Christian Ponder wants Jerome Simpson back

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The Vikings’ offseason has begun and that means it is time to start talking about what changes the team might make in the coming months.

Wide receiver is sure to be a closely watched spot on the team. Percy Harvin’s status with the team has been the subject of debate already and the futures of several other wideouts are up in the air. Michael Jenkins is due a roster bonus and both Devin Aromashodu and Jerome Simpson will be free agents. Simpson’s first year in Minnesota was not a great success with suspension and injury limiting him to 12 games of mediocre (26 catches, 274 yards) production.

Quaterback Christian Ponder said Monday that he’d like to see Simpson return to Minnesota in 2013 because he believes more experience in the offense will yield better results.

“He was with one team for so many years — it’s hard to change to a new team and learn a new offense, be around new guys,” Ponder said, via “He’s a guy that I hope we keep on the roster and continue to develop and build a relationship on the field and off the field.”

It’s a bit early to have any sense of what the Vikings will do with Simpson or any of their other receivers, although it was obvious by the end of the season that the team needs to upgrade their passing attack next season. Bringing Simpson back for another year could be part of that, but it won’t be enough all on its own.

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  1. With the suspension and the injuries to both players the Vikings never got much of a look at what their offense could look like with both Harvin and Simpson playing together at full speed.
    Both guys have “issues” but both are great athletes as well.

  2. Sorry, Puntman. Your play at QB doesnt get you the wheel to pick and choose your receivers. I wouldnt be distressed to since Simpson come back, but only as a fourth guy. He runs poor patterns, and gives up on routes. Not reliable.

  3. Keep Simpson, he’ll probably be pretty cheap and shouldn’t get much interest in FA. Michael Jenkins and Devin Aromashodu should be forced to compete with Webb for a spot as a WR.

  4. Simpson would be a good 2/3 WR. If he takes that kind of money, great.

    Vikes need to go out & get a free agent.

    Jenkins needs to take a paycut as a 3/4 WR.

    Webb needs to try to make the team as a WR/Wildcat RB

  5. We said the same thing here in Cincinnati. Guess what- he was still inconsistent and didn’t know the offense. Look at his stats on or espn for his career in Cincinnati. He’s an athletic freak but that’s about it unfortunately. I was a huge supporter of him too.

  6. I would welcome back Harvin, Wright, and Simpson, as long as they are joined by a high-end free agent and a first- or second-round draft choice. Simpson would be fine as a fifth WR.

  7. He’s so cheap it’s very low risk. I’more worried about bringing in a QB to compete with Ponder. He had a few good games, but has not shown enough to say he’s out franchise for the future. I’m afraid he will parlay that last game of the regular season into a guaranteed starter next year. And if it doesn’t work out we are at square one.

  8. Sorry, but Simpson had his chance and quite frankly, blew it. Simpson and Aromashadu should both be gone. Jenkins can catch, but can’t separate from defenders and would be no better than a fourth WR.

    The Vikings need to move Joe Webb to WR, sign Harvin long-term, and and land at least one big-time WR in free agency (Dwayne Bowe?) who can act as Ponder’s security blanket; someone tall with soft receiver’s hands. The five WR’s next year should be Harvin, Wright, Webb, and two new players, at least one of whom is an immediate starter.

    And while they’re at it, they can quite yanking Alan Reisner’s chain, cut John Carlson, and let Reisner pair with Kyle Rudolph. Reisner catches everything that’s thrown at him, while Carlson has been invisible all year.

  9. Hard to believe Harvin will be back with all of the behind the scenes issues being suggested – and Wright showing slot potential.

    But, assuming he is … Dwayne Bowe would sure compliment this WR set well.
    Starters: Bowe, Simpson wide … Harvin in the slot … Rudolph’s role needs to expand.
    Jenkins drops to 4th man … Aromoshadu is likely gone pending draft plans and Webb make the move – finally (if he will … isn’t he a RFA this year?)
    Childs (big assumption he isn’t made of glass and can recover may be a nice surprise), Woods (draft pick?), and a late pick (Swope? TA&M, or Harper?, KSt.) to develop and contribute.

  10. Cincy needs him back as much as the Vikings do. He was pretty good his last year there and I think him opposite AJ is a nice 1-2 punch. Especially since their RB’s leave much to be desired

  11. Too soon to bail on Ponder … just no separation from these WRs throughout the year – and too much offseason competition for FA QBs when we NEED a stud WR to see what Ponder can really do.

    Of course, Musgrave “must go” … no creativity at all. ADP is a workhorse, but not an offense.
    e.g. How did Rudolph disappear after such a hot start?

  12. After the Simpson experience, I doubt we will pay big money to a free agent. I think this team will try to do it through the draft — which is fine, but most receivers need time to develop. The clock is ticking on our superstar running back.

  13. And stop with this dumb Webb-to-wideout talk. The man hasnt got NFL hands, much as we all wish he did. He is not a receiver, so forget that. It aint happening.

  14. At the right price, both Jenkins and Simpson should return. If they keep Percy, I’m not sure Jennings is the answer since he also is most effective in the slot.

  15. Hilarious all the people who want to dump Simpson but move Webb to wide receiver. How could a guy who has never played wide receiver in his life (and when he was tried there, they said let’s move him back to quarterback) be better than a guy who has played wide receiver his whole life? Because he’s an athletic freak? Simpson is an athletic freak! That hasn’t made him a good receiver! Can you Webb-aholics just accept that the guy isn’t going to be in the NFL next year?

  16. Maybe Percy for Mike Wallace trade, then sign Jennings and you have Simpson, Wallace, Wright as deep threats and Rudolph, Jennings, and Jenkins to man the underneath routes.

  17. Simpson was either hurt or isn’t as great an athlete we were lead to believe he is. He didn’t get separation at all this year, dropped half of the throws he got his hands on, ran poor routes, didn’t out jump anyone I remember seeing, was easily tackled and showed no strength, and was always getting knocked silly.

    All in all he was a bust. No burst, no speed, no hands. Cut the bum.

  18. The Vikings did have Jarius Wright show flashes late season and so did Jenkins how I would say to stay. Let Simpson walk and find Keenan Allen or Robert Woods in the draft. Because there is no chance that the Vikings land Jennings

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