Ravens drop Sergio Kindle from practice squad


The Ravens will resume practicing on Wednesday, but linebacker Sergio Kindle won’t be joining them.

Kindle was released from the team’s practice squad on Monday, ending his run with the team after three seasons that didn’t feature much from Kindle on the field. The 2010 second-round pick fell down two flights of stairs shortly after being drafted, causing a fractured skull that forced him to miss what would have been his rookie season. Kindle wound up playing just three games with the Ravens before being dropped from the roster when Terrell Suggs returned in October.

The team re-signed him to the practice squad at that point, something that Kindle said didn’t frustrate him at the time. He might have soured on it at some point, though. Coach John Harbaugh said Monday that the departure was “mutually agreed upon” which says neither side saw much of a future for Kindle in Baltimore.

23 responses to “Ravens drop Sergio Kindle from practice squad

  1. And to think the Patriots leapfrogged the Ravens to draft Rob Gronkowski in 2010. Really, Gronk should be wearing purple and black.

  2. Not quite the flight to stardom he was hoping for. From 2nd round pick to being dropped from an average team’s practice squad in a 2-year span.

  3. He and Taylor Mays are 2 of the best players in Madden…

    For that reason alone I hope my team signs him 😛

  4. ravanator says:
    Jan 7, 2013 4:31 PM
    Good riddance! Do not need him anyway, mommy said we have God on our side this year! Who are the Steelers playing this week?

    if it doesn’t get u a trophy why talk about it….oh wait…my bad cause u would have nothing else to say….LOLOL!!!

  5. Are the Steelers in the postseason? First their fans claim they will win the division, then it’s oh well get into the playoffs and run it, now it’s off to bashing the ravens. Why? Because they failed at every other goal they set. Good season Pittsburgh, you should be proud.

  6. The “wizard of oz” strikes again! The guy is a genius!

    courtney upshaw had a magnificent freshman season as well…

    The only reason luckimore has advanced this far is by the grace of the officials and some bone headed play calls from Jason Garrett.

    Enjoy this week luckimore! You’ll be joining us on the couch after the 42-13 shellacking Peyton is about to administer to that swiss cheese defense.

    flaccid’s line should read something like; 13-42-182-1-3.

    As the Nest Burns…


  7. Kindle just didn’t have the Fire.

    The terrible twos were against Kindle: drafted in round TWO, fell down TWO flights of stairs, and lasted only TWO years.

  8. Watched him at Texas and was high on him during his interviews prior to the draft. When I saw that the Ravens drafted him I thought adding him to the core of LBs that they had was perfect. He had an unfortunate accident but if he’s recovered fully I could see another team taking strong looks at him. He’s young and deserving of another chance.

  9. Crownofthehelmet, so the ravens are an average team??? The team that has the longest active playoff appearnca streak in the league (5 and 6 of last 7) is average??? I think someone needs to do a but more homework. What do you think???

  10. Adios Kindle. Don’t let the door hit you on the way out…or the stairs trip you up on the way down…

  11. crownofthehelmet says: Jan 8, 2013 11:32 AM


    Yes, any Flacco-led team will be average at best.


    Average is equal wins and losses – like going 8 and 8 for example.

    The facts here state different. Ravens are 54-26 since Flacco and Harbaugh.

    How is your team doing again?

  12. @lovefootball4life

    I would call average a team that sniffs the playoffs every year but is continually bounced without any chance of winning it all. That’s average to me.

    My team’s OK, thanks for asking. Definitely a down year, but at least I have a QB that has the potential to win the dance.

  13. crownofthehelmet says: Jan 8, 2013 4:35 PM

    I would call average a team that sniffs the playoffs every year but is continually bounced without any chance of winning it all. That’s average to me.


    To be sure I understand. There are 32 teams in the NFL. Only 12 teams make the playoffs. So a team that makes the playoffs at all, let alone every year for the last 5, is average? So the other 20 teams are below average? That doesn’t fit the definition of “average”.

    Yes Ben is tough and yes he had a crappy year but teams win the dance not individual players.

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