Dez Bryant having finger surgery today


Cowboys wide receiver Dez Bryant held off on a life-altering (at least for his finger) finger surgery with his team still in the playoff hunt.

He’ll wait no longer, as he tweeted last night he’s having surgery today on his broken left index finger.

“Having surgery on my finger tomorrow I can’t wait until it’s over,” he tweeted, via Calvin Watkins of

After breaking the finger Dec. 9 against the Bengals, he finished the final three games with 17 catches for 354 yards and three touchdowns. He wasn’t able to finish the finale against the Redskins because of back spasms, leaving the stadium in a wheelchair, but there was no structural damage.

While it’s easy to say it was just a finger (when it’s not your finger), Bryant displayed a significant amount of toughness by playing through it, and performing without the full use of one of the 10 things he needs the most to do his job.

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  1. Good luck, Dez. Wishing you a speedy recovery. Prayers out to you and all the injured players. We need you all back to make the NFL fun and exciting.

  2. like the article says, i know the guy was only playing through a finger injury, but the dude is a beast. i wish he would have played with this kind of toughness and this kind of attitude earlier in the season. i couldnt stand dez before and thought he was the second coming of T.O., but this guy stepped up late and got it done. when he actually catches the ball, hes one of the best. now if we could just get the guy to stop looking for a PI call after a db makes a good defensive play on him, i think wed be good.

  3. No one can say Dez didn’t earn his money in the final three games (as much as I would like to).

  4. He showed unexpected toughness in playing through the injury (after all, he’s a WR, plus he’s with Dallas),and he played surprisingly well down the stretch. In addition, he or someone around him, maybe even someone in the normally brainless Cowboys front office, is showing surprising smarts in getting this done NOW rather than wait for months “trying to rehab it”, having the surgery, missing OTAs, etc.

    This doesn’t make him a good person, but it is a pleasant surprise.

  5. 29 games started, 29 TD’s scored. Michael Irvin had 15 TD’s through his first 29 games. Took Drew Pearson 95 games to get to 29 TD’s. Just sayin’.

    P.S. It took Emmitt Smith 36 games to get 29 TD’s. Yeah, he’s a RB. I know. But still. It’s Emmitt.

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