Ray Lewis showed some nerves before final trip to stadium

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The Ravens thought they had seen everything from Ray Lewis in his 17-year career, which passed for a final time through Baltimore in Sunday’s win over the Colts. But before the game, they saw something they didn’t expect from Lewis.


Teammate Brendan Ayanbadejo told Yahoo’s Mike Silver he was surprised to see  Lewis’ emotions on the way to M&T Bank Stadium.

I’ve never really seen Ray nervous before,” Ayanbadejo said. “I mean, Ray Lewis doesn’t get nervous. Well, Ray was nervous. It was a pretty amazing sight.”

Ayanbadejo eventually started filming the approach, and the adoring reception Lewis received on his way in.

Lewis said after the game it probably hadn’t sunk in yet because there’s another game, Saturday at Denver, to prepare for.

While the Ravens defense was hardly at its best, and Lewis himself failed to put away a pick-six by dropping an Andrew Luck pass that hit him in the hands, those same teammates think there’s an opportunity for more. They played better than they did down the stretch (when they lost four of their last five), but they’re facing a mature version of Luck in a guy named Peyton Manning this week.

“I think we’re still kinda playing possum,” said outside linebacker Terrell Suggs. “We’re not telling the whole story. Everybody knows that when they play us, they’ve got a fight on their hands. What kind of fight, they don’t know.

“Sometimes we can be crafty, and wear ’em down with a good plan and win on points. Sometimes we can go for the knockout, and down they’ll go. The thing is, they don’t know. We’re not showing our hand just yet. But we do pack a punch.”

And they’re packing Lewis, for one more one last time.

21 responses to “Ray Lewis showed some nerves before final trip to stadium

  1. I hope that if the Ravens can’t beat the Broncos, they beat them up some. Typical Patriot fan looking for whatever edge his team can get. Not wishing anyone to get injured, just slowed down.

  2. I guess Ayanbadejo was not there when he was getting interrogated by the police for murder. I am sure he was probably pretty damn nervous during that interview

  3. “We’re not showing our hand just yet.”
    I believe you showed your hand a few weeks back when Denver came into your house and throttled you.

  4. I think that Joe throwing that pick right before halftime and then chasing down the guy only to be left flat on his face was the most embarrassing moment this year for him – and he’s pissed about it.

    I think Mckinnie the Mauler being on the weak side protection against Dumervil/Miller buys crucial time in crucial downs.

    I think having Bernard Pollard back to help in the box against Knowshon makes a difference, with deference to Ihedigbo.

    For that matter, I think it’ll be a tad different when your starting MLBs aren’t two guys who started the year on the practice squad (Bynes/Mclellan) supported by a special Teamer in Ayanbadejo. Lewis and Ellerbe are back.

    And none of this begins to mention how important it is for a young secondary to have experienced Manning already, and have game tape on him with themselves in it, honing in on all queues and double-moves..

    This can and IMHO will prove to be a completely different team than we saw in week week 15.

  5. Yay, more Ray Lewis Melodrama. This is football. I love the guy, but the whole parading him around during this post season, is beyond ridiculous. He’s reaching Brett Favre territory very quickly.

  6. Ravens are the class of the AFCN. Going to be a tough game in Denver but they have the leadership to pull it off. Backs against the wall, come out fighting boys. Let all the Lewis haters sit on the couch and watch you play, again. By the way, did I miss the steelers game this weekend?

  7. Crowd is pumpin’, players are hyped, and then they throw on Nelly? That had to be the most emotional killing song I’ve ever heard!

    Thank you Ray for everything you’ve done representing The Miami Hurricanes and Baltimore Ravens.

    I shed a tear AND WHAT!?!

  8. Him being on the field for the last offensive snap was stupid

    Very poor sportsmanship on the Ravens part

    Who would waste there time thinking that was cool is beyond me

    I am not sure who I want to lose the next game now Ray Lewis or Peyton Manning

    I was originally going to root for the Ravens now I am unsure

  9. “I think we’re still kinda playing possum,” said outside linebacker Terrell Suggs. ”

    He think’s they are playing possum ? Why would a team play possum in any playoff game ? That statement is a cop out for average performance against a rookie QB. Suggs, play possum, lion, tiger, ardvark, giraffe,…Peyton Manning will slice you up like a ripe melon on Sunday, like he did on December 16 in M&T Bank stadium. Gonna be a lonely plane ride back to Baltimore……

  10. He was pretty nervous when he made the blood stained white suit he was wearing on the night of the murder disappear.

  11. All these haters do is look at the box score. Well congratulations, you’re right we lost by 20. But what you conveniently overlook is that we were a costly pic six away from being down by 3 after a terrible offensive first half. What you forgot to mention was we frustrated manning to settle for field goals in the first half holding him to 13 points. And best of all, you ignored the fact that we were without Ellerbe, Lewis, Pollard, and I believe Yanda. Big cogs in the machine, and they will be ready on Saturday. Lets not also ignore Manning’s inability to win playoff games in the cold weather. This will be a much different game.

  12. “While the Ravens defense was hardly at its best” umm what? For a team missing their best defensive player, ladarius webb, and having their second best defensive player, terrell suggs, playing 50% giving up 0 touchdowns and forcing 2 turnovers in a playoff game seems pretty ok to me. Ravens were missing both starting linebackers and had just fired offensive coord last time they played broncos. Keep writing them off…please

  13. I can’t wait to see the Broncos crush them hahaha. I just hope we get to hear the loudest na na na na hey hey hey goodbye chant from the Denver crowd. They can probably start the chant at the beginning of the 4th quarter as the game will be all but over by then!

  14. I don’t think it was nerves when he dropped that interception. I think he dropped it because he couldn’t see through his Darth Vader facemask. I said to my wife before the game started that you can’t see anything clearly down at your hands through that grill – and damn if if he didn’t drop a gift ball that dropped right in his breadbasket.

  15. Lewis is a shell of his former self. He used to run down RBs and WRs, yesterday he was usually a step behind and clearly his injured arm hinders him. Don’t think Peyton is too worried, although he will surely say the right things. That dance routine got old a while ago, too. Lewis brings energy and knowledge but not much more.

    Fortunately any more Ravens games will be on the road so they can concentrate on football and not the personal glorification. Wouldn’t write them off yet.

  16. It’s so sad. Squealer fans are now relying on Peyton Manning to be able to sleep at night.

    Does Big Ben know about your secret affair with Peyton?


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