Redskins brace for bad news on Griffin


The last time Redskins quarterback Robert Griffin III injured his knee, the team whisked him to an MRI tube and announced promptly that he had no structural damage in his knee.

This time around, there’s a much different vibe.

Via Jim Corbett of USA Today, Griffin sounds far less confident than he did four weeks ago regarding the question of whether he suffered an injury to the ACL in his right knee.

“Honestly, it’s up in the air right now.” Griffin said.  “I know coming off the field I thought it was just the same thing [a sprained LCL].  But right now, we’ll see what it is.

“No matter what it is, our season’s over right now, and I’ve just got to make sure that I get back healthy no matter what the injury is.”

Right, but a mild sprain to the LCL can heal on its own, with rest.  An ACL tear requires reconstructive surgery.

For Griffin, it would be the second torn ACL in his right knee of his career.

Whatever it was, it didn’t look good.  After his limping became more noticeable throughout the game, the knee gave out while Griffin was trying to recover a low snap on the first drive after the Seahawks took their first lead of the game.

It reminded me of the way Dennis Dixon’s knee gave out several years ago at Oregon, when as it turned out he was actually playing with a torn ACL.  While we’re not saying or suggesting or hinting or even speculating that Griffin may have been playing with a torn ACL, the circumstances of this situation are sufficiently weird to make us at least wonder whether Griffin’s actual condition was worse than anyone had previously admitted.

Regardless, it’s clear that Griffin wasn’t right on Sunday.  Even if he wanted to be on the field, the NFL’s desire to eliminate the “warrior” culture when it comes to concussions can’t apply only to concussions.  Teams and doctors must have the ability to remove a guy from the field, or no player will ever want to come out, whether he has a head injury or a knee injury or any other condition that could be aggravated by playing.

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  1. Goodell and Mara finally got what they wanted. Allowing dirty hits from cheaters who should have been suspended, blown calls. Kudos National Fixed League. You can take your playoffs and stick it cheaters.

  2. I wish rgiii the best but the rams are making out like bandits in this trade. They get 3 first ground picks and was will be drafting a new first round qb with the first one they get back because rgiii and shanny are trying to ruin rgiiis career

  3. It exactly this kind of whining about injuries and the constant media cry of. “please someone save these players from themselves” that has us dealing with the new nfl where flags are thrown just so the refs can cover their backsides. I wish you people, most of whom never even played football, would leave this game to the rest of us who like the game the way it was.

  4. I hope the kid is ok… But yesterday’s loss was due to many different factors, not just Bobby’s knee and the question of, ” Should he have stayed in?”… Play calling by Kyle Shanahan can be debated, dropped passes by wr’s, a couple penalties that were called, a couple that weren’t, etc… To me the single glaring factor was the 3rd qtr Alfred Morris should have pounded the ball the whole way, I don’t know how many carries he had but it felt like zero. That point in the game was the Redskins opportunity to sieze control and they failed…

  5. It’s just unbelievable he was allowed to stay in the game as injured as he appeared. He couldn’t move around and couldn’t put weight on the leg to throw. The head coach and doctors should be ashamed on themselves. Being a head coach can be like being a parent. The child may not want to do something, but you have to be the one in charge and see that the best thing is done. Just unacceptable mistake by head coach. He should have put in back up at the half. If it was obvious to my 6 year old it should have been obvious to the coaching staff regardless of what RGIII said to them.

  6. It does not look good for RGIII’s future even if he comes back because if the Skins do not stop using the read option as 90% of their offense he will continue to get injured. In this league, you have to learn how to make 3,5, and 7 step drops, plain and simple…

  7. Adrian Peterson least season, RG3 and Chris Clemons this season get knee injuries on the worst field surface in the NFL, perhaps in all of the 50k+ capacity stadiums in all of football. FedExField is a joke. Watching slo-mo replays dirt is flying from moving legs like the Kentucky Derby. Dan Snyder spends an enormous amount of draft capital on a mobile franchise QB and they have him playing on that?

  8. You gotta feel bad for him. Great player. Classy person. And let’s not forget another great player and classy person went down in that game with what may be a serious knee injury. Chris Clemons, one of the best edge rushers in the league.

    Here’s hoping both are not serious and both recover quickly and fully.

  9. You know, it’s not just because the NFL is a buncha old prudes, resistant to change and thinking outside the box. Running QBs GET HURT. Pure and Simple. This isn’t college where you play less games against idiotic sophmore defensive ends. The NFL has the best, brutal and brightest athletes and coaches who’ll eventually figure out what your doing if you fail to evolve.

    Last night, RGIII became the latest poster child to that reality. And sad to say it but Wilson isn’t far behind. He needs to calm down a little.

  10. It was painful for me to watch this great athlete and fine gentleman, as his knee buckled while trying to pick up that bad snap from center. He is a true warrior, no doubt about that, and I can only hope his promising career has not been compromised.

  11. “While we’re not saying or suggesting or hinting or even speculating that Griffin may have been playing with a torn ACL”

    Now that is a classic! It’s a shame he wasn’t healthy for the game, he is a fun player to watch.

  12. Mike Shanahan should have stepped in and sat him down on the bench long before the fourth quarter.
    A one legged RGIII does not give the team a better chance to win than a healthy Kirk Cousins.

    On the other hand, Jamaal Charles came back like gangbusters from a torn ACL, so if Griffin has such an injury not all hope is lost.

  13. You never wish for players to get injured, or celebrate it when it happens. Im a die hard Seahawks fan, and was pulling for RG3 to be okay.

  14. Too bad for RGIII. Kid seems like a very likeable, quality person. However, on the business side, it is tough to make the substantial investment in a QB that is small, and runs. It will never work long term. Too bad, the guy is good for the NFL and DC.

  15. Although I’m a die hard Dallas fan, I wish ill will on no skins. I hope that it isn’t a torn acl because that kid was a fresh breath of air for an otherwise horrible franchise. That said, Mike Shanahan is an complete idiot for allowing him to continue to play. I’m a former player and I know that in the heat of the moment, the player is never going to choose to come out of the game. But, the skins would have been a better offense with a healthy Cousins than a 50% RGIII. To make matters worst, they were still running the read option in the second half, after his knee buckled going towards the sideline before the half. Mike and Kyle Shanahan deserve the blame for the skins losing yesterday, and if he has a torn ACL, they may have set the franchise back because a Skin’s team with no RGIII and no important draft picks will return to the bottom of the NFC East

  16. Shanahan is an idiot. Why risk the long term health of your franchise QB for one game? They weren’t going to win it anyway. Fool.

  17. Shut up queensnyvegas the kid might of tore his knee an your saying good cause your Giants will kicked the redskins a$$ next year. You might want to watch out cause this kid healthy will be kicking your team around for the next decade.

  18. go to the doctor AP went to and get on the training regiment ( wink wink ) he went through, RGIII will come back faster, stronger and probably bigger in just 6 months than any other human being on the face of this earth. I’m not saying AP cheated ……… well I guess I am.

  19. RG3 is a great draft pick and qb in Madden when you can turn injuries off. Unfortunately, you can’t do that in the real world. I predict he’ll have an injury plagued career, it’s a shame.

  20. “Teams and doctors must have the ability to remove a guy from the field,”

    Pretty positive teams DO have the ability to remove a player from the field. If Dr. Andrews doesn’t want to assert himself, thats on him. Andrews sounds like he just stands there until someone sends a player over.

  21. This is on Shanahan Senior and little Kyle … for running a hurt player into the ground. Heartless and stupid. But at least you both saved your jobs. That’s what’s really important, isn’t it?

  22. Looks like the inside ligament of the right knee – MCL. The first quarter injury was probably more damage to the weak LCL.

    Hang in their RG. We need you back under center in September.

  23. Does anyone keep the roofer from going up the ladder witha bad back. Give me a break. I understand the concussions because of long-term brain injury but these are grown men. Ifva guy wants to playvthen let em play. Unless his play is hurting his team on the field

  24. Daniel Snyder is going to be looking for some answers if there is some really bad news coming about that knee!

  25. I’ll be interested to see what the doctor says here. I think this injury has always been worse than reported. That knee is bending in some strange ways. That doesn’t happen with a sprain.

  26. This same thing happened to me this year. When one of the knee ligaments are sprained, it creates instability because the quadriceps don’t function properly to stabilize the joint. So your knee can give way like that, but actually not cause any damage. Lets hope he had what I had.

  27. Shanahan showed his coaching ability. Anybody could see he shouldn’t have been playing. They had a very good back- up, and even if they did not, he still should have pulled RG3. Shame on the entire Redskins coaching staff !!

  28. In the end the team that can throw the ball down field and not rely so much on their QB making plays with their feet is the team that wins the SB. These guys are fun to watch, but it’s impossible to take that pounding and stay healthy.

  29. Let’s hope and pray he makes a full recovery. He is a heck of a player. If he is hurt badly, don’t be suprised to see the league use this incident to assert more power for independent game day physicians. Elite athletes are different from the rest of us. They will never willingly “come out of the game.” The game is their life. As a football loving society, how much do we have to protect them from themselves?

  30. RG3 is a warrior! Had the Redskins won the game this argument would be way different. But I myself thought he stayed in too long. I believe at halftime Cousins should’ve came in and would have given the Skins a better chance to win. The bigger question is why were they still running option plays with his leg hurt and why did we get away from Morris? I hope doesn’t need surgery but it doesn’t look good by all accounts. Get well soon RG3! We need you! #HTTR

  31. If Dr. Andrews was accurate that he never examined RG3 and didn’t clear him to return when the knee injury first happened weeks ago, this is all on Shanahan. It’s the head coach’s responsibility to speak to the doctor directly about his injured star QB (not make up a story in the post-game presser), and it’s the head coach’s responsibility to pull an injured player for the good of the team.

    Every rookie rushing-style QB retires a pocket passer – some faster than others. Someone needs to sit this young man down and remind him that health and QB skills are more important to success and longevity than rushing for 800+ yards a season… even if it’s Rex Grossman doing the talking.

    Giants used to hide Lawrence Taylor’s helmet to keep him from going back on the field injured – if that’s what it takes to keep RG3 in check, then Shanahan needs to do it.

  32. Ao good HC would’ve come out after the game and said I told him to play. But the scumbag Shanahan is threw him under the bus and said RG3 wanted to play. So now it’s T. Davis’ career and maybe RG3’s that this dirt bag has ended sooner because all he cares is his way.

    And the NFL wants player safety? Good luck trying to tell a judge that Shanahan cares about player saftey.

    The Dusty Baker of the NFL!

  33. RGIII = Great player, great kid…wish him the best…..he is also proof positive that one player can elevate a team to playoff status out of the basement despite themselves in every other facet of the game.

  34. I will never, ever understand why these guys with serious leg injuries, especially knee injuries, are allowed to just WALK OFF the field. They should be put on a cart or a stretcher every time. Griffen was walking to shake hands yesterday at the end of the game. Good god, stop walking on it!

  35. So how many of you that are lambasting RGIII for being selfish and stupid for staying in hollered that Cutler lacked courage when he came out of his playoff game? I would venture to guess that it’s a lot.

  36. First and foremost, I hope RG3 is fine and makes a full recovery.

    That being said, I think it’s interesting that a couple years ago, Jay Cutler was publicly chastised for coming out of a game when he injured his knee in the NFC Championship. Everyone said he should have stayed in the game becuase it’s “they playoffs.” However, that’s exactly what RG3 and Shannahan did and they are being chastised for “putting the franchise at risk.”

    Don’t care either way, I just found it interesting.

  37. For the boneheads who want to talk about read option offense, Robert was injured yesterday in non contact plays. His previous injuries were both on pass play scrambles. Helps to watch the game. Blow this issue up as much as you want. If he came out last night he’d be destroyed like Cutler was two years ago. Lose/lose situation and unfortunately we lost big time.

  38. I just wish the NFC East would get some more attention, I mean…considering they are the only division in the NFL completely eliminated from the postseason and all.

  39. Shanny, the unscrupulous old horror, jeopardizes the best skins player in more than 20 years for a single playoff game that he still loses. Danny and Shanny deserve each other but not RGIII. Let’s hope it’s not a serious injury because he’s too special of a kid and player and he deserved better than he got from his coach and owner.

  40. Special talent and I hope he is ok but there is a reason his style of play in the NFL doesn’t lend itself to a long career. I can’t recall any QB who runs being effective for more than four years. Luckily for RGlll he can throw with the best of them and is not dependent on running if he has to convert to a drop back QB. Hopefully this isn’t serious and he will learn to reign in his running a bit much like Steve Young was forced to do for the sake of a longer career.

  41. Even being a NY Giants fan, I HATE seeing this happend to RG3. He truly is a class act, and exciting to watch, however Snyder is an asswipe of a person, and Shanahan should have never considered risking the career of the franchise. As RG3 keeps hurting knees, and having them cut on, he will start to slow down and lose quickness, which is unfortunate for such a talented great person.

  42. Welcome to the end of your first season bobby

    I would guess by now you know that the pros hit a lot harder then the kids in college.

    While I wish the man no harm it does go to show that his type of play does not work and will insure missing games each year.

    Everyone wants to blame the coach how about the owner do you think danny boy wanted his million $$$ baby on the bench during the biggest game of the decade Danny closes his eyes and sees himself getting the Super Bowl trophy handed to him.

    Danny has Giant envey he has watched his hated rival win twice in 5 years and dreams and prays that he can get one.

    Next year you can watch as Mr. Mara wins in his home after eli beats payton in the super manning bowl. That will be the tie breaker as Eli has two and Payton is a few weeks away from his second

  43. The Shanahans need to learn that RGIII needs to play from the pocket and scramble from trouble instead of running the read option into trouble.

  44. Redskins fans brace for the bad news that RG3 isnt the second coming of Jesus. And that they gave up the farm for him and coulda had Russell Wilson.

  45. Why do you media pundits constantly try to tell individuals what they should be doing with their own lives – “eliminate the NFL warrior culture” ?

    All the players in the NFL are adults. They only have 1 life to live and if they choose to push themselves through an injury, hell or high water, it is THEIR BUSINESS, NOT YOURS. Please stop this if possible. You are an adult, so are these people.

    In the case of a concussion in which someone may not think clearly, that is one distinction. But judgement on a ligament, cartilage , etc that is the player’s body, the player’s choice and it is God – given choices, not media, not owners, not anyone, BUT THAT PLAYER We don’t need the nanny state coming down to this level too.

  46. Yea Ngata did some serious work on that knee. Ravens are so much better and the Redskins were so insanely lucky to beat us. Fact is the better team is playing this weekend and they’re going to roman helmet Peyton Manning.

  47. The pick and choose nature of applauding a WR for playing with a broken finger that could cause permanent damage, vilifying a QB in the playoffs for coming out with a bad knee and a chance to win, applauding a LB for rushing back from a torn achilles, and then vilifying a the coach for letting a QB play on a bad knee is nearly as irritating as the debate over warrior culture to begin with. Either you care about player safety or you don’t.

    These guys didn’t make it to the NFL sitting on the sidelines or sitting out their best player when they said they could go.

  48. Shanahan will do anything to win NOW. We could all see that kid was gimpy. He may never be the same runner he was, and he has Shanahan to thank for it.

  49. The Redskins franchise is poised to enter next season as the favorites in the NFC East, even if Bobby needs surgery that sidelines him til January 2014.
    Hopefully he’s ok, and hopefully Kyle can go to a play calling clinic this offseason and learn something about situational football. Several times this year I found myself screaming about his play selection and I really felt yesterday he should have ran Morris about 35-40 times, especially in the 3rd Quarter, given all the circumstances in play during the game. But then again, whenever they don’t do what I think they should, I bitch and complain about it here, so……

  50. Obviously the knee injury was worse than reported. I think RGIII knew it was worse, but decided to play anyway.

    In any case, you could see this coming after the first knee injury. A QB in the NFL cannot be a leading rusher too and expect to make it through the year.

    My guess is that the latest crop of young, mobile QBs will eventually be limited to being more like the traditional drop-back passer, as the wear-and-tear take its toll.

    That will have a substantial impact on their success in the league in future years.

  51. It was clear by mid-second quarter that RGIII should have been taken out the game. But Shanahan refused to take him out when he was clearly hurting his team.

    Shanahan failed that kid and now his career is hanging in the balance. Shanahan is a selfish bastard. Kurt Cousins has already shown that he is more then capable of taking over for RGIII.

    Shanahan did that kid a disservice big time.

  52. Shanny Fraud did what he was supposed to do, as a coach in a hurry to re-establish his HOF credentials – play his prize rookie QB until, like a thoroughbred racehorse, he falters. Never mind that, during the season, he eschewed common sense and decided not to teach the kid how to be a pro QB. Oh, no. Let’s hurry up and win with the College option offense, since we won’t have to teach him anything, and his incandescent talent will prevail over all defenses. That way, we can win a mediocre division and be one-and-done, with a crappy DEE, and still say we made tremendous progress this year! Can you say “Short CUT!” He took the Buddy Ryan-Randall Cunningham approach – “Hey, Robert! Just make a few big plays a game, and we can win the battle.” Meanwhile, the kid gets crushed, and once again proves the adage “running qbs don’t win or don’t last in this league.” Now, his future is clouded. The kid is young and can overcome, but, really, did it have to get to this point? I say “NO!” And, yes, the coach IS supposed to make tough decisions, like, let’s keep him out, this time, and let him heal! Look, if he was a 4 year vet on a bad wheel, maybe he “could” have won from the pocket, but, he is a rookie and is not yet a pocket QB! You can’t expect him to sit back there and calmly survey, go thru progressions and hit his open guy(s). He is not yet that skilled at the pro level.

  53. I couldn’t agree more about Shannahan. Ever since he got there you can tell he runs the place like a Stalin-esque dictator. He makes it clear HE runs the show around there, and no one had better dare question him. I don’t see how Andrews would have ANY power to stand up to Shannahan and tell him to sit an injured player, not if he wants to keep his job.

    Shannahan appears to be another control freak that wants to surround himself with yes men. You could tell after RG3 first re-injured his knee early on that he likely shouldn’t be in the game. Yet he played the rest of the game. Even when he tried to run and you could see him wincing in pain, hobbling to the sideline. You could tell something wasn’t right and he had no business being out there. Then his knee just buckles and that didn’t look good at all.

    Shannahan deserves 100% of the blame for putting the long term success of their franchise, as well as putting the long term health of their franchise QB at risk for short term gain. Even if they HAD won, just how would they win the SB if Griffen sustains a year ending knee injury? Just plain stupidity and a risk not worth taking in my opinion.

  54. An absolute travesty that Shanny had him in there the 2nd half. Mortaging the organization’s future was one thing, but putting derivatives on the player was a sure fire wave crashing onto the beach

    I am not a Skins fan but love watching RG3 play. I hope the player and the team do not have to suffer a total loss from that poor decision. This could greatly affect his career.

  55. I don’t really want to speculate, assume, or hint at anything…but isn’t it weird when they showed RGIII going into that little room on the sidelines? Dr. Andrews went in for a couple seconds then came right out (even the announcers noticed it). I have never torn any knee ligaments but don’t most people limp a lot more than RGIII did? I wonder if he received “something” in that little room to help him back on the field and maybe Dr. Andrews didn’t approve of so he was ushered out or decided he didn’t want any part of it.

  56. If RG3 is not allowed to run the read option, then he is not the RG3 that we all know, just another average drop back QB. The truly great QB’s are classic drop back QB;s and they have a longer life span. Good luck to a real classy man.

  57. I mean, was Rothliesberger any good for Pittsburgh when HE rushed back on a bad wheel? Nope. And he can read a defense and keep plays alive, as well. Coaches are supposed to plan for all eventualities, that’s why they are paid big bucks to win in the NFL. I am so tired of coaches who come off small, looking ill-prepared. I don’t like him, much, and even he has his moments of doubt, but, that’s why Bellichik is so respected around the league. He preps, adapts and overcomes better than all of them.

  58. Yes RG3 is exciting to watch like Barry Sanders and Michael Vick were exciting to watch. Two careers, three combined playoff games won, though.

  59. “The Redskins franchise is poised to enter next season as the favorites in the NFC East”

    Yes but then, the actual season will start.

  60. Shanahan was ready to call it quits after the 3-6 start, so I don’t want to hear about him “going for it”. He was throwing in the towel at the half-way point.

    Shanahan is 100% responsible for all of this. When Bill Belichick realized the grass at Foxboro was dangerous, they changed to Field Turf IN THE SAME SEASON.

    Shanahan sent a limping RG3 into the game again and again. I hope he sees that knee blowout every night in his dreams for a long time.

  61. This ha nothing to do with the read option. Learn the game. RGIII took all his injuries on PASS plays. If anything, the runs possibly safer for him. THink about it. When a QB runs, he has some control over how he takes the hit. He’s knows its coming, and tries to take it the best way possible.

    When he gets sacked in the pocket, that’s when he doesn’t see it coming and the defender decides how he takes it.

    This pass pass pass mentality is a new development too. As recently as the 80s running was the game. Passing games are a result of both a new style of QB and the thought that it would be a more exciting game for fans to watch.

  62. Blame is on the coaches. There was no need to have running plays in a game when the QB has injured knee. RG III was throwing the ball fine and looking good until Shananhan started calling the run plays. Its not the turf or anything else calling the run plays
    for a QB who already has a injured knee is stupid on the Coaching staffs part. They both should be fired.

  63. I’d still suck him off right after preseason practice in the middle of August on a 100* day before he showers. Logic loves RG3 Cack even though he not what we thougt he was. Hes still cute.

  64. RG3 is a great young talent, smart, humble, just an overall positive guy and great for the league. It’s absurd that people are posting that they are glad he is hurt. He has the ability at only 22 years old to continue to learn to play the QB position at a high level for years to come. Once he is healed up, I expect that he will learn from this and become better and stronger. Here’s to a speedy recovery Robert. You gave me, A die hard Skins fan, a season I didn’t expect and hope for the future.

  65. Thje debate about when an injured player should come out of the game is an interested and nuanced one. The weird thing about yesterday was that it was clear long before RGIII came out that Cousins gave the Skins a better chance to win! It’s not just that RGIII was injured it was clearly affecting his effectiveness.

  66. I bet that place has field has that synthetic grass next year! Snyder has all that $ and got them playin on Dirt and paint? Fareal?

  67. Mike Shanahan’s post-game presser was a flat-out joke.

    He’s an aging coach in the twilight of his career desperate to win it all and dispel the truth that he only won in Denver because of one John Elway.

  68. After Shanahan pulled Donovan McNabb in the 4th quarter against the Lions for Rex Grossman, and after he gave multiple contradictory explanations for that move, the following came to mind:

    How can you tell when a politician is lying?

    His lips are moving.

    Shanahan = Politician

    One has to believe Dr. Andrews.

  69. Hate to see anyone suffer an injury, but as a browns fan, this takes a little of the sting of missing out on RG3. Unfortunately this is the type of injury, if indeed is second torn ACL, could be career ending or limit his ability to run that made him special. Hope not because he is fun to watch.

  70. Dr. Andrews practically predicted this would happen. He once again proved why he is the “Messiah” of surgeons

  71. Listening last night to RG3’s press conference and then Shanahan’s;
    Is it just me or is this a perfect example of the hypocrisy of the player’s suing the NFL over head injuries, medical issues, etc…

    Players tell the coaches that they are able to continue and downplay the extent of their injury,
    only to realize later in life that it wasn’t a very good
    decision. And that is when they decide it was the NFL’s fault for not protecting them.

  72. Same thing would have happened to Cutler a couple years ago in the NFCCG on a sloppy field with an injured knee…… But the media ripped him and the Bears for taking in out of the game…

  73. Ironically, it is almost an afterthought that the Seahawks also lost a Pro Bowler in that game to a likely torn ACL. Not sure how much field conditions factored into either injury but they certainly did not help. FedEx Field’s turf is a disgrace. It looks like the dirt field behind my elementary school with clumps of weedy-grass surrounded by sandy dirt.

    It is a fascinating comparison between the Nationals’ handling of Strasburg’s long-term future in the face of a possible aggravation of an injury and the Redskins willfully sacrificing RGIII to win now. You know the difference? The Nationals have a GM willing to make tough choices for the franchise.

    So, in the end the field conditions and the lack of a GM overseeing the team are both Dan Snyder’s fault. It always comes back to him…

  74. FedEx Field has ridiculously bad turf. I’m somewhat surprised that none of the cheerleaders have gotten injured out there.

  75. If he leaves the game he’s soft if he stays the coach is dumb for playing him. Classic NFL Gladiator mentality as a fan I said b4 football downplay injuries ( esp structural) all the time. A grade 1 sprain and he is able to play after 4 wks. Yeah if he doesn’t play any games and is given 4 wks to rest. All coaches and brass docs whatever are full of it to try and have you think that you can recover from sprains and such in weeks when it takes NBA or MLB players 2-3 months something is wrong with the culture as a whole.

  76. logicalvoicesays says:Jan 7, 2013 8:12 AM

    Goodell and Mara finally got what they wanted. Allowing dirty hits from cheaters who should have been suspended, blown calls. Kudos National Fixed League. You can take your playoffs and stick it cheaters.

    Ofcourse you are now going to make excuses. The refs called one offsides penalty on the redskins in the whole forst half while they were constantly adding yellow to the colors of the seahawks. In no way did the NFL hand this game to the seahawks. This loss falls only on the the coaching staff of the redskins for allowing RG3 to play with this kind of energy and all credit goes to the Seahawks for outplaying their opponent. As a Acowboys fan, I want to hate RG3 so much but in the end, the QB is a stand up guy with tremendous talkent and a big heart but unfortrunately he is on team with a greedy coaching staff that is going to end his career way to soon. Best of luck with the surgery RG3, I hope you heal quickly and I look forward to watching the challenge my Cowboys will have to face for years to come (If the Shanahans dont end your career too soon).

  77. Not saying it’s never happened before, but I don’t recall seeing Dr. Andrews attend the game of his client before – there appeared to be concern about the knee right from the jump. Hope RG not only returns to his former self, but that this doesn’t shorten his career.

  78. People were talking about the Packers getting to play against Minnesota with Webb out there. Well, the Seahawks got lucky and Griffin blew his knee completely out on the 2nd touchdown drive. If Griffin were 100% for that game, the Redskins would have won 42 to 13.

    Anyway, the way that knee bent on that attempt to recover that low snap. It was ugly, and it absolutely looked like ligament damage. A knee isnt supposed to bend that way. I wouldnt e surprised if the had multiple ligament tears in his knee. Griffin is one tough SOB to play most of that game the way that knee must have felt.

  79. Oh, and dont worry about Griffin not being good anymore because he cant run. Griffin is a really good pocket passer if he can get back well enough to play again. Not running the ball every other play will make Griffin even better in the pocket. He knows the position.

  80. RGIII should have been pulled in the 3rd quarter. By then two things were clear: 1) he could no longer help the Skins win, and 2) he was risking serious injury to himself.

  81. I guess players arn’t allowed to be tough anymore. If you have a hangnail I guess you shouldn’t play. And granted it may be a torn ACL and then again it may be a sprain. No one knows and if the player says he can play then you let him play. Whats the issue here? Is it that you not allowed to play through injuries now?

  82. Season ticket holder who was at the game here. After the first quarter it was clear as day he wasnt right. Bad passes he usually hits. He was constantly limping around on the sideline trying to keep it loose. I love this guy and think he will have a great career but it was either selfish of him or stupid of the coach to leave him on there. Kirk Cousins has shown he can manage a game and would have been going in with a 14 point lead. ANY offense after the first quarter and the game could have been different. That said, rg3 was obviously done for the year so winning that one game was moot. We wouldn’t have had a chance the following weeks without him in my opinion. And of course that’s just my opinion

  83. Did Dr. Andrews, who was on the Redskins sideline wearing a Redskins sock cap, give medical clearance for Griffin to play?

    Anyone know?

    We haven’t heard his press conference yet.

  84. He never should have played, this is why the Chicago Bears took Cutler out two years ago. To keep him from tearing his ACL but all you haters think he quit on the team.

  85. Obviously, Griffin should have been pulled after his lack of mobility became clear. As a Baylor alum (and Hawks fan), I wish him well. But I think he will be fine if he never plays another down in the NFL. He’s already been admitted to law school, and I figure he is a a young man with a lot of potential for life in the real world. Football may have been merely a gateway for him. I’ll always be a fan.
    Go RGIII! Go Hawks!

  86. People who think this is a light issue doesn’t understand how this will effect RG3’s play going forward. This COULD be a big deal.

    That said, what the heck is with that turf. I’d be more upset by the fact he injured himself without a defender touching him. That turf looked like it just wouldn’t let go of his foot. Seattle also lost their top DE over what appears to be the turf.

    The NFL needs to step in here if Redskins dont fix that ASAP.

  87. This really bums me out even though I’m a Giants fan and it’s technically good news (though you never want to see a guy hurt). Griffin was a really exciting player with a potentially huge ceiling, and not only that he is basically impossible to hate. I hope he makes a full recovery and he’s giving the Giants problems for years.

    Or, even better, the Redskins cut him in favor of Cousins and he gets picked up by some team in the AFC and has a long, successful career and the Giants only have to play him once every four years instead of twice a year. That works best for me.

  88. Look Shananhan and the coaches put in a play book identical to what RG was doing at Baylor. RG ran with reckless abandon and lead with his head first and it just didn’t work.
    I just think his style of play will get him killed as evidence of this year alone.

  89. Shanny has no one to blame but himself. His backup is better than many team’s starters, and he’s just a baby. Who cares if he wants to play. When he’s had a previous serious knee injury, and the orthopedic guru doc tells you that you shouldn’t play him, you freaking don’t!

    Not a Skins fan, but RG3 is one of those guys who is not only fun to watch, but easy to root for…at least when he’s not playing your team.

  90. Should of been out after the 2nd drive when it was obvious that he was hurt.

    That being said, just another perfect example of why the players have no chance in any lawsuit against the NFL.

  91. First off there is fact & there is opinion, and we know what they say about opinions. RG3 vs. Atlanta didn’t get a concussion from the Read Option. He broke containment from the pocket & didn’t slide & Weatherspoon nailed him. Vs. the Ravens RG3 did not sprain his LCL from a read option run, again he broke containment from the pocket should’ve gone out of bounds he admitted but he cut inside & Haloti Ngata hit him. He wore a knee brace for 4 weeks, he wore a knee brace in the game. Not 1 Read Option run was he hurt yesterday. When Aikman suffered multiple concussions he was in the pocket. When Steve Young suffered multiple concussions he was in the pocket, Anyone remember the horrifying hit Aeneas Williams put Young to sleep? When the Redskins hurt Peyton’s neck he was in the pocket. When Bernard Pollard tore Tom Brady’s ACL, Brady was in the pocket. When Matt Cassel suffered a concussion he was in the pocket. When Carson Palmer as a Bengals QB his 1st playoff game tore his ACL, he was in the pocket. When DeMarcus Ware hit Vick this year & gave him a concussion, Vick was in the pocket. The NFL allowed QB’s who run to slide to protect them from injuries. RG3 will be wiser in these next years to come. He will only get better & better. HTTR! He fought for Ol’ D.C. RAH-RAH-RAH!

  92. I’m seriously wondering if Shanny has mental/emotional issues that compromise his ability to be a head coach. I hated when he benched Donavan McNabb and threw him under the bus for…Rex Grossman?? I hate even more what he did with RG3 yesterday. I think Dan Snyder needs to pull the plug on this ‘experiment’. Shanny is too emotionally attached to RG3 to make rational decisions.

  93. I hope he’ll recover fully because he’s the most talented player I’ve seen in a long time. Class act, too. But the bigger picture is that, sadly, I don’t see him being able to play like he did this season for very long. If it’s not this injury, there will be another. It’s not that zone-read offenses won’t work in the pros…it’s just that you can’t keep your QB healthy for long running them. They’d need 2-3 of him to assure one being healthy at any time.

  94. Hope he is OK but what is with the Redskins coaching staff for letting him play to begin with.
    Victory at any cost is a stupid approach and really true given this QB’s playing style built on his mobility.

  95. Fine the coach and the team. He shouldnt have been out there and it didnt take a doctor to realise that .

  96. Griffith is an adult and should have been smart enough to get out. He was hurting the team. The doctors wanted him out and Shanahan should have had some guts and taken him out. They risked a quarterback with potential and now more then likely cost him his career. Shanahan needs to be shown the door.

  97. I can’t believe the Skins would sacrifice the health of their future QB for a win. Talking about being desperate.

    Oh, and yeah, logicalvoicesays… can go back to your little closet and cry all you want. You’ve already come out of your closet once….we’ll see you again in September. Oh, and make sure your mommy changes your diaper once in a while, lol.

  98. Cutler gets crap for taking himself out of a game, and Griffin gets crap for staying in.

    You just can’t win with football fans.

  99. I must add on the Read Option QB runs the QB has 10 men blocking for him. Has any WR been hurt that runs the Wildcat? Has any RB been hurt that runs the Wildcat? Joe Montana got knocked out by Jim Burt standing in the pocket. John Elway & RG3 are roughly the same size. You mainly see agile, fast players hurt their knees because of all the speed cuts, jump cuts, & contortions they make with their bodies. Take Derek Rose, Jamaal Charles, A.P., & RG3 into consideration of my point.

  100. RG3 is going to have to function as a more traditional quarterback going forward. In short, it is a safe bet that he will never be the dynamic runner that he was at the beginning of the season. Shanahan’s negligence in this matter cannot be overstated.

  101. Obviously, RG3 is a warrior who refused to be taken out of the game. As a coach, Shanahan has to be the parent and should have forced the kid to sit down. He didn’t do Griffin’s careers any favors by letting try and win a game on one leg. Kirk Cousins isn’t exactly Kyle Boller either. The Redskins have a competent backup who should have gone in much sooner. Bad move, Mike.

  102. How do you know Shanahan’s decision to play RG3 was wrong?

    Probably because fans of the other three teams in the division agreed with it.

    On another note it would appear that his legs are more of a part of his game than people want to admit.

    You could put Eli in a leg cast and his game wouldn’t change….

  103. This whole is laughable. Griffin is a fine young man and a gifted athlete. But any coach should know better – RUNNING QBs DO NOT WIN CHAMPIONSHIPS.

    By hitching their wagon to Griffin, Snyder and Shanahan have doomed their fan base to that of the Falcons and Eagles – big hype, big highlights, no SBs.

    You’d think Shanahan would know better. What a buffoon.

  104. you will never rid the NFL of the “Warrior” complex as long as players stand the chance of losing their jobs/positions while they are on injured reserve – ie Alex Smith in SF, Michael Vick in Philly, etc.

    These guys know that any time out of a game, or games missed during the season could result in them losing their starting position, which could ultimately end up with them being cut or traded.

    You want to end the “warrior” complex? Guaranteed Contracts.

  105. “You want to end the “warrior” complex? Guaranteed Contracts.”

    Yeah, that’s what need, more Albert Haynesworths.

  106. bensstinkyfingers says: Jan 7, 2013 9:56 AM

    Hate to see anyone suffer an injury, but as a browns fan, this takes a little of the sting of missing out on RG3. Unfortunately this is the type of injury, if indeed is second torn ACL, could be career ending or limit his ability to run that made him special. Hope not because he is fun to watch.

    What is this 1985? ACL tears don’t end careers anymore.

  107. Steve Young, John Elway, Aaron Rodgers, Joe Montana, Joe Theismann, & Big Ben are all Running QB’s and they won Superbowls. Eli Manning won a SB running for his life & throwing a ball that Tyree caught on his helmet. That’s a stereotype. Gannon went to a SB & won an AFC Title, McNabb went to a SB, Vick took the lowly Falcons to an NFC Tile game.

  108. Ability to run, or not, Griffin will be around for a long time playing QB. People are talking like Griffin doesnt have skills at the position. Reality is, this first year was the only year the read-option type game plan was going to be in place. The Redskins are set to impliment a conventional style offense in the offseason. They didnt do it this season because they werent 100% sure what Griffin would do in int. Now they know he can be an accurate pocket passer. Dont worry about Griffin. He will still be around. Brady wrecked his knee awhile back, and he is still playing at the highest of levels.

  109. Shanahan had to have seen what everyone else saw…that his franchise qb was having difficulty playing because of an injury. Quarterbacks who take off and run become running backs and will be hit hard until the whistle blows play over. Haven’t we seen Michael Vick time and time again injured because of hits that could have been avoided! So if RGIII doesn’t want to be hit or tackled he has to learn to SLIDE!

  110. This guy is going to turn out to be another JaMarcus Russell or Vince Young.So much hype to live up to coming out of college. It was only his rookie season And he was playing like Brett Favre in his last season

  111. majikwen,
    Just exactly how does one “cheat” in terms of rehabilitation of a torn ACL? I think that is just ignorance on your part. There is no way to “cheat” the healing of a ligament. It just takes time and rehabbing of the muscles surrounding it.

    Most of these athletes are freaks of nature compared to us common folk, and a guy like AP is even more “freaky” than the average NFL athlete.

    Truth be told, it’s more likely for your average NFL athlete to be out for the entire following season when it occurs this late in the year.

  112. If he had an ACL he wouldn’t have been walking on the field to shake hands at the end. Guessing MCL to go with the PCL.

    That said, he should have been taken out at halftime when it became obvious that he was too hurt to be effective.

    If Shanny is still running the read option with this guy in 2013 he should be sent to Sean Paytonville.

  113. chattanola says:
    Jan 7, 2013 10:50 AM
    Did Dr. Andrews, who was on the Redskins sideline wearing a Redskins sock cap, give medical clearance for Griffin to play?

    Anyone know?

    We haven’t heard his press conference yet.


  114. When I read some of these posts either for or against read QBs in the NFL I get the impression that we are reliving the Spanish Inquisition from the tone of some of these posts. Friends it’s just a kid’s game played by adults for our entertainment. Being if favor of one approach vs. the other will not keep you from heaven nor will it get you there any faster..

  115. This will be a sentinel event for NFL safety and medical assessments.

    Just as the fail mary was so egregious that it immediately ended the replacement ref debacle, Mike Shanahan’s callous disregard for player safety will change the way the NFL requires objective medical assessments for acute injuries.

    Most NFL fans were surprised and appalled to see Griffin remain on the field when he was so clearly vulnerable and incapacitated. As a physician and a football fan, I was incredulous.

  116. “I know coming off the field I thought it was just the same thing [a sprained LCL].
    Your knee doesn’t bend inward like it did (on its own without being hit) with a bad LCL…….it does that with a blown MCL, ACL and medial meniscus. Me thinks they’re lying about his first MRI (which probably showed a blown ACL).

  117. As a lifelong Cowboys fan, I say, here’s hoping Griffin makes a full and speedy recovery. I hate him for doing it for Washington, but the man can play football, and the NFL needs him and his brethren from this rookie class.

  118. I’m a Redskins fan and I blame both Dr Andrews and Mike Shanahan. Dr Andrews should have told Mike that he should not put RG3 back into the game after he got hurt in the 1st quarter, I blame Shanny because whe he saw Rg3 was struggling and obviously in pain he should have taken him out of the game and put Kirk Cousins in, he should not have listened to RG3 when he said he was okay to go back into the game because it was obvious he wasn’t okay.

  119. Blaming the coach … the Dr … the cheap/dirty hits … field conditions … is just insane.
    Hello wakeup … this is what happens when you have a running QB.
    16 games plus playoff games how many hits is that … it was only a matter of time before this was going to happen.
    RG3 first season … 3 injuries … seriously at this rate how long of career is he going to have?

  120. broncostevenp says:Jan 7, 2013 8:12 AM

    What happened to the poster that kept saying that the Redskins were “God’s Team” and that they were going to win the Super Bowl?


    He’s hanging out with all of those pro sports writers and people from the comments section who predicted the Skins would go 4-12, be the NFC East cellar dwellers and that the Giants or Steelers would be winning the Super Bowl?? I’m pretty sure he can’t find a seat in the place!

  121. BringBackTheFlex says:Jan 7, 2013 12:41 PM

    This whole is laughable. Griffin is a fine young man and a gifted athlete. But any coach should know better – RUNNING QBs DO NOT WIN CHAMPIONSHIPS.

    koolrepetoire says:Jan 7, 2013 1:16 PM

    Steve Young, John Elway, Aaron Rodgers, Joe Montana, Joe Theismann, & Big Ben are all Running QB’s and they won Superbowls. Eli Manning won a SB running for his life & throwing a ball that Tyree caught on his helmet. That’s a stereotype. Gannon went to a SB & won an AFC Title, McNabb went to a SB, Vick took the lowly Falcons to an NFC Tile game.

    Thanks Koolreptoire..educating the still won’t stop these guys from repeating the same idiocy on other threads..facts don’t matter…

  122. RG3 was definitely a breath of Fresh air not just for the Redskins but the NFL. He is the first class act to the sport in awhile. Unfortunately RG3 seemed to want to be the hero of this game for whatever reason. Once the team knew he was hurt the team began to collapase. The NFL is always making up dumb rules but seem to leave really important ones out like giving the Doctors the ability to sit a player out whether or not the player wants to or not. I certainly hope this isn’t a career ender for him.

  123. LOL, No.,all those QBs mentioned are NOT running QBS. They are QBs that CAN run..big difference. Mike Vick, Randall Cunningham and Kordell Stewart are running QBs!!!!

  124. RG3 is one incredibly talented young man. He is also one tough son of a gun to boot.

    That being said, both Griffin and Shanahan were dead wrong for keeping Griffin in the game once it became clear he wasn’t himself and couldn’t even plant well enough to throw the ball let alone run with it.

    Winning a playoff game is one thing. I understand that and admire Griffin’s desire to want continue. But, Griffin was hurting the team and Shanahan should have had enough intelligence to see it. He didn’t and the results not only cost the Redskins a playoff win it may have cost them much more.

  125. Shanahan should have pulled him out before he’s knee completely went out. What kind of coach allows a guy to play who’s limping around the field? Its just unimaginable… unconscionable…
    RG3’s career could be over because of this. No…the coaching and teams medical staff should be held accountable for their actions. Or lack there of…

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