Geno Smith skipping Senior Bowl


At this time last year, there wasn’t much doubt that a quarterback was going first in the draft.

Andrew Luck and Robert Griffin III both had their supporters, but it was a safe assumption that the Colts were coming away with one of them. Even though they badly need a quarterback, things aren’t so clear for the Chiefs this season and they won’t have a chance to evaluate one of the top quarterback names at the Senior Bowl.

West Virginia quarterback Geno Smith announced on Twitter Tuesday that he will not be accepting the invite from the Senior Bowl to participate in the game later this month. It’s not surprising to see a top quarterback prospect opt out of the game, but there was some hope that Smith would play after a rough performance in the team’s bowl game loss to Syracuse last month.

There’s plenty of time and plenty of evaluations to be made at the top of a draft with much less certainty than we’ve seen in the last few years. Smith’s obviously banking on individual workouts and the combine being enough to convince some team to spend a pick on him come April.

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  1. Andy Reid / Chiefs, Please do not bank on this guy being our savior. If it were Luck, RG3 or Russell Wilson then it would be understandable. This guy does not appear to be in their class.

  2. Won’t play at the Senior Bowl.

    Won’t run at the combine.

    Won’t throw at the combine.

    Will have one well-controlled private work out on home turf with hand-picked recievers

    Scouts will go crazy over his measurables and forget all about his on-field liabilities.

    Smith will go #1.

    Nothing ever changes.

  3. This kid isn’t even a 1st rounder. He was projected late first round, and then had an abysmal bowl game.

  4. Geno is nothing like pat white so lets get that off the table real fast. He has the arm of RG3 and andrew luck. With that said if you are a chiefs fan and you are looking forward to immediate success you can forget about that. He needs some time in the film room to work on progressions and reading defenses. I have seen him make every throw on the football field and he is very swift in the pocket. Not to mention he can be as accurate as the best of him. I look at geno as more of an investment for a team to use a couple years from now because the talent is there. I do believe he should play in the senior bowl though but he is going to impress all the scouts at the combine if he chooses to throw. Number 1 pick? I’m not sure. Depends how desperate you are. People have to remember that last year was an exception to the norm.

  5. I think I would trade back if I were the chiefs if you were really serious about getting him. At this day in age though definitely a first rounder. His team didnt help him out too much this year and he still threw for 40+ touchdowns

  6. ^ And cost a GM their job and a franchise 4 or five years of performance.

    If the Chiefs are smart…. trade that #1 pick as soon as possible… this is a TERRIBLE year for the #1 overall pick.

    I’m an Aggie but Luke Joekel is not as valuable as RG3 or Andrew Luck…

    In this QB driven league #1 overall pick should be a guy that slings the pigskin or a guy that can disrupt the guy that slings the pigskin… no dominant player at either position this year.

  7. Opens the door for Tyler Wilson who will be at the Senior Bowl. He could separate himself from the other “top” QBs with a great week of workout and interviews.

  8. Highly disagree with most of the comments. If he truly wants to go #1, then he shouldn’t play. He has a greater chance of positioning himself for it and has greater odds of weakening his chances than increasing his chances. So all of you guys have it backwards.

    Teams don’t need to be impressed and get what they want in order to anoint somebody with the #1 pick. They go through a process of which Geno will score much higher than he would project to score if he did play. He’s getting good advice, despite that not making it an easy decision for the sucker team that ends up being desperate enough to take him with the top pick.

  9. It revisionist history now with Wilson. He didn’t go till the third round so that means a lot of teams didn’t know what he could do. Anyone saying otherwise is just lying to himself. So wether Smith goes #1 or #101 it’s really more about things around him and what you can do with the talent he has than draft grades or bowl performances.

  10. Why should he take another opportunity to show that he really isn’t that good? Erratic under pressure and made a career out of screens to Tavon.

  11. ^yeah you can’t argue with that. I believe the number 1 pick should be a guy that can have an immediate impact on a team. There is not a qb that can do that in this draft I don’t believe. All I’m saying is I don’t think he will be a bust and I don’t think there is a better qb than him in the draft. Don’t quote me on the stats but I believe he had like 41 touchdowns to less than 10 ints. And he had to have averaged like 40 drop backs a game. Those numbers are somewhat eye popping. I see Barkley having more bust potential

  12. I like the guy’s skill set. He showed he can be accurate, sometimes even deadly accurate, has a good arm, good intelligence to make the right reads in an offense.
    I think him and Andy Reid can make it work in the passing game.

  13. There’s plenty of film on Geno. Don’t need to see him play in Senior Bowl. His last outing wasn’t impressive. He’ll be taken in the second or third round.

  14. marshawnlynchlookslikepredator says: Jan 8, 2013 5:19 PM

    This kid isn’t even a 1st rounder. He was projected late first round, and then had an abysmal bowl game.

    Abysmal? He completed 68 percent of his passes for 2 TDs and no picks.

  15. The senior bowl doesn’t really help out QBs. Its really for players that received little to no attention throughout the course of the season. He would only take a few snaps, play from a skeleton playbook, and throw to receivers in which he has no familiarity. Which is also why top QBs don’t throw at the combine. This isn’t really news since it happens every year.

  16. afrattali says: People have to remember that last year was an exception to the norm.
    I think everyone knows and remembers that. You don’t need to type that every time there’s an article on the QB’s in the draft.

  17. People also need to understand that it’s not what someone is worth, it’s what another team needs. I guarantee if you haven’t eaten in a week that you would buy that $2 worth of bread for at least $10… Atleast that is how I view the qb situation in some organizations. I’m a redskins fan, I know what it feels like to be “hungry”. we paid $100 for that same loaf of bread…but we also knew it wouldn’t be stale. It’s the risk you run.

  18. For a known commodity like Gino Smith, there’s not a lot of really good things that can come out of the Senior Bowl. The expectation would be he’d play well, so a merely “good” outing ends up looking like a negative. And a truly great outing is darn hard to pull off in the few series he’d get thanks to having to share time.

  19. Perfect, just another “Red Flag” that idiot teams can use as an excuse to pass on Geno allowing him to fall to a team where he actually be surrounded by the pieces necessary to be a great QB.
    Best QB in this draft BY FAR.

  20. Edwinmoses–

    I mean in the sense that everyone wants these qbs to come in and have immediate success instead of grooming them the old fashion way. I think if you haven’t lost sight of that then you would see how much potential geno has and how valuable he can be to an organization not a lot of people seem to recognize that. So I feel obligated to reiterate it. Not every qb had all the intangibles like last years class did to start out with. People are being too picky

  21. Andy Reid has always believed in building a team from the lines out. You can have the best QB in the world, but if he has no protection, you won’t be very successful long-term. I don’t know a lot about KC, but I have to believe their offensive line talent isn’t exactly near the top of the league.

    That said, I wouldn’t be surprised to see Reid take Luke Joeckel at #1 if he can’t trade out of the first pick (another thing he likes to do), and pick up a developmental QB in a later round. Looking at the Eagles draft history seems to support this line of thinking. Reid drafted 24 offensive lineman during his time with Philadelphia, and a handful of project QBs (Feeley, Kolb, Kafka, Foles) over the years. He may already believe he has some decent prospects on the roster, and Reid is usually pretty good about getting decent performance out of some less than stellar signal callers. One thing is certain, he always has a franchise tackle in place, and if the scouting reports I’ve read on Joeckel are correct, he might be the best LT prospect to come out in years.

  22. well, if he ain’t good as he thought he was… and some nfl team was “SMART” enough to draft him… I’d do it.

  23. Reid with at least three years in KC, will pass on Gino Smith and take Joeckel. With Manning in the division, KC is not going to win the west for the next couple of years, even if Gino Smith plays pretty well. so a winning formula for Reid is to suck for another year (they are pretty good at sucking) and try to get someone like Manziel the following year.

  24. A year ago RG3 wasn’t even a guaranteed #2 pick, then the hype machine started building and people fed off of each other’s hype and by the time the draft came there were people thinking the Colts would take Griffin at #1! This Geno is wisely limiting his appearances because the hype machine will go into full swing and by the time April rolls around he’ll be picked top 2.

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