Seahawks weren’t worried about Lynch’s response to fumble


Seahawks running back Marshawn Lynch has gained so many tough yards, scored so many big touchdowns, the surprise was when he fumbled in the third quarter of last night’s playoff win.

But though he didn’t say much after the game, his teammates said they weren’t concerned about the turnover.

“One thing about 24,” fullback Michael Robinson said, via Danny O’Neil of the Seattle Times.”You don’t ever have to worry about his mindset.”

Seahawks coach Pete Carroll said Lynch was “too tough to let something like that bother him,” and he certainly showed that down the stretch.

Lynch came back to score the game-winning touchdown (following a block by quarterback Russell Wilson), and gained 99 of his 132 yards in the second half.

Washington had only allowed teams to rush for 150 yards twice in the regular season, but the Seahawks did that in the second half alone, wearing down the Redskins for 224 for the game.

Lynch was the main part of that, and the way he got better as the night wore on was impressive, averaging 2.5 yards per carry in the first quarter, but gradually increasing from 4.7 in the second to 7.7 in the third and 8.8 per attempt in the fourth.

“I feel like he ran the hell out of the ball,” center Max Unger said.

Lynch didn’t talk to reporters after the game, but a team spokesman sent out a statement about Wilson’s block: “It was cool. He made a good play. I appreciate it.”

And they appreciate the way he continues to run, regardless of a momentary setback.

20 responses to “Seahawks weren’t worried about Lynch’s response to fumble

  1. Did anyone see the fumble he scooped up and ran it for 18 yards to get the first down? Impressive! That is why they weren’t concerned when he fumbled.

  2. The guy is a beast and is easily one of the best RB’s in the league today. As a Cowboys fan, it scares me whenever my team has to face this guy because there is rarely a team that can control him. Congrats on taking the team on your back Lynch. You deserve this win.

  3. Game could of been worse! Only thing that should of been taken from this article! Not to mention the last two drives were we ran the clock out! Hey Smart one commenting about Pete not giving Money Lynch the ball enough. Who ‘s the offensive coordinator?

  4. Now I understand why he doesn’t talk to AssHat reporters. This whole article is a passive agressive attempt at depicting Lynch as someone who is a liability or not holding his own yesterday. Are you serious? He was a stud. He had the play that saved the entire game by coming out of nowhere and taking that fumble for a 1st down. Anyone would have lost the ball on his fumble run when a defender got his hat on the ball.

  5. He is a Beast and a class act. He always gets stronger as the game wears on. The Hawks came out throwing on their first series. They probably should have established the run. Fortunately, The Beast took over when the game was on the line.

  6. Beware the Beast. The Beast will be tireless. The Beast will be relentless. Those that dare try to stop The Beast shall be crushed under the inexorable resolve that defines the very nature of his existence. The Beast of the Empire shall strike fear in those who would stop him. Behold BEAST MODE and the beginning of THE SEAHAWKS EMPIRE.

  7. It was awesome to see Wilson blocking all the way down the field. I hope they win it all, it’d be nice to see a different team get in instead of the same ones every year.

  8. Lynch wears defenses down and his vision, quick feet and power have had him as a top 3 back since he’s come to Seattle. That fumble was a great defensive play with them getting push up the middle and helmet straight on the ball. Beast Mode carried the ball 300 times and had 2 fumbles lost all season (one of them a debatable one against the Bears). I love that he doesn’t do interviews with all these jokers.

  9. Earlier this year RGIII ran downfield to block for Alfred Morris and he got criticized for being reckless. Now, Russell Wilson does the same thing and he is hailed as a hero for it. smh

  10. skinsfaninnebraska says:
    Jan 7, 2013 12:27 PM
    Earlier this year RGIII ran downfield to block for Alfred Morris and he got criticized for being reckless. Now, Russell Wilson does the same thing and he is hailed as a hero for it. smh


    I would have agreed with you but Wilson was doing it in the playoffs…different story

  11. hehateme2 says:Jan 7, 2013 11:00 AM

    Dolphins controled him just fine. Also, won the game.

    Talk about grasping at straws

  12. A guy who runs like Lynch, and makes as much contact as he does, and is as VIOLENT a runner as he is, is going to fumble every once in a while. I mean, the helmet of a falling defender hit the ball square on….that’s the kind of thing that’s bound to happen with 300+ carries a year.

    Not like he’s Wendell Tyler, who held the ball out away from his body and invited it to be stripped. Lynch is excellent at taking care of the ball, but when you run like he does, stuff will happen.

  13. I went to the game and it was my first time seeing Lynch live and I don’t think there’s a back that runs harder and more violently for every yard like Lynch. Watching it on TV is one thing live is another. It’s almost like when I first saw Shaq live. Seeing him on TV and going that dudes big is one thing. Seeing him in the flesh was a whole nother level. The dude was MASSIVE.

  14. hehateme2 says:Jan 7, 2013 11:00 AM

    Dolphins controled him just fine. Also, won the game.


    I bet they’re still reminding themselves of that as they watch the playoffs at home…

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