Cardinals announce Steve Keim is new GM

And, we have our first general manager hiring of the offseason.

The Cardinals just announced that vice president of player personnel Steve Keim has been named their new GM, an in-house promotion for a man who has been with the team since 1999.

Word got out that they were negotiating earlier today, and he apparently chose to stay at home rather than pursue opportunities elsewhere. He had interviewed with Jacksonville.

The hiring leaves the Jaguars, Jets, Chiefs, Browns, Chargers and Panthers looking for a GM.

25 responses to “Cardinals announce Steve Keim is new GM

  1. As Vice President of Player Personnel was he behind bringing in the carousel of poor QB’s?

    If so nothing is going to change in AZ.

  2. He definitely deserves the job… Because when I think of superior talent acquisition, I instinctively think about the Cardinals front office.

  3. I think the interview went like this:

    Cardinals Brass: Would you consider any of our quarterbacks on the roster “NFL capable”.

    Keim: Oh god no.

    Cardinals Brass: You’re hired.

  4. Good move. They’ve drafted a lot of talented players: think Adrian Wilson, Boldin, Fitz, Dansby, Dockett, Antonio Smith, Steve Breaston, DRC, Calais Campbell, Daryl Washington, PP, etc.

    They haven’t had the most success on the field, but they’ve been fairly successful evaluating talent and this continues the trend.

  5. Great that they did it before the coach.

    Seems that Keim was the lone voice of sanity at times (wanted Adrian Petersen instead of Levi Brown and Jay Cutler rather than Leinart).

    Sounds like the Cards might have a better football mind and someone who will be the point on decision-making rather than a muddled mess.

  6. “The hiring leaves the Jets, Chiefs, Browns, Chargers and Panthers looking for a GM.”

    and the afore-mentioned Jaguars…

  7. good luck larry fitzgerrald…! you need a good qb to explode. Hopefully 2013 will be your year. God bless,

  8. LOL! Love the sarcasm…hehehe:) Why bother interviewing Gruden if he’s planning to stay in Cincinnati other than for show and to go through the motions while we wait for Bidwill to announce Horton as HC

  9. It’s amazing how some franchises just know how to do things the right way. Great move AZ. Now let get busy and hire Lane Kiffin as coach

  10. The one guy who wanted A.Peterson over the reach of Levi Brown. Also knew Cutler was a better choice then Leinart. Watch how he works in the drafting say so and the team got better all at once with this hire.

  11. Second this comment: Adrian Wilson, Boldin, Fitz, Dansby, Dockett, Antonio Smith, Steve Breaston, DRC, Calais Campbell, Daryl Washington, PP.

    He also was around for the signing of some guy named Kurt Warner, whom the national media had already said was “washed up.” Remember how Warner wasn’t even good enough to start during his first year with the Cards? (Of course you don’t, you weren’t paying attention.)

    Yea, the Cardinals would be FAR BETTER OFF if they did what all the other teams with no QB did, you know, drafted Sanchez, Gabbert, McElroy, Pryor, etc.

  12. Props to niners816 on the Dilfer look-a-like nod……hilarious. Anyways, just a thought here…..coming from someone who loves the NFC West and watches the Cardinals at least 2 times a year; can you save a sinking ship by promoting the first mate to captain? Just raising the question……

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