrong socks, how much of a fine should an owner get for having teams play on an atrocity of a playing surface?

  61. How can you allow RG3 to play on dirt with holes in it. Mix in a little grass and paint? Clemons had to wear 3/4 inch cleats. AD tore his knee up on this field. There is no excuse, fix it Snyder. This is on you!!

  62. ubummer says:
    Jan 7, 2013 3:21 PM
    Of course crowd noise level that gives the home team an advantage is perfectly ok, right Pete?


    Well, yes.

  63. Shirt not tucked in, $5,000 fine. Unsafe field conditions, good luck! I see law suits coming down the line from players getting hurt on poorly taken care of fields.

  64. Ditto to all. I was astounded that Roger “King” Goodall didn’t step in before the week and mandate a professional playing surface.

    From what I read it’s the norm for Snyder to be a penny pinching idiot but what happened to the commissioner’s office oversight. Didn’t they learn from the Cowboy stadium fiasco for the superbowl?

    I seem to remember King Goodall saying nothing like that would happen again. Stadiums would be the best everywhere.

  65. The aerial shots were absolutely ugly. A disgrace.

    Perhaps Snyder is playing a bit passive aggressive by letting his field look like that because he’s still mad that the league penalized him for that “uncapped year” activity.

  66. I wonder if there is a limit to what folks will call for in the name of ‘Player Safety’? People seem to find a way to weave it into whatever change they want to see to football.

    I am almost to the point of wishing we could roll the rules back to where they were in ’70-’75. Football was far more interesting then.

  67. Just heard that RG III tore his ACL and PCL and will be out 14 to 18 months. That SUCKS!!! Now people know why we don’t like Kubiak in Houston, too much like Shanahan.

  68. for the vast majority of the season i thought the seahawks were a fluke. i no longer think that .. they look like a really good team .. watch out

  69. Just throw the part about where teams end up in the standings out the window…
    Then if you win your division in the last week, but you have less wins than the next team, you don’t play at home…
    Or tell them that the field will be inspected a week before the game if it’s trash, they have 2 days to fix it or they move the game to the other teams field…
    Either way something would get done…
    Go Hawks!

  70. Where is the NFLPA in all of this discussion about player safety and the field conditions.

    Also, comparing crowd noise to a playing field that has caused multiple injuries to players over the past two years is idiotic.

  71. Overhauling a field isn’t one of the more cost effective ways to ensure safety. They get better ROI on other safety investments.

    Plus the NFL has no control over the quality and integrity of the game. This is just one more thing to add to the list of frustrating things about this game that hold it back from being uber awesome and taking things to the next level.

  72. camdenyard says: Jan 7, 2013 3:18 PM

    Both times RGIII went down hurting his knee it was both on non-contact plays on that turf. Same with Clemons.

    I think Haloti Ngata’s hit could be considered “contact”.


    I know you’re trying to be clever but fail. RG3 hurt his knee twice last night, once scrambling trying to pass he slipped and the second on bad snap from center trying to recover and he slipped and knee buckled.

  73. For a league preaching player safety they missed the boat on this. Each team should be required to have turf that isn’t going to be an eye sore for the league, and potentially an injury risk to the players.

  74. Peterson was hurt on the same field? Was it contact in his injury?
    That was the scary part about Sunday, no contact.

  75. I was shocked to to see the condition the field was in before the game started. Do they not have a grounds crew? If there is one thing the MLB does better then the NFL its taking care of its fields.

  76. The NFL does not care about the safety of the players.
    They only care about lawsuits. So lawyer up Clemons and make them suspend Snyder for a year.

  77. The Oakland Raiders have a giant dirt Diamond in the middle of their field for half the season and its still a better field then what I saw at FedEx last night.

  78. jersey73 says:

    The Patriots call a crappy field “homefield advantage”. Remember those Foxboro playoff games against the Colts when they purposely left the field uncovered?
    That is totally different. It was the Patriots, one of the two teams (the Giants being the other) towards which The Great Roger Goodell Himself Live And In Person casts a completely blind eye unless absolutely bullied into noticing.

    That field was disgusting yesterday. It was even worse than the RFK Stadium “Sands Of Iwo Jima” surface back in the days of The Hogs. Daniel Snyder should have done something about it years ago, didn’t, saw his team and image pay the price Sunday, and will undoubtedly be forced into doing something now. That’s before the inevitable selective and large fine from Goodell.

  79. NFL can’t afford great fields. They don’t have the kind of money major college football programs do.

    Name one time a college field looked like this?

  80. When the Eagles were in the playoffs, they re-sodded the field. It’s embarrassing FedEx field was like that.

  81. hey packerbadger… id be more concerned about san fran then pete carroll.. i for one pray we get you again so i can stop hearing about how the packers got robbed.. after seattle beats you by 21 in lambeau there wont be much more to complain about.. thats of course if you can make it out of san fran!!

    GO HAWKS!!!

  82. Cry me a river. I am getting sick of all these changes. What ever happened to tough guys playing the game…now they can’t even play on mud?
    Pretty soon they’ll be wearing skirts and playing flag football.

  83. Cleveland has underground piping under the field that heat the grass to 65′, so it can grow all year.

    Pulled this from their site.

    Playing Field: The field is a Kentucky Bluegrass irrigated field with a sand-soil root zone and an underground heating system containing nine boilers and 40 miles of underground piping. The heating system helps to keep the field from freezing and extends the growing season of the turf. Field has been designed to accommodate international soccer as well, with dimensions of 69 yards by 114 yards.

    C’mon Snyder! Don’t be so cheap!

  84. On a side note ; great game by London Fletcher yesterday . 15 tackles ! Turf apparently didn’t bother him much – last game I’m hearing .

  85. To the chump talking about lambeau not freezing and being natural.

    lambeau field is a hybrid natural/artificial field.

  86. Goodell should be suspeded for a year for not overseeing this. It’s his job to protect the players. They won’t hold a superbowl in Qualcome stadium because it’s to old but the field is always in excellent shape. Goodell has no credibility with anybody anymore. The jerks nothing but a bully.

  87. FedEx should demand a partial refund for their name being associated with such a crappy field in their stadium. They paid tens of millions of dollars and now their investment is blowing up in their faces.

  88. I think there are inspection procedures for all of the NFL stuff at stadiums, like the radio equipment working, video boards working, etc etc. I would have bet that field conditions and whatnot would have been part of that, especially week of playoff game scenarios. Re-sodding that surface after failing an early week inspection would have been doable one would think. Jerry never would have let that happen 🙂

  89. “There’s no excuse for anything other than pristine playing conditions at every NFL stadium. The league obsesses over uniformity in every other way. Why not obsess over the quality of the surface on which the game is played?

    Until the league insists on the use of the best possible fields in every venue, any further comments regarding player safety should be viewed as self-serving rhetoric. (Then again, many already are viewing those comments that way.)”

    I don’t agree with you very often florio – but you’re 100% right on this one.

  90. Falcons fans should be silent. I can’t fathom how a team that has never been relevant, and are notorious chokers can be so overconfident, when previous incarnations of the Falcons had reason to be confident and got STOMPED. This team has less of a reason to be confident and their fans are running around babbling like Packer fans were before the divisional playoff last year.

  91. This is not meant to be insensitive, but Griffin III’s injury probably had more to do with the fact he was playing with half a knee anyway. I thought he was lucky to have his leg still attached after the Ngata hit a few weeks ago. It was brutal. Great talent, but he plays a dangerous brand of QB.

    What about “player safety” being a priority here? Another example that it’s all about the money. Treating a field is expensive.

    $$$$ > Player Safety in the eyes of the NFL execs and owners.

  92. I hate agreeing with Carroll about anything but this time it happened. Player safety my butt! I still think Shannahan should be fined for RGs injury especially after Andrews said he didnt give permission a week ago.

  93. I wonder what did the most damage yesterday. the few really petty helmet-to-helmet touches or that lousy field. The league has made every attempt to penalize even the slightest helmet contact taking the good hits out of football. Thats what the helmets are for you morons. Also on the back of the helmet is a disclaimer sticker with the verbage about football being a collision sport, and injuries could, …….blah blah blah. But let’s not worry about the condition of the field, I mean after all what could possibly happen.

  94. 18 teams play on grass and 14 play on field turf. arizona has the best field hands down, and they play on natural grass. the california and florida teams also all have beautiful grass field (except oakland and miami who play on baseball fields through october). the other 11 grass fields are scattered across the country, but washington, chicago, pittsburgh, cleveland, oakland and philly should all be forced to install field turf, as their surfaces have been wretched over the past several years.

    you would think that the few million dollars it costs to put in the field turf would be worth not having your 100+ million dollars worth of players running on a dangerous surface for eight games a season (10 counting preseason)

  95. For the record I saw that field against Dallas and said it was made for Marshawn Lynch. Petey (finally) agreed and pounded him down their throat. Snyder’s frugality and player safety aside, it does not favor the RGIII/Morris style of play. As for grass purists, there was less grass in the middle than a typical High School stadium, for whatever reason. For those of us longing for a return to nitty gritty down and dirty old fashioned football, its pointless. Simply too great an investment nowadays, except on Fed Ex field.

  96. It is a little ridiculous that the field isn’t pristine with the technology and money available to these teams. The sports industry has plenty of choices when it comes to playing surfaces. I’m sure that it was just penny pinching that caused the surface to get so bad. The thing is, the economy may be terrible, but the NFL is still making millions of dollars, there is no excuses for a shoddy field. Take care of business Skins!

  97. I put this on Dan Snyder. He had the opportunity to re-sod the field after the regular season and didn’t do it.

    Did you see the field for the national championship game…. a week after the Orange Bowl was played in the same stadium… It looked PRISTINE!!!! It almost looked painted on….

    I don’t know if the field caused these injuries… but watching the game, I knew the NFL Wildcard logos had been recently applied and it looked like they hade 15 games played on them already….


  98. Oh quit the Whining..This is the NFL and thats why they call it Home Field Advantage. If the other teams want it to go to hell, then so be it..let it go..Maybe Carrol can get rid of the dome and play football how it was meant to play..OUTSIDE!

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