Seahawks to look at kickers with Hauschka ailing


Defensive end Chris Clemons wasn’t the only member of the Seahawks to pick up an injury in Sunday’s victory over the Redskins.

Kicker Steven Hauschka injured his left calf during the game, which limited him to extra points and field goals while punter Jon Ryan handled kickoffs. Ryan was also practicing field goals at one point on the sideline although the Seahawks never had to give him a try as Hauschka was able to make all the kicks he tried.

According to Ed Werder of ESPN, that the team is taking steps to make sure they’re covered in the event Hauschka can’t kick against the Falcons next weekend. Werder reports that Ryan Longwell and Neil Rackers are among the group of kickers that will be trying out for the Seahawks this week as the team lines up other options.

Hauschka hit 24-of-27 field goals and 46-of-48 extra points (both misses were blocked) this season.

20 responses to “Seahawks to look at kickers with Hauschka ailing

  1. Hauschka was a warrior Sunday.. give it up for the Kickers to quietly handle business… Announcers didn’t even notice Ryan kicking off…fools

  2. Hawks will just go for 2 every time.

    Hawks 64
    Falcons 9

    Already looking forward to going to Green Bay to destroy the whiners known as the cheese-heads. That Aaron fellow looks pretty short…..

  3. Even if you make it past Atlanta(which is doubtful) you won’t have the scab refs to give you the game in Green Bay this time around!

  4. What if the 49ers released Akers this week, only for Seattle to pick him up and have him kick against his old team in the NFC championship?
    Even if they did cut Akers Seattle can’t sign him. You can’t sign anyone that was on a roster when week 17 ended. Just like nobody can sign Jacobs, but I’m sure good ol Pete the cheat would give it a try and probably get the league to look the other way

  5. Don’t need the scab refs — they blew calls against the Hawks that game too — game should have ended 7-6, but a phantom PI and another replay reversal (worst call of the game) gave the pack a gift TD.

    That little short fellow that plays QB for the green team will be on his back the entire game. Time to let Irvin loose.

    Go Hawks!

  6. Better than Billy Cundiff

    I’ll take consistency at 40 yards over a potential headcase that can hit 55

  7. chawk12thman says:
    Jan 7, 2013 6:10 PM
    Josh Brown not available? Wasn’t he on a game to game contract?

    27 3


    Nope, I believe that since the season ended with him on the bengals he’s a Bengal until they release him or free agency begins.

  8. @seattlecoug

    I always feel the need to comment when Seattle fans call other fan bases whiners. Isnt it Seahawk fans who to this day still blame the refs for a Super Bowl loss? C’mon look in the mirror.

  9. I am a true Hawks fan..And it is way past time to put XL 40 away. Seattle blamed the refs for the bad calls though.. not the Steelers..

  10. glastron1… read the NFL rule book on what is a catch, if you can read. The catch was legit. Jennings wasn’t smart enough to just bat the ball away.

  11. @citynative — nope, not me….. the Hawks lost the Super Bowl to the Steelers b/c they gave up a 75 yard TD run and choked in the red zone. The Hawks marched that day from 20 to 20, but just couldn’t get it done in the red zone. Sure, the holding call was questionable as well as the push off in the end zone…. but that isn’t the reason the Hawks lost.

    Now, if you want to talk about the worst call ever — that would be the Testeverde TD by the Jets in ’98 that cost the Hawks a playoff birth and got Dennis Erickson fired. That call brought replay back and is the worst call in NFL history. He got tackled at the 2 and they called it a TD. That was nuts.

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