With coach and QB set, Stephen Ross confident in Dolphins’ future


Dolphins owner Stephen Ross says that for the first time since he bought the franchise five years ago, he’s confident that the team is heading in the right direction.

Ross told reporters that first-year coach Joe Philbin and rookie quarterback Ryan Tannehill showed him enough in their first seasons in Miami that Ross now believes the team can go the rest of the way toward title contention.

The two biggest ingredients in a winning team are your coach – and I think we have our head coach – and second is a quarterback you can build around,” Ross said. “This is a quarterback-centric league, and you see every great team that is there consistently has a quarterback. I think we have our quarterback. Once you are there, it is a lot easier, I think, to put the building blocks around them.”

Ross said that when he bought the Dolphins, the team was really run first and foremost by Bill Parcells, and Ross was a hands-off owner. Now Parcells is gone and Ross is feeling more confident about taking a hands-on approach.

“This is really the first time I’ve really gotten involved,” Ross said. “I didn’t select the people that were here before. I was handed a situation that, for one, I was kind of pinned to the wall. I have a lot of respect for Bill, but I didn’t put together that organization. I also felt that I should learn a little bit before I started making moves. Making moves for the sake of making moves is sometimes probably the worst move you can make. You want to sit back and really assess the situation, which I was able to do.”

Ross kept General Manager Jeff Ireland as the lone holdover from Parcells’ time with the team, and Ross praised Ireland for the work he has done in the last year. The two most important moves of the last year, hiring Philbin and drafting Tannehill, have been given Ross’s seal of approval.

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  1. I highly disagree with Ross.

    There are 53 men on a team, and while a QB might be the most important single player, the field of all players and coaches if FAR, FAR more valuable. The GM is the most important piece and he has a very poor one that has made loads of mistakes and I do not have confidence in. He is going to learn the hard way that his future isn’t as bright as he believes it to be.

    Until he gets a good GM that can build this team up to a high level to be the best, the Dolphins are no threat to achieve greatness on a perennial level, and I don’t even think an occasional level at this point. There’s much work to do to clean up the glut of problems that they presently face as well as the future ones that are coming.

    Also I’m a fellow U of M grad, so hopefully my opinion counts for something to him!

  2. He’s a smart man. And he’s correct. He does have a good coach and quarterback moving forward.

    With a ton of cap room and plenty of high picks in the 2013 draft, the future looks bright. He wants to build the team thru the draft. He’s not going to make huge splashes in free agency as that is generally a recipe for disaster (isn’t that right Philadelphia?). That doesn’t mean he won’t approve of a couple of free agent signings that can make an impact.

    And for all the Ryan Tannehill doubters out there, well, just wait and see.

  3. That Brandon Marshall trade wasn’t exactly phi beta kappa of them..I think that move was all about saving money while these guys are rebuilding…but Tannehill looked ok to me and I don’t think they went wrong with their HC..maybe the fins can get to 10-6 next year…

  4. He’s pretty much right. Tannehill looks like he’ll end up a very good QB and it’s pretty clear that Philbin was a good hire.

    It’s now the scouting/drafting which will decide how far they go.

  5. Man, you never would have known the Dolphins would have such a good season after watching four episodes of “Hard Knocks” in the fall. Good job Philbin and Tannehill and the rest of the team.

    I’m even starting to think Ross isn’t an idiot. In fact, he had some great advice that a certain GM in Dallas ought to give ear to: “I also felt that I should learn a little bit before I started making moves.”

  6. It’s not just about having the right head coach. It’s about having the right coaching staff. The HC can’t do it alone, ya know. I think the Dolphins definitely have the right coaching staff in place. They were able to get the best out of there personnel and even changed my perspective on a few players who I was ready to throw in the towel on.

    As for the QB, Tannehill has a bright future. He needs help around him, but he definitely has all the tools to be a franchise QB.

    This offseason will be crucial for the Dolphins going foward. Jeff Ireland CANNOT screw this up. Go Dolphins!

  7. Got it. Dolphins fans are delusional because the owner is delusional.

    Both the Bills and the Dolphins will be mediocre for the foreseeable future because of their HC hires.

  8. Not sure why there are so many RT haters. RYAN has a higher completion percentage than Luck and almost exactly the same QB ratings this year. Ok so Luck threw more TD. That’s only because Indy threw the ball much more than Miami. I watched RT this year. There were games where they never tried to throw the deep ball and there we many attempts to get Hartline the ball deep during the second half of the season. Lets be real though Harrline Is not a speed guy and never really had a step on a CB deep. Give them a receiver that can get open deep and RT stats will be up there with Luck.

  9. Tannehill would have started over Manziel this year, and would have been the first overall pick, there is no doubt of this. He was up and down this year, but once they let him run around he had the longest current streak of pass attempts without an Int. this guy was supposed to be by far the rawest prospect of luck griffin weeden Wilson, but he looks like the best pure passer to me right now. I know it sounds crazy if all you do is judge players by stats.

  10. Tannehill showed promise, but he could be a bust. I’m not sold on the Dolphins. It doesn’t say much that they’re better than the Jets and Bills.

  11. Miami can be a good team if Ireland doesn’t fumble the 45+ million cap space and 5 of first 100 draft picks.

    While he’s made some bad moves since Tuna left (Egnew clearly the worst of them), he’s made some solid moves as well (Bush, Tannehill, Lamar Miller), so I have…hope.

    I wish it were faith, but it is what it is…

  12. If only the fans had more confidence in Ross and Ireland. You want confidence, win more games than 7. Lets see what the Dolphins do in the off season . At least were not the Jets that are stuck with Ryan for another year or the rebuilding Bills.

  13. Nothing Mr. Ross said has done anything to inspire confidence in Dolphins fans. Nor did he make any sense whatsoever. That sound in the background was sound of season ticket sales free-falling. We are all a little bit dumber from having heard or read his babbling nonsense.

  14. Being a life long Dolphin fan since their first game in ’66 I can tell you that the current executive management, (owner, president, GM) are the worst that have ever been in NFL History. I know that seems like a reach but the owner is satisfied to be almost 50 million under the cap if it means they can almost go 8-8. He doesnt care. His GM, Jeff Ireland, was an ex-ball boy who trades away good players for draft choices he cant possibly use correctly. Then he keeps players who couldnt play in the CFL. (Nolan Carroll).

  15. Please he threw more picks than tds enough said. Foles had a better qb rating and completion percentage and I think foles is trash so that’s just tell you what I think of tis bum tannhill

  16. “Foles had a better qb rating and completion percentage”

    Foles also had Desean Jackson, jeremy Maclin, Lesean McCoy, and Andy Reid who made AJ Feeley, Jeff Garcia, and Kevin Kolb, look like Tom Brady, Peyton Manning, and Aaron Rodgers.

  17. the jury is still out on Tanny, and while Hartline definitely surprised people, you can’t really say he’s a franchise threat….

    my gut is Hartline will work out and Tanny won’t

    and there will continue to be no joy in mudville

    they better take one of that stack of draft picks and try another QB

  18. Dolphin fans complaining about management: just be thankful we don’t have the Marlins’ front office. All jokes aside, this is one of the biggest off seasons in the history of the franchise so far. We have an insane amount of cap room and some good draft picks. If we want to start contending, we have to hit it out of the park. We can’t afford a bad or even average offseason, it will set the franchise back another 4-5 years. I don’t think that there is any doubt Jeff Ireland’s job is riding on this offseason. If his acquisitions don’t show promise next year, he is gone after the season. I don’t think that there is any doubt that we need to bring in a #1 receiver. Personally I want Bowe. Contracts aside, my priority list is 1. Bowe 2. Wallace 3. Keenan Allen 4. Greg Jennings. Obviously, if one commands an outrageous contract and another can be signed for a good deal then that changes but contracts aside that’s my order. If Hartline wants too much, we should let him walk. He can be replaced in the second or third round. It’s really hard to say what the Fins should draft until free agency, but I think receiver, corner, o line or pass rusher would be acceptable first round. Once again, this offseason determines whether we’re contending or going 7-9 for the next 4-5 years. Let’s hope Ireland saves his job.

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