Bears’ coaching search adds 13th candidate

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OK, so now it looks like Phil Emery is just showing off.

Emery has expanded the list of known candidates to coach the Bears to a lucky (or, depending on the final decision, unlucky) 13.

The latest, according to Dan Pompei of the Chicago Tribune, is Bears special-teams coordinator Dave Toub.

Toub joins Vikings linebackers coach (and Hall of Fame Bears linebacker) Mike Singletary as the latest candidates to replace Lovie Smith.

Other candidates include Broncos offensive coordinator Mike McCoy, Montreal Alouettes coach Marc Trestman, Texans offensive coordinator Rick Dennison, Colts offensive coordinator Bruce Arians, Falcons special-teams coordinator Keith Armstrong, Buccaneers offensive coordinator Mike Sullivan, Saints offensive coordinator Pete Carmichael, Cowboys special-teams coordinator Joe DeCamillis, Packers offensive coordinator Tom Clements, Seahawks offensive coordinator Darrell Bevell, and Vikings special-teams coordinator Mike Priefer.

Some within the league have been grumbling about the breadth of Emery’s search, suspecting that he’s simply trying to pick brains, Al Davis-style.

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  1. Sounds to me like this guy has no clue what he wants, and the prospects are going to have to sell themselves. Great leadership skills shining through. OMG!!

  2. Or is he exposing the fact that there really isn’t anything great out there..Bevell ? Singletary ? Move along… Next RG3 story please…….

  3. These veiled shots at the Bears are ridiculous. They cannot hire a coach still in the playoffs. Clearly, they seem to be targeting one. This is a 10 win team that has a 1980’s offense. Every offensive mind who is worth talking to, should be. Should they just stop interviews because they may have found someone, but want to be sure? The next head coach has to either deal with Cutler and Marshall or have another strategy in place. There are many angles to go on this. For Emery, this is his first hire and an important hire, for the players, organization, and fans.

  4. Do you ever see the Steelers going through this type of organizational disorder? No! That’s why we are the standard.

  5. I think Emery must be picking thier brains — if he was really this indecisive about hiring a new head coach, he probably would have stuck with the coach who won ten games this year.

  6. Maybe, just maybe, he’s interviewing guys for assistant positions. Perhaps the guys who his top HC candidates have identified as someone they’d bring with them.

  7. “They had a great coach who just had a 10 win season”

    Great don’t win 3 playoff games, 2 in the same season, in 9 years.

    “Sounds to me like this guy has no clue what he wants, and the prospects are going to have to sell themselves. Great leadership skills shining through. OMG!!”

    Sounds more like he’s being thorough, and also using the input from these candidates to further evaluate the team, and pimp them for info. Sounds pretty smart to me. It’s not as though he has a game next week.

  8. Why not interview as many people as possible before determining who to bring in as your new Head Coach. Even if there is someone out there that you are interested in, you should do some due diligence. You might just discover that the guy you want running your organization was someone you tacked on at the end of your list to contrast with your initial gut pick.

  9. You got a case of decision paralysis. In the end, the choice that you pick will always be your worst choice.
    Signed, Dr. Phil

  10. @otis – I think you’re mistaking diligence for confusion. I’m glad he’s interviewing many people. Also, this interview is not evidence of your statement, this interview was going to happen at some point purely out of respect for Toub.

    @Beezo – Yeah, a ten win season after beginning 7-1, which means two consecutive year-end collapses. And several years of awful offense and getting beaten by teams above .500.

  11. Lets add Dennis Green former coach of vikings and cardinals to the list. Dennis knows who the bears are! Green is better than those 13 mentioned.

  12. Mike Singletary? Sounds to me like a Rooney Rule formality. Itll be less like an interview and more like a pleasant lunch.

  13. Emery is saturating and immersing himself with football philosophy from a great number of football minds. Never a thing wrong with that. At the same time, he is learning how other head coaching canidates, that find employment elsewhere will conduct and lead there teams. This will only help for the new head coach in Chicago to prep for their opponents. If only Angelo had the foresight to use the same approach maybe he would still be in Chicago and the Bears may have won a Superbowl during his tenure.

    I know I speak for many Chicago fans when I say leave no stone unturned. This is soley Emery decission, he seems wise enough to make the correct one, and as a fan of Chicago, let’s hope so.

  14. Perhaps he’s incompetent and doesn’t really have a plan. At this rate…he’s going to interview a recently fired coach who took his team to the Super Bowl…Lovie Smith already coached the Bears?…nevermind

  15. The bears obviously had no plans whatsoever about what the hell to do after firing Smith….. I smell a brewing dumpster fire. The bears appear to be a declining team with no direction

  16. Actually, the coaching search just added a 14th candidate — Phil Emery just called me.


  17. Word has it Emery is looking at ways to resurrect Papa Bear Halas and Vince Lombardi for interviews to reach 15 interviewees.

  18. He’s clearly just waiting for someone who is still coaching in the playoffs. If not he would have already hired someone since there are other openings and he might lose him. Since you can’t do anything until your coach is in place anyway might as well hire a bunch of people every day.

  19. Who are these people clamoring for Lovie? How many games did you actually watch?

    Packers (x2), Texans, 49ers, Vikings, Seahawks. All playoff teams that the Bears lost to.

    The Bears last playoff victory was against a team that was 7-9.

    If the Bears offense could have done anything in any of those games, the story might be different.

    Lovie had 9 (NINE!!!) years to fix the offense and the best he could muster was a 15th ranked offense*

    Every other year the bears were in the 20s on offense with some 30s sprinkled in for a twist.

    *- Grossman had a single good month in 2006 where he was player of the month. The Cardinals game is where the offense completely unraveled.

  20. My guess is he’s waiting for the Packers offensive coordinator- someone who knows the division and is used to working with a second-rate offensive line.

  21. Let’s not forget Nancy Pelosi as a candidate. She knows how to spend other folks money for the right reasons and would smash the NFL coaches glass ceiling.

  22. Makes sense to run thru the list and weigh every coach’s future plans for the team and ideas….I don’t fault that.

    I’d take Emery’s lengthy list with a slight bit of reservation though….having a special teams coach in the mix from 2 different organizations is laughable….especially one of them being a coach you just whacked. Having Joe DeCamillus as the other one is pure insanity. Find me a reputable and knowledgeable assistant that would come to work for one of these 2 special teams donkeys.

    How about Bears take Capers from Green Bay and Green Bay takes Lovie as DC? I seriously hope Iron Mike comes home….and wets the bed and starts fights with his own team at Soldier. You think the fans booed alot to end this season….

  23. My pee wee team I coached was undefeated. Am I qualified to coach the Bears?

    Hire Arians, Clements or McCoy. Then life will be good in Chicago. I think Emery is just a little bored at the moment since he hasn’t been able to interview his top guys yet.
    Gotta entertain himself somehow, and that’s why Singeltary is getting an interview.

  24. give chilly in cleveland a call, i hear he has a kick ass offense, rest of the NFC North would love the hire……

    Priefer, i hope to heck Frazier dont let him go, best special teams play we have had in 10 years here.

  25. the real issue is that the last 2 year’s late season Bears fade is what signed Lovie’s pink slip. He just doesn’t now how to hire the right level just below him in the coaching ranks.

  26. Add all 13 up and you still don’t come close to Lovie Smith. Lovie took to the Bears to the Super Bowl with Rex Grossman as his QB. In Europe, he would have been knighted for less.

  27. Who cares what the rest of the league says about it?Do whatever it takes to find the right guy– The goal is to make your team better, not avoid grumbling from other teams who want you to do worse.

  28. They should have kept Smith and forced him to hire Norv Turner as OC. Smith never would have had to worry about offense again.

    Well, at least not for 2-3 years when some team forgets what a terrible HC Turner is and gives him another job based upon his turning the Bears’ offense around and turning Cutler in a perennial Pro-Bowler.

  29. Mike Singletary is one of the greatest football players of all time and from all accounts a great human being. However, as a head coach in the NFL he is clearly in over his head. His tenure in San Francisco was very disappointing, perhaps in college paired with a strong staff he would be effective but not the NFL.

  30. soytureyna says: Jan 8, 2013 10:38 AM

    “I can fix their problems.

    Hire Lovie back, and then fire Jay Cutler.”

    Uh-huh…Cutler and his 29-13 record in his last 42 starts is what saved Lovie from getting canned sooner.

  31. Of the 13 guys mentioned, I hope most of them fade from contention, much like the Bears did under Lovie the last two years…McCoy, Arians, Clements, and Toub make a good short list, with possibly Kyle Shanahan thrown in.

  32. Emery should be praised for his search. Not just focus on one or two guys. Collecting information from multiple people. Getting many perspectives. Offering opportunities to guys who may be the “next thing”.

    Singletary? That’s just being nice to the McCaskey family and offering him a chance to interview when Lovie was too afraid to have him around (that’s why Chico got the door after 06). Clements? Good mind but 0 personality. We just had that. The final pick will be among McCoy, Arians, Trestman, and Carmicheal.

  33. If I’m looking to hire a top tier executive to maybe the biggest role in the company, and I’m hoping they will last in the job for a decade…Yes, I’m interviewing a bunch of people, second third and forth interviewing, doing tons of reference checks, not to mention background checks.

    I think the bigger story is when teams move so fast they do no homework at all.

  34. 88ibis says:Jan 8, 2013 1:37 PM

    “I think the bigger story is when teams move so fast they do no homework at all.”



    See KC Chiefs….derailing from a train track near you next fall.

  35. Everyone ignores the issue of what Emery been doing for the last 120 days. If Lovie was fired just because the Vikings beat the Packers 2 weeks ago shame on the Bears. The o-line issues, the OC issues and the lack of a reliable offensive approach have been 3 year or more issues, not just problems in the last 45 days.

    The simple idea is to do your homework well before it must be handed in.

  36. Ok.. I honestly think that Emery has already chosen his coach who is still in the playoffs & with all these interviews I’m thinking that he is putting the staff together for the new coach in which the new HC requested. Why else would this be a wide variety of coaches from every phase of football?..

  37. I believe the coach Emry wants to lead the Bears is still in the playoff picture. Someone once said “stick with the winners”.

  38. the new coach ought to be the one to hire the new assistant coaches. We just went through 9 years of the last guy not knowing how to get that done.

  39. Again… the Coach Emery wants is in
    the playoffs. Greg Roman in San Francisco is his man. and he also wants to talk to Mike McCoy in Denver. the other interviews are to keep his ear to the ground in case he cant get who he wants. Then he can choose from the Best of the rest. Chicago STILL has the best coaching job of the teams with vacancies and Emery will get them the best coach.

  40. The Bears ought to hire Gus Bradley the defensive coordinator from the Seahawks to be their head coach.

  41. to chi101town

    why is Chicago such a great coaching job? Tight- fisted owners, very demanding fans with an aging team on defense.

  42. All you people that don’t follow the Bears have no ideal what you are talking about, so shut your mouth

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