ProFootballTalk: NFL needs uniform playing fields

After FedEx Field has taken much scrutiny for its playing surface in the Seattle-Washington wild card game, Mike Florio calls for the NFL to make all fields uniform.

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5 responses to “ProFootballTalk: NFL needs uniform playing fields

  1. Totally agree Mike. The competition committee needs to meet and approve set standards. Indoor and Outdoor would likely be different. Ignoring this issue makes no sense given all the hoopla about player safety.

  2. There was a playoff game between the Bears and the Jints a long time ago on a frozen field.

    The Bears switched from cleats to sneakers and trounced them.

    In the old days the season was the fall months. Too much is being asked of grass fields now, unless you do something dramatic like the Packers have done.

  3. @cometkazie… right teams, wrong result. 1934 championship game at the Polo Grounds in Manhattan, but it was the Giants who switched to basketball sneakers in the 3rd quarter trailing 13-3, and won 30-13.

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