Trent Williams, Richard Sherman make peace


After the conclusion of Sunday’s Seahawks-Redskins game, Washington left tackle Trent Williams put a hand in the face of Seattle cornerback Richard Sherman.

Williams later expressed remorse for his conduct.

“Just high emotions, man, and, you know, I let them get the best of me. It is nobody’s fault but mine,” Williams told reporters, via

“I’ve got to calm down a little bit.  It is just when you lose a game like this with high intensity, you are on edge and I reacted in an immature manner,” Williams said.  “I am taught better than that.  [I’ve] just got to be better.  It takes a big man to walk away and next time I just have to be a bigger man.”

Williams later was the bigger man, sending a text message to Sherman apologizing for the gesture.  Sherman said he was “very surprised” by what happened, and that he anticipates the NFL will handle the situation properly.

Though Sherman apparently was running his mouth throughout (and possibly after) the game, there’s a line that shouldn’t be crossed.  Williams crossed it, and we respect him for acknowledging that.

85 responses to “Trent Williams, Richard Sherman make peace

  1. I wouldn’t apologize to him. The juiced-out freak can’t even come close to controlling himself, he’s so hyped on performance-enhancing dope. But one of these games, the Seattle drug freaks will run into a team that knows how to handle substance abusers.

  2. Classy move by Williams. Sherman running his mouth after the game shows a complete lack of class. Act like you’ve been there before and don’t kick a man or team when he or they are down.

    Keep your chin up and move on to Atlanta. Try to grow up along the way.

  3. A mistake we all could make, yet a mature response. Sherman not accepting the apology sure seems like someone who can dish it out but can’t take it.

    Go Ravens.

  4. Don’t want him yapping all game? Actually beat him once or twice. But when he completely locks you up, suck it up buttercup. This is football, not Sunday afternoon tea.

  5. I know about 80k other folks who would have gladly helped Mr Sherman shut his big yapper. He’s a loudmouth and a troublemaker who should have been suspended anyway. He will get caught eventually. The kind of player I hate, lots of talent but a bad winner.

  6. just trying to knock that fine amount down a little….. if you’re going to be such a tough guy (while wearing a helmet), own up to it and say you did it on purpose.. don’t sugar coat it and tell everyone what they want to hear..

  7. It’s great that they reconciled, but Williams need to control himself and Sherman need to learn to be learn sportsmanship.

  8. Logicalvoice you are an embarrassment to Redskins fans everywhere. I had no problem with the skins until reading your delusional posts throughout the year. Now they are almost as bad as the cowboys in my opinion.

  9. I just love how the Seattle players and fans talk about the Redskins lack off class. Especially after Irvin shoved an obviously ailing RG3 to the ground ten seconds after the second Redskins touchdown play ended – the ultimate cheap shot – and after a Seahawks player escapes juicing charges on a technicality. Yeah, the Seahawks have class.

    Hawks, enjoy your first road playoff victory since Reagan was President. Next week, Atlanta will ground you guys into a fine powder.

  10. But Seattle fans will say that Sherman is good and can back his talk, so it’s okay “he’s just confident”.

    But if it was another player from another team then it would be “classes”.

  11. sooo many crybabies crying about sherman “running his mouth”.. he is backing it up when it matters.. on the other hand,
    de’angelo hall is out there running his mouth just as much minus the backing it up on the field part..

  12. logicalvoicesays says:
    Jan 7, 2013 9:40 AM
    Trent Williams and the Washington Redskins were screwed by the National Fixed League last night period.

    Illogical, even you have to admit that you are scraping at the bottom of the barrel. Maybe you’re still nauseated by your teams performance yesterday. Go get some fresh air for a few hours. Trust me, you will be back to trolling in no time, giving us “logical” illogicals!

    And it needs to be said: Helluva effort by Bob Griffin, and from all Hawks fans, “Get better soon RG3!”

  13. I love all the anti Sherman comments. Its the NFL. Players talk. Its not a lack of class, And get over the lack of a drug suspension for him thats the past. Quit crying and move on.

  14. After DeAngelo Hall trashed talked all week against the Seahawks, it is crazy Redskin fans even mention Sherman talking trash AFTER the game.

    Much smarter to do since doesn’t Hall look foolish about now. I knew Sherman’s Stanford degree would come in handy.

    Redskin’s Hall started it, Sherman finished it.

  15. Redskins have the same kind of player in deangelo hall,

    Hes just talking, dont let that get to your head, he wants you to do that. Trents going to get fined and probally suspended

  16. As this poorly-written screed (checks: yup, Florio himself wrote it) fails to note, Williams went looking for Sherman after the game in the first place. He instigated the whole thing.

    I know that the moronic commentariat here loves to pass judgment on anyone and anything without knowing what they’re talking about, so I shouldn’t be surprised, but I still expect better for some reason.

    Redskin fans are the worst, and so is their team, and I had no ill will for them before this game. But geez, they could be an even worse team and fanbase than the 49ers, and those idiots are the bottom of the barrel.

  17. All the hate on Sherman and the Seahawks. Fact is one team lost and another is moving on. Enjoy the long winter in D.C. because the Nationals are going to come back down to earth, Ovie does not want to play there, and oh yeah the Redskins got a beat down last night.

  18. Sherman’s act is to follow each game with a Headline generating confrontation until someone drills him.

    All he said to Williams was, “You and your gimp quarterback Mad Bro?!”

    He’s lucky he has any teeth left.

    What is the fine for knocking out a guys teeth?

  19. Personally, I LOVE guys like Richard Sherman. This is football & I want a defense full of guys like Sherman who talk trash to get under your skin & then back it up with intense, physical play. I especially love it when these guys are defensive backs & if he was on your team you’d love it too. Receivers get way too much leeway with DBs these days & look around for a flag everytime they don’t catch a pass. So when a DB can shut you down & tell you about it while doing it I think it makes it more fun to watch.

    Everyone started hating him when he was trash talking the golden boy Tom Brady, even though Brady was the one who started that whole mess. Brady talks more trash than almost anyone & yet no one tells him to act like he’s been there before.

    And save the PED, roid raging crap. This is the NFL & 75% of those guys are on it anyway.

  20. “By the way, it’s comical that Sherman, of all people, is looking to the league to discipline a player, isn’t it?”

    The Seahawks’ team motto should be: “I’d like some steroids with my Starbucks.”

  21. No reason to hit a guy, but Sherman is mouthy. Jawing before or during the game is one thing, but after the game or on twitter is too much. The mouthy guys in the league usually get what’s coming to them at some point. It’s far better to act classy in the end.

  22. Sherman runnig his mouth after winning the game was completely classless. He deserved to get his a$$ kicked.

  23. Whoa folks.. I am a Seattle fan, and I think Sherman had it coming. He has a huge mouth, a massive ego and gets under people’s skin. He has a chip on his shoulder, plain and simple. That being said, its just a game. A game where he strikes the nerves of opposing players. As long as he backs up his smack talk, let it go.
    Its about winning the game, with or without class

  24. Funny I don’t see any of the Washington fans bringing up the fact that Deangelo Hall was running his mouth all game and repeatedly doing so after being beaten.

    And Logical Voices I say again. For weeks you’ve been saying the RGIII was god’s chosen one and that he would make sure that the Redskins won the Super Bowl. Are you now saying that the guys who run the NFL are more powerful than god ?

  25. Sherman only avoided getting suspended because of a technicality.

    It’s kind of like a criminal being released because the cops forgot to read him his Miranda rights. You know he’s guilty, but because someone screwed up the procedure he gets to walk.

    Sooner or later it tends to catch up with them, though.

  26. Not a Seattle fan, but I love watching them play and I love the makeup of their team; however, if you talk smack to a guy with 60 pounds on you before/during/after a game, shouldn’t you expect at least a mild hand to the face reaction? Sherman sounds pouty when he should sound triumphant: a hand to the face means you accomplished your goal of getting under the other guy’s skin.

    Own what you are, Mr. Sherman. Just own it and continue entertaining us.

  27. Doesn’t the apology have to be accepted in order for peace to be made? And how is Sherman “suprised” that someone finally did what millions around the world would have loved to do? It was long overdue.

  28. What a bunch of Sherman haters….. Dude is a beast and if he were on your team…. You would love him….. I know I wish he was a Raider!
    Adderal is a mind enhancing drug… Not a physical body enhancement drug like roids….action-reaction……

  29. Williams should have shown that aggression on the field and maybe he wouldn’t have been so butt-hurt afterward. He might have been more effective if he’d just laid down and pretended to be a speed bump on every play. You guys that are criticizing Sherman for trash talking have obviously never played a down of organized football at any level.

  30. Ironic how nothing is being said about the possibility that Trent Williams might have started the argument that resulted in him pushing Richard Sherman’s face. I find it hilarious that everyone is referring to Sherman as the cheater here, when he appealed, the ruling was overturned, and the other guy in the conversation, Trent Williams, failed drug tests up to 10 times over the last two years. Suddenly, Trent Williams is some angelic figure, and could have done nothing wrong in this case. Wouldn’t Williams say something about what Richard Sherman said, if he felt he had a reason to do that. Wouldn’t he at least say, “he got in my face and started talking trash, and I over reacted to it”? He took 100% of the responsibility, and impolite nothing about Richard Sherman being out of line when the two approached each other. Now, do I think that every word out of Sherman’s mouth in the conversation was nice? Of course not. But it’s entirely possible that he approached Williams to shake his hand, Williams said something Chippy, and then Richard Sherman fired back. Let’s stop pretending that Williams has no track record, and couldn’t possibly have been out of line here to begin with. What was said? What did Richard Sherman say? We would have some idea of this, if it was really that bad, because Williams would’ve taken the opportunity to let everybody know.

  31. Both teams were chippy the whole game and Williams was always involved (Unless it was Browner mauling Moss or Garcon by himself). Do you people really believe that Sherman was the only one talking trash after the game?

    But ya, he was obviously talking trash because he was a “juiced out freak”. Please….

  32. How can anyone say Williams crossed the line? This was another “you mad bra?” act by Sherman! Its fine to talk during the game, but when the game is over, let the scoreboard do the talking and keep your mouth shut. Williams should have head-butted Sherman with his helmet! You don’t run your mouth after the game!

  33. How about Browner using Garcon’s face mask as a shimmy. Jeez that guy couldn’t go two plays without molesting Garcon.
    You’re an idiot Garcon did the same thing and was pissing off Browner all game long, do you hear us complain like you do to Sherman. Deangelo Hall was being an idiot and doesn’t have any class at all and all you guys are bashing the Seahawks. Funny how he shutdown your wide receivers all game long. Stop complaining and live with it your QB won’t even last 5 years in this league.

  34. I’m trying to be objective about this.

    Sure, Sherman should run his mouth a little less. But he backs it up.

    While he won his appeal on a technicality. It was enough to conclusively proof doubt. There is quite a bit of doubt、He hardly looks like a roids guy. If anything, it was probably an adderal type of thing.

    And were there any Redskins suspended this year? Innocent conviction?

  35. Is there a bigger A-hole in the NFL right now that Richard Sherman?

    I’d hate to see what Legarette Blount woulda done to him!

  36. Before you all go crazy calling Richard Sherman classless check the link in the article. Sherman’s the one who tweeted he received a “classy” apology from Williams, calling Williams a “great player.” Yeah real classless on Sherman’s part.

  37. A couple of notes on yesterday, 1st) Sherman needs to get picked off a couple piles by a red a$$ o-lineman or two. The more he gets hit the less he’ll want to talk and 2nd) If Russell Wilson is lead blocking, next time forget about the ball carrier and blast him into the ground.

  38. Props to Seattle they came in out house and got the job done. Williams and Sherman was all emotions getting in the way of good judgement. It happens a lot in football. This was an amazing season for the Skins and it rejuvenated our proud fanbase. Worst to First is something to build on. HTTR!!! And good luck to the remaining teams and fans I love the NFL !!!

  39. You fools should know better than to take Florio at face value. He’s trying to stir up you scorned Redskin and anti Seahawk fans to mislead you into hating Sherman even more. He’s been doing it all year and you’re just buying right in. Here’s Sherman’s twitter response to Williams’ apology…

    “Received a very classy text from @TrentW71. Great player! This is an emotional game no ill will either way. Have a great Pro Bowl! Well deserved”

    All you Sherman haters need to get a grip. Williams wouldn’t have apologized if he didn’t know he was in the wrong. And Sherman’s response was all class. Quit being hypocritical. I didn’t see Sherman talking trash all game. Deangelo Hall on the other hand? He was talking before getting burned, while getting burned, and after getting burned.

  40. All these old dudes probably didn’t even watch the game. Sherman locked down his side of the ball and Redskins were talking tough after every play even when big plays made on them (Hall, Williams, etc.). Wasn’t Williams suspended himself last year for drug use? Well Sherman wasn’t…All the trolls can keep talking, he’s going to remain best cover corner for years to come. Youngest team in football on to the next round. Go Hawks!

  41. lol… seems to me the only one that had any “rage” going on was Williams… And it is also kind of hypocritical for ANY Skins fan to have a problem with anyone talking trash when you have DeAngelo Hall on your team… that dude talks more sh*t then anyone…

  42. Oh yeah all the Skin fans complaining about their WR getting held don’t know anything about football. Seahawks fell back in zone, playing off coverage and not man to man (or press coverage) respecting RG3’s running ability so the scheme the CB’s were there for run support. Their WR’s getting rag dolled to the ground after the play just says don’t try pick a fight with a CB that can put you in the dirt.

  43. He tried calling the Patriots a “gimmick offense” — the same offense that now ranks #1 and #2 for points in a season ever — when we scored 23 on them, had a tipped ball pick in the end zone and ran out of time at the 5 yard line before the half.

    Pats blew a 23-10 lead in the 4th quarter, but could have easily had 37 on the board against that D IN Seattle. Wouldn’t mind the chance to shut this guy up in New Orleans.

  44. I think it’s funny all these Washington fans say he’s “food raging.” You do all realize that he tested positive for aderal……it doesn’t make you rage. It actually calms you down which helps you focus. They give it to kids who have a.d.d.

  45. So people loved Deion Sanders (primetime) for running his mouth, but throw hate at the Stanford grad, Richard Sherman, for similar behavior? Explain this to me.

    Oh, sour grapes? Thanks.

    The Redskins could have shut him up by beating Richard Sherman on a threw routes. Guess that didn’t work out for the home team.

  46. I need to get a Trent Williams Jersey. Sherman Helmsly open his big mouth and Trent filled it with a well timed knuckle sandwich. The beautiful part was Shermonator was all talk. I think America clapped as Sherman ran into that right hook just like Pacquao did. HTTR!!!!

  47. titansbro says:
    Jan 7, 2013 10:21 AM
    Everyone started hating him when he was trash talking the golden boy Tom Brady, even though Brady was the one who started that whole mess. Brady talks more trash than almost anyone & yet no one tells him to act like he’s been there before.
    TB said NOTHING to Sherman. Sherman was yapping all day and even he pretty much admitted that TB actually SAID nothing to him. He said TB looked at the scoreboard in response (because the Pats were winning at the time) and “the look on his face” was such and such. He said nothing to Sherman before or after the game. Do I mind some trash talk? No it’s normal…and if players lose their heads due to it, that’s on them. But I’m not a fan of crowing it to the media. Keep it on the field.

  48. New Flash: most NFL players talk trash, I know, shocking. Sherman just happens to get covered more because he take shots at the big boys i.e. Brady. Hall talks a lot, yet he doesn’t back it up, Sherm does. As for you Redskins fans, how’s that crow, or a seachicken as you call it taste? 24 unanswered huh? You guys (who sound like 12 year old girls after being dumped, on here crying about Sherman) have a talented team and a bright future, take the loss, get healthy, come back next season a year better.
    P.S. to whom ever said Shermn couldn’t accept the apology, get some facts. Sherman tweeted last night that he received the text from Williams and accepts his apology, says its no big deal. Don’t let the media get your head screwed.
    Go Hawks!

  49. Those that think sherm has a loud mouth are right, he does, but sherm knows exactly what he is doing. He just does that to get into the other players head, not to be mean, and as you can see, it works. Just ask Brady.

  50. Sherman said that Williams came up and tapped him on the shoulder, and told him that he wanted to take a swing at him.

    Sherman replied, “Swing then.”

    Who started it?

  51. I call Him Sherman Helmsley cause he had a loud mouth too. I talk plenty of trash but when the game is over show class shake hands no hard feelings. It’s all in the heat of battle. Where Shermon went wrong was talking smack after the game like he won the super bowl. So yes the knuckle sandwich courtesy of Trent Williams was bound to happen.

  52. Thats how the Seahawks roll. Did you see Moss get hit when he got beat?

    He grabbed his feet while Moss jumped, before the ball got there. No flag..

    Just wondering whats worse. A flag for a tug on a WR away from the play {Hall on the Hawks WR} or a hit at the feet of a WR before the ball gets there because he was beaten?

  53. We know who the rookie of the year is now don’t we? All the hype on number 1 and 2 pick. Well number 75 is still in and they’re not.. Haha..RWIII..

  54. I live in Seattle and I am a Seahawk season ticket holder and I have had enough of Sherman’s talk…don’t get me wrong he is a great player but the guy needs to act like he’s been there before. As for the idiot that is claiming the Redskins were screwed, I don’t get it. How exactly is losing by 10 points screwed by the NFL?

  55. @uvmcatamounts

    at least get your facts correct. Sherman later tweeted he didn’t hold anything against Williams: “Received a very classy text from @TrentW71. Great player! This is an emotional game no ill will either way. Have a great Pro Bowl! Well deserved.”

  56. I love the Seahawk bully swagger.

    Every team we’ve beat this season, all their fans come on PFT crying about what coulda shoulda been. Crying about our mean nasty poor-sport secondary and how they mug people. Crying about bad calls. Crying about running up the score. Crying about their loss.

    Seattle is the nastiest most physical team in the NFL. They win games because they continue to punch teams in the mouth for ALL 4 quarters. Bring on any and all challengers. The Seahawks will beat them down on their way to the Super Bowl.

  57. Unfortunately, this story hasn’t been, and probably won’t be updated, to reflect Sherman’s side of the story as to what happened (which is now public), nor does it detail Sherman’s respectful tweet back to Trent Williams.

    NFL TMZ.

  58. Good for you Trent. You’re the first of about 10 sports stories today that won’t end with tagging you as a loser. Keep up the good work and keep competing at your best and good luck next year!

  59. I’m so glad so many of you hate Sherman. Better get used to it. He’s only in his second year and only getting better. Part of his game is getting you off yours and it works. And I can’t wait to see how ticked u get when he’s named all pro this year.

  60. These comments crack me up. What a bunch of excuse makers and haters. Seattle has never been respected for their talent. Bring it on Packers. We would love another chance to make you cry. All of you using this “drug” issue are pathetic. Live in the now. Your team lost, get over it. Bunch of babies.

  61. Garcon Smack talked more than any of them. Oh, but he didn’t win so we can’t fault him. If anyone deserved a smack to the face it was him.

  62. Last December, Redskins tackle Trent Williams and tight end Fred Davis were suspended four games each for their most recent violations of the league’s substance-abuse policy. Unlike the steroids policy, which metes out a four-game suspension for a first offense, a four-game suspension occurs only after multiple failed tests or missed tests or other violations

    Why are we talking about Sherman again? Oh yeah, cuz we won! GO HAWKS!

  63. Hitting someone while you have your helmet on?? Sounds like a tough guy to me. If that was DeAngelo Hall that got smacked up by Russell Okung you skins fans would wet your pants.

    And PLEASE get over Sherman’s PED issue..did ANY of you notice a guy named Cedric Griffin running around last night?

  64. Richard Sherman was Mic’d up for the game. If you listen to the actually conversation. Trent taps him and then says i outta hit you in the face. Sherman replied what? do it. and then Trent hit him.

    Sorry Redskin fans. But maybe you could show a little class. Dont make an argument if you dont know the facts.

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