Report: Chris Clemons tore his ACL


Shortly after Sunday’s 24-14 win over the Redskins, Darin Gantt reported that the Seahawks feared defensive end Chris Clemons suffered an ACL injury.

Those fears have reportedly been realized. Ian Rapoport of the NFL Network reports that Clemons has torn the ACL and meniscus in his left knee. Per Rapoport, Clemons will meet with Dr. James Andrews next Monday to determine the next steps in his recovery. Coach Pete Carroll didn’t give an update about Clemons’ condition during his Monday radio show, but is scheduled to meet reporters again later in the day.

Clemons’ injury highlighted questions about the quality of the playing surface at FedEx Field on Sunday with Clemons’ agent blaming it for the injury and Carroll calling the field “horrible” during that radio show.

It’s not unexpected news given the reaction on Sunday, but it is damaging for the Seahawks defense. Clemons had 11.5 sacks for the Seahawks this season, the most of anyone on the team and the third straight year he posted at least 11 sacks, and played a lead role on the defensive line in all situations.

With Clemons out, rookie Bruce Irvin will be called on to play a bigger role. Irvin had eight sacks in the regular season and added one against the Redskins, but was in more of a situational role until this point.

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  1. Sorry to hear and hope he can get back by next season. Good thing the team has depth. Go Hawks!

  2. Tough break for Clemons. A very under-rated player, until recently. He was a big part of why the Seahawks made the playoffs.

  3. I feel bad for Clemons. He plays hard every snap and gets constant pressure on QB even when he’s not getting a sack. Seahawks have been going on next man up all season, Bruce Irvin its time to step into the Leo. Hawk fans who steps into Bruce’s spot on 3rd down now that we lost DT/DE Jones? I honestly don’t know, Scruggs??

  4. If the league wants parity and player safety, let’s have parity with the playing field too.
    Funny, Lambeau Field never looks that way in January and Snyder should be ashamed!

  5. tokyosandblaster says:Jan 7, 2013 5:22 PM

    Dirty team has hurt player?

    No one cares but dirty teams fans.
    Kind of what I was thinking. Must be that karma thing.

  6. tokyosandblaster says:
    Jan 7, 2013 5:22 PM
    Dirty team has hurt player?

    No one cares but dirty teams fans.


    Cry much?

    Cry baby fan has hurt feelings….

    NO ONE cares but cry baby fan.

  7. While Clemons’ loss is a big one, Irvin has the ability to step up in big situations (MNF vs. Green Bay). Fortunately for him, Seattle’s defense is talented enough that many of their starters are capable of stepping up to help fill the void.

    The question for Irvin is, “will he be able to find enough consistency to offset the loss of Clemons if Seattle happens to advance?”

  8. Bruce Irvin should be fine and/or suspended for that hit he made on Griffin after the second touchdown that RG3 threw…Griffin was pretty much on his way to the sideline when he got knocked on his butt and the knee did get pretty flexed when he hit the dirt.

  9. Tough break for Clemons, hopefully he can be the same player when he comes back. Time for a new playing field at Fedex field, they might want to upgrade the plywood huts on their sidelines while their at it too!

  10. The field was in terrible shape. Totally unacceptable for the revenue this league and teams take in yearly. Do we now go from concussions to knees due to field conditions?
    Roger, send out that memo that it won’t be tolerated now that you know it’s an issue.

  11. kingmj4891 says:
    Jan 7, 2013 5:33 PM
    tokyosandblaster says:
    Jan 7, 2013 5:22 PM
    Dirty team has hurt player?

    No one cares but dirty teams fans.


    Cry much?

    Cry baby fan has hurt feelings….

    NO ONE cares but cry baby fan.


    I didn’t see anyone crying. Pointing out facts isn’t crying, merely pointing out facts. And laughing at the little baby Seahawk player.

  12. Karma? Really? Chris Clemons is a clean and fair player. Anyone who thinks someone deserves to get injured is really messed up in the head. I hope Clemons and RGIII get better for next season.
    Go hawks.

  13. Clemons has been big for SEA this year, but their weakness as a team has been pass-rush. This is not a pivotal position for them. Their secondary and linebackers have compensated with good discipline, solid coverage and good instincts.

    Yes, it’s a loss, but the net loss isn’t great compared some other positions on the field.

    Irvin’s 8 sacks in limited duty will translate well to the switch (as it did when he sacked RGIII like a bag of potatoes – AFTER Clemons was out yesterday).

    Haters keep hating. After all, it has helped to catapult the Seahawks into the Divisional round. Can’t people tell by now, the Seahawks actually like being hated?

  14. Unfortunate break for the hawks – guy’s a monster.

    Sam Baker would’ve had his hands full with Clemons but as a Falcons fan I can’t say I’m excited about Baker matching up with Bruce Irvin who’s got quickness, speed, and a huge motor (but hasn’t had to take on a full time role like Clemons)…

    .either way time to RISE UP, now or never for the Birds…

  15. If our crew in Nashville (I repeat NASHVILLE!!!) can keep our NFL field in average shape, then a marquee club like the Redskins (and especially owner DAN SNYDER) should be ashamed for the embarrassment of a field they put professional players on yesterday. I mean, the Titans share LP Field with the Tennessee State football team and it’s still pristine compared to what we see in FedEx. What’s that about?

  16. I’m just glad see Clem got paid… He was very deserving of the extension he got and had he stayed under his last deal this news would have an even more devastating feel IMO…

  17. tokyosandblaster says:
    Jan 7, 2013 5:22 PM
    Dirty team has hurt player?

    No one cares but dirty teams fans.


    Given the amount of access to tape from 12,194 camera angles these days wouldn’t a “dirty team” be easy to spot?

    Seattle ranked below Indy (#1 overall), Denver, Green Bay, Minnesota and Baltimore in number of defensive penalties this season. Do the Colts have a “dirty team” stigma attached to them?

    Get beyond the highlights and look at the numbers.

  18. Wow. You think they would’ve fixed this mine-field the same day they signed the future of the franchise who had a previous ACL tear…Looks like they’re not going to have a choice now. Ladies and gentlemen, Dan Snyder!

  19. Karma would be if Sherman got hurt. Remember last year in Seattle when y’all had the same secondary and we torched them IN Seattle? Chris Clemons played I that one too

  20. Too bad about Clemmons and hope he gets better soon. Completely agree about Irvin’s gutless cheap shot. He should pray that his knocking RG3 to the ground after the play was over didn’t have anything to do with the injury aggravation. He should have gotten ejected.

  21. You KNOW the seahawk fans would be crying like babies if a Redskin took a cheap shot at him after he was hurt……………just like the Seahawks did to RGIII. FACT!

  22. idiots claiming karma…what did chris clemons do to deserve this? oh yeah, thats right he’s not on your favorite team, therefore he’s a terrible human being and deserves to be punished….morons…

    If the Seahawks were as dirty as the other teams they wouldve danced around and laughed at RG3 when he went down but obviously they have more class than that and prayed for dude instead.

    GO HAWKS! Keep the haters hatin’! Thats what winners do

  23. So it was karma that hurt RGIII, Peyton, AP, etc?! Makes perfect sense. Reports saying RGIII out for more than a year?! Man he must have some terrible karma.

    Can’t believe people are celebrating injuries. I’m guessing your teams are prepping for the draft? Go Pats

  24. To every football “fan” cheering an injury, you clearly are angry at life, likely bc of a crappy attitude. FACT.

    Seahawks are cheaters bc a couple guys were taking pills that are prescribed to 10 year olds who can’t sit still in class? Sounds like a bunch of scared fans to me. And bc of their co-workers mistakes, it’s karma for another’s well-being to be put in jeopardy? What kind of twisted thinking is that?

    Next time the guy you stand next to at your manure-shoveling job comes to work drunk, would it be karma for your crap-factory to shut down?

    If you can always find a way to be happy at the misfortunes of others, you will never be happy yourself.

    You people make me sick and I can’t wait for Bruce Irvin to give you “fans” another reason to scream “cheater” from your dumpy apartments.

    Go Hawks.

  25. RG3, Santana Moss, and worthless, useless, loudmouth, blowhard, ‘Skins fans everywhere walk into a bar…. to watch the divisional round of the playoffs.

    In seriousness, much respect to RG3. I have the world of respect for him and the heart he showed in trying to compete. Unlike the majority of the Skin trolls that comment on this site, the guy is first class and filled with heart.

  26. Hey losers it wasn’t a cheep shot on rg3 they both ran into each other go look at the replay, irvine was getting back up and rg3 ran into him. Quit your crying
    Go hawks. Have fun watching the playoffs at home!!!

  27. Cheapest owner in all professional football. Thats why these kids get big contracts. Playing life in theNFL is short lived. Sorry for Clemens he is a fantastic player. Get well soon Chris. For the record Im an Eagles fan.

  28. Can it be called a “field” when it’s actually hard clumps of dirt spray painted green?

  29. I’m sorry but fans cry about players having class when they have absolutely none themselves. Look at yourself, celebrating a players injury. No Seahawk fan or player was sitting here an cheering RG3 injury or any other player for that matter. I actually feel sorry for you….Clemons will take care of himself and be out on the field next year.

  30. I used to like the Packers and Aaron Rodgers but after a season of bitter comments on this and other websites following the Fail Mary I hope the Packers get absolutely dismantled by the 49ers. Considering that I have never wished good things for the Niners that is really hard for me.

    Happy a player is injured, how sad your life must be.

  31. Remember that time everyone felt sorry for the Hawks because they got rough calls in the Super Bowl? That sure went away quick.

  32. A manageable lose against pass happy teams like Atlanta and Green Bay. You got to wonder if this will hurt more if they have to play against a strong running teams that can pass too like SF or Houston. Irvine can get after the QB but he is not that stout against the run. They would have to get up on the board quick like they did the second go around with SF to take away the running game otherwise they might have to over compensate to protect Irvine from getting gashed.

  33. As a falcon fan and an athlete that has torn my acl, I hate to hear this. Even worse the ppl saying how they are happy its torn. Completely uncalled for. The worst thing I’ve went through. Just awful

  34. I think I have figured out why the Seahawk fans are so bitter and mean. Spend some time in that God forsaken city and you will understand why.

  35. I spoke with Carl Spackler, Groundskeeper for Bushwood Country Club, about the atrocious field conditions at FedEx Field and all he could say “CANONBALL!!!”

  36. I feel sorry for Clemons, good player and seems like a good guy. The team however, particularly players like Sherman, leave me with very little sympathy for them. I hope Atlanta stomps them.

  37. ha bitter Skins fans and other haters holding their collective breaths hoping that Atlanta plays the game of their lives (which they will need to do) and beat Seattle. Shameful.

  38. People celebrating player injuries makes me want to puke. Sad little lives. Enjoy the karma!!!

  39. Ok lets cover a couple things here. Dirty team…why? Because our secondary is huge and physical and knocks people the heck out? And they get flagged for leading with the shoulder cause the hits look so viscous, but its football, not flag football. And I hope RG3 recovers. He brings greatness to the NFL. I like my team to beat a healthy opponent so there is no ? mark of who was the better team. And RG3 and Irvin both got up and ran into each other, but of course the smaller guy with the bum knee is gonna go down. Doesnt make it dirty. And Sherman is a little arrogant but we love it here in Seattle. He backs it up with great play. But I understand you get b@tt hurt when he picks your Qb. And Thomas is the cleanest, hardest playing, full speed guy out there. Why hate on him? Clemons, best wishes for speedy recovery, your team will get your back.

    Go Hawks.

  40. Well as a hawks fan we have to look at clem going down as an oportunity to let irvin go and i think we may see a wrinkle. pete indicated the use of scruggs,kj and malcom running the strong side which could work simply because the falcons wont have any film on that design. heavy press will still be on and we may see lane mixing in with true depending on if they put cam on tiny g. its gona be fun to watch. GO HAWKS….one great thing about the falcons is they have field turf thank god. fed ex is pathetic and we looked much slower than normal.

  41. Seattle fans now know how us Raven fans have felt for years. Field a great defense and fans of ever other team will label you as “dirty” and “classless” for no reason.

    Good luck next week against Atlanta, this Raven fan is rooting for you, keep playing like the game is meant to be played. The hate just proves that you have a very good team.

  42. dirtybirds233 says:
    Jan 7, 2013 5:51 PM
    Karma would be if Sherman got hurt. Remember last year in Seattle when y’all had the same secondary and we torched them IN Seattle? Chris Clemons played I that one too

    Guess you didn’t watch that game. Sherman wasn’t starting yet (Trufant was), and Chancellor was injured, so Atari Bigby had to start. You haven’t faced the Legion of Boom yet.
    Ryan threw 1 TD. One.
    And Tarvaris Jackson almost beat you. You scraped by because of a missed FG.

    Russell Wilson has more playoff wins than Matt Ryan.

  43. Ddogdaddy – it’s funny you say Seahawks fans are so mean because I’ve read every blog post from prtofootballtalk, bleacher report, ESPN, fieldgulls, etc about the last game and the majority of Seahawks fans are pretty reasonable. Your about uneducated as they come if you think a city that just got rated #2 best city to live in the United States and is absolutely gourgeous is “god forsaken”. What dumpster of a city do you live in, Washington DC. Keep hating on the Seahawks because they are just getting started

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