Rob Parker says people took his RG3 comments out of context

Rob Parker, the ESPN commentator who was suspended for 30 says after questioning whether Redskins quarterback Robert Griffin III is authentically black because he has a white fiancee, says he was surprised by the backlash.

Parker said on Flashpoint on Channel 4 in Detroit that he didn’t expect the reaction he got.

“I can’t believe it, Parker said. I mean, looking back at some of the comments, I can see how some people can take it out of context and run with it, but the response, and what happened over the past 30 days and everything was just shocking,” Parker said.

For Parker to now suggest he was taken out of context is surprising, considering that Parker issued an apology three weeks ago. If Parker were simply taken out of context, he would have nothing to apologize for.

But Parker did apologize, and ESPN has also acknowledged that it was wrong not only to air Parker’s comments but to re-air them on Best of First Take later on the same day that Parker made the comments. The decision to re-air the comments and give them the “best of” seal of approval was not Parker’s, and Parker indicated that ESPN knew even before the program what he planned to say about Griffin.

Asked if ESPN producers knew what Parker would say about Griffin, Parker answered, “Yeah, for the most part.”

“I mean, we had a discussion — a pre-production meeting. Not every single word, but they knew which way we were going and it’s just not off the cuff, obviously,” Parker said.

And it’s the “embrace debate” format of ESPN First Take that Parker said is the reason the show succeeds. Parker said that such comments on a less popular show wouldn’t have yielded such a big controversy.

“It also shows how big and popular a show First Take is,” Parker said.

So while Parker may not be happy about his suspension, his comments show why ESPN likes the attention.

99 responses to “Rob Parker says people took his RG3 comments out of context

  1. how do you take something out of text that the man should have never said for any reason?

  2. Sure we believe you, Rob Parker. Because talking about the fact that RG3 has a white fiancee and whether or not he is a true brother has so many different ways it can be taken.

    Spoken like a true politician: just say your horrible comments were taken out of context; next, of course, you will say they were misconstrued by the media. Why compound your racism with lies?

  3. Shut up Rob and go away. This wonderful young man has done nothing but show class and dignity since being trust in the national spotlight. And because of the way he carries himself, you think he’s a sellout. If anything, you’re the “cornball brother” for your comments.

  4. So calling a terrific kid like RGIII a Cornball and basically calling him a sellout to his race is out of context….Rush Limbaugh will be waiting for his call back from ESPN any day now

  5. What nobody wants to admit is Parker was right, RGIII runs about as fast a white guy these days – his true colors come out, so-to-speak.

    Subway Sandwich Architect: “And you will be having the BLT today, sir?”

    RGIII (in crutches): “And I says EXTRA mayo!”

    And before the haters unload, I kid! I kid!

  6. There’s really no possible way to take that out of context. Parker is just an idiot who said exactly what he meant when he should have left it all in his head.

  7. And who believes him? ESPN would of fired him immediately like we all know if he was white..this is a disgrace

  8. Umm. No. The entire conversation aired and we all have access to it. So we have the full context. Youre a douche bag and have proven what we all already knew: Your apology was BS.

  9. “Out of context”… wut. Are you kidding me? You called out RG3 and berated his name with racist accusations. That’s *literally* what happened.

  10. I don’t agree with only a 30 day suspension so I have imposed a one year “watching” suspension on Parker and any show he is allowed to express his views.

  11. First Take is “big and popular” in the same way Jersey Shore was.

    A “journalist” pandering to the lowest common denominator is nothing to take pride in.

  12. No, it doesn’t show how “big and popular” the show is. It shows how off the wall, arrogant, bigoted and stupid his comments were and usually are. He just doesn’t get it, does he?

    And so long as he doesn’t get it, and so long as he gets a paycheck from ESPN, the latter does not get my viewership.

    In addition, I’m a stockholder of Disney, and I’ve been sending weekly missives there with my candid opinion of Mr. Parker and the POS show on which he spews his venom. At some point they may even respond, with the usual corporatespeak.

  13. This guy needs to shut his piehole and get a job outside of the media. He’d be an outstanding carnival barker.

  14. I got sick of that show awhile back. Maybe I’m in the minority but I hate faux reality screaming matches over the same stuff over and over. If this show is highly rated it shows you more about the mentality of the average person IMO than it does about the quality of the program. Though I love Christian Fauria who is smart and witty and doesn’t shriek all day long, even for him, I can’t take that show.

    Sadly, there really aren’t that many NFL themed shows that give you “REAL” content and have engaging personalities (shameless plug, PFT show is a pretty good one actually, I love me some Kuselias) .

  15. Please stop giving this guy the mic, he’s an idiot. After he makes an ass of himself on national stage, he points the finger back at the public as if WE heard him “wrong”.

    First Take and Parker is a reflection of ESPN and how terrible that organization has become.

  16. Out of context? You couldn’t have sounded more racist if you tried. It’s more insulting that such stupid comments were actually pre-planned/rehearsed/vetted. Why didn’t somebody at ESPN say “uhhh…you do realize you sound like an ignorant biggot, right?” BEFORE they decided to use that junk on-air. ESPN is starting to circle the toilet drain, IYAM.

  17. How can “is he a brother, or is he a cornball brother” be taken out of context??? He is always quick to play that race card.

  18. I do feel a little for Parker. His mistake was not realizing who he was saying these things about. He went after Media God RG3 like the media goes after Tim Tebow.
    HUGE no-no.
    You went after the God worshipped by the people that can crush you.

  19. Insert exact context…

    “My question is, and it’s just a straight, honest question: Is he a brother, or is he a cornball brother,” Parker said. “He’s not really. He’s black, he does his thing, but he’s not really down with the cause.”

    Did I miss something?

  20. I hate to be “that guy” but if a white guy made the same comments everyone would be like, “you remember that dumbass racist guy that used to be on ESPN’s first take?”…

  21. Well he is rude then and an even bigger jerk. I knew his apology wasn’t sincere, but rather something ESPN forced him to do.

    And bringing RG3’s fiance into the discussion was classless and downright distasteful at best. I don’t understand what being in an interracial relationship has to do with not being black enough. I’m in one. Vince Wilfork and Charlie Strong are in one. And those are good men. And so is RG3. It had nothing to do with football and he owes his fiance an apology.

    Big ups to RG3 and his family for taking the high road and not making a big deal out of this when he had every right too.

  22. My eyes automatically roll whenever I read the words “I was taken out of context.”

    You were talking on TV not quoted in a newspaper article.

  23. the good old “taken out of context.” this guy is a pathetic racist and ESPN is a joke for not firing him.

  24. This guy is an idiot. He is the same guy who, when Rod Marinelli was the Head Coach of the lions, asked the head coach after a 42-7 loss to New Orleans

    “……do you wish your daughter would have married a better defensive coordinator?”

    For those who don’t know, Joe Barry was the Defensive Coordinator. Joe Barry is married to Rod’s daughter.

    As a fan who was in favor of new leadership at the time, I felt like Parker crossed the line and showed the reckless questioning and reporting that has corrupted the newspaper and TV.

    Whatever happened to the unwritten rules of journalism? When journalists treated people with respect rather than work relentlessly to show up the men behind the podium just to make a name for themselves.

    Rob Parker is joke and a disgrace to journalism. Has been his entire career.

  25. Out of context huh? That is the default excuse to anyone who says something controversial. Couldn’t be cause Parker is racist against white people could it?

  26. Rob Parker is trash, and so is the network that (currently, at least) employs him.

  27. Do future sports fans a favor and call espn- I remember when I was a kid watching nonstop highlights- now we get Tebow talk from skip and whatever anti white thing guys like Rob Parker or Stephen a smith feel the need to push

  28. Back-peddling like a champ. Trying to save face with some risky PR, ie claiming he was taken out of context when he knows damn well he meant exactly what he said. This guy is a fool.

  29. You, Mr Parker are the real idiot here if you think for one minute that anyone buys your “taken out of context” BS. First you call us stupid, then you – actually, someone far more intelligent and articulate than you – issued an apology. Now you tell us it was taken out of context? Furthermore are you that epically stupid to think that everyone that took issue with your ignorant comments actually watches your pathetic show? That’s laughable and shows just how delusional you and your employer are. Enjoy your gig on ESPN while it lasts because no network with any real journalistic integrity would hired an incompetent fool like you.

  30. This guys a joke. A forced apology by ESPN and contradicting comments makes this guy look so fake and pathetic. Rob parker is a racist scumbag and he can’t keep his story straight because he’s a liar. I’d say he ate a lot of paste and paint chips as a child. Why he was not fired still baffles me… Then again the fact that the rooney rule still exists baffles me as well. Reverse racism at its finest.

  31. This guy’s just asking to get fired. Can’t believe he’s still employed. He has no journalistic skills and his past history should tell future employers to stay away from this hack. Before you know it, he will be writing obituary columns for a middle of nowhere publication.

  32. What you mean is that you can’t believe that you can’t say whatever you feel like in regards to race and get a free pass because you are a black man.
    Well, now you have a small inkling of what white people go through on a daily basis, except what you said actually was blatantly racist. The atitude that if a black person tries to be successful he is not authentically black, is exactly the reason blacks are held down. Held down by other blacks so they don’t have to feel like they should do anything for themselves.

  33. Who watches First Take anyway? I’d rather watch 4 hours of Burn Notice that 4 minutes of Steven AY. Smith and the annoying old guy debating Tim Tebow’s capabilities. They should use that whole show as a torture device at Gitmo.

  34. How do you know this show is a success? When you consider the population of this country, very few people are watching this crap. However, Disney has decided it’s popular and successful and that’s what they tell their viewers and shareowners until it becomes true. The saddest thing is, your readers piss and moan here about ESPN, but they watch it all day, every day.

    Stop watching that crap.

  35. I know it’s really en vogue to advocate thought policing these days, but all this outrage isn’t really necessary.

    RG3 is a huge name, and pitchman Reebok and Subway. If RG3 really cared about this and wanted this guy gone, he would be gone. He could call ESPN, inform them that he was done doing any interviews with them until this guy was gone, talked to Reebok and Subway, who buy a ridiculous number of commercials and have them exert pressure on ESPN as well. ESPN would have gladly parted ways with this guy, it’s not like he’s Trey Wingo or SVP and they have tons invested in him.

    Since none of that happened, I can only assume RG3 didn’t really care about what this fool said. And if the guy that was the subject of the comments doesn’t care, I have a hard time seeing why I should be full of outrage and anger over them.

  36. So many people use the term “out of context” & don’t really know what it means & use this excuse inappropriately. I give athletes a pass but as a reporter, Parker should know better. The whole segment was aired & is still available. Parker actually established the context. Idiot.

  37. What news when a sports show commentator points the finger that someone took a statement out of context. You said it now live up to it. ESPN has shown it is a back padder anymore and won’t stand up to anyone especially when a racial overtone is concerned. Their shows really have no substance to them, don’t believe it just watch FIRST TAKE and you see the direction each show is TAKEN.

  38. “big and popular?” I’d never even heard of this show before this moron opened his mouth.

  39. It’s too bad no one asked him what his context was. I suspect he doesn’t know what the word really means and it would have been interesting to see him shown to be more of a fool.

    But then that would have required some journalistic skills, as opposed to someone thinking they are a reporter because they repeat what someone said.

  40. taken out of context? He was given a month to make up some BS excuse and that’s the best he can come up with? He seems like he has the mental capacity of a 7 year old. That;s reason enough to keep him off ESPN.

  41. And now he should be fired.

    He was given a 3o day suspension after his apology. In my book, saying later that you were “taken out of context” constitutes a rescission of that apology.

    Thus, ESPN should rescind their suspension and replace it with a termination.

  42. Will someone please tell this idiot it isn’t possible to be taken out of context when you say it on a TV show?? A real journalist would know that. He is a racist…and one of the worst kinds, because he attacked a fellow African American. In the past, ESPN has fired white men who made racist comments. A 30 day suspension is not acceptable. PERIOD.

  43. Say something stupid: check.
    Public Relation Firm’s apology: check
    30 day vacation: check
    Contends we the public take things out of context: check.

    Not really surprised at all, by Parker. Shock columnists knows which buttons to push to illicit a response. That is why we are here(on a forum) to give them (Parker, Bayless, et al.) the attention, they so desire. It’s all about the Nielsen meter. How to move the needle.

    Controversy sells. You will get the folks who love to watch the show (Springer audience). You get the folks who can’t stand it. Watch it as well, to see what other things the big oafs will say next.

    The H.R. department at the mother ship is as useless, as a man with severe tonsillitis at a hot dog eating contest. Look at how long they kept Salisbury employed, after his cell phone hijinks. Any normal place, he would have been fired with cause like Rob the Village Idiot.

  44. So, rather than own up to his poor decisions, this guy tries to con everyone into dismissing his faux pax as our fault, for somehow confusing what he had to say because it was “out of context.” What this moron tries to do is add insult to injury and to everyone else’s intelligence in a vain attempt to con his way out of his racist remarks.

    Why he still has a job remains a mystery. Racist remarks should not be tolerated in the 21st Century regardless of the race of the speaker.

  45. wow .. how dumb is this guy? out of context? you can only take printed words out of context .. perhaps some spoken words.

    but this was a video .. we all have seen the full video .. so what ‘context’ is he talking about?

  46. Credit Parker only for parlaying his inarticulate, insightless and immature act to a level of dubious prominence on a network that has eschewed focus on edgy, honorable journalism in favor of bombast and b.s.. Parker’s sorry act once sullied the pages and airwaves of Detroit media and routinely brought embarrassment to his various employers. Although Parker aspires to the role of cultural gadfly, he doesn’t have the talent to get any further than household pest. One can only hope that 2013 will finally bring burial to a career that began rotting soon after it hatched.

  47. Apparently, some people don’t understand the term, “out of context.” It should apply when some words are lifted out of the whole and reprinted or rebroadcast in such a way that truly changes the context of the discussion. Rob Parker (and others) really mean “you don’t get me.” Yeah, we do.

  48. Fire him! If he was white he would have been fired immediately… you can’t argue that! There should be no double standards…

  49. Does anyone really care what Parker says?Heck we should be talking about how stupid Mike Shananigans is leaving his franchise QB in too long,when he had a healthy Cousins on the sideline.

  50. This guy is over the top stupid! he not only didn’t have enough sense to keep his racist mouth shut the first time, he’s now stumbling over the same mistake again! What kind of idiots run ESPN that this hasn’t been put behind us?

  51. “I can’t believe it, Parker said. I mean, looking back at some of the comments, I can see how some people can take it out of context and run with it, but the response, and what happened over the past 30 days and everything was just shocking,” Parker said.

    You can’t believe it, but you understand after reading it how bad it sounds but yet your still shock people was upset?? Ok

  52. Taken out of context… on a television broadcast? Come on now that’s stretching common sense past the breaking point. White guys have been fired for less racist comments.

    Rob Parker is a no good piece of work. ESPN should fire him and he should be banished from any job that is related to sports… even cleaning the puke off the stadium floor after a Raiders game is too good for him.

    Parker has had several chances to tone is racist act down without success. Face it Rob you have diarrhea of the mouth and you can’t control what comes out of your pie hole.

  53. No, we didn’t take you out of context. You took the question out of context. My god, you took a question that was about why RGIII wouldn’t want to be seen as ONLY a black QB, and questioned his authenticity.

    Disgrace. I like FirstTake, because I think it’s actually funny. This is below the bar of that show’s low standards.

  54. Parker still has no clue about the consequences of his own statements. He is not alone, in fact this subject would be a good one to open up on. It is a reverse racism, a cultural pressure, from school, to sports and politics today. The assumption for example, that all blacks should vote democrat. It is the same thing, and many folks are just oblivious to the stereotyping.

    This kind of talk, attitude has become common, and it is not cool. Opening up about this issue could be a good thing.

  55. ESPN is telling us that we have to accept people like this if we want to be blessed with their great perspective on sports. It’s time for the monopoly to end. Let’s have some real and genuine competition in sports news.

  56. How does one take a SPECIFIC comment / point of view such as this one out of context?! Where is the nuance in that statement? Time was passing without further incident, and fading from the scene. All attention is now on RG3 and whether he should have been pulled or not, and Parker opens up the controversy yet AGAIN, bringing the spotlight in his direction one more time. I do not think he is authentically clever do this.

  57. Do yourself a favor and quit, Parker. You’ve got zero respect and zero credibility.
    And that train’s gone and left the station for good.

  58. Parker is a racist. It is clear to everyone but ESPN is too scared to take a stance against him. If this had been ANY white guy, ESPN would have canned him in a minute. Incredible and disgraceful.

  59. A racist has been exposed as a racist. It’s blatant. But ESPN gives him a slap on the wrist instead of firing him. They fired Rush Limbaugh and all he said was that the league is desirous of top notch black QBs. The double standard is as ugly as Mr. Parker’s comments.

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