Jay Gruden says he’ll interview for other jobs, but plans to stay in Cincinnati


Bengals offensive coordinator Jay Gruden has yet to declare he won’t be the Eagles or the Cardinals coach.  But he has come close to doing that.

In an interview with his current team’s website, Jay Gruden says he’ll interview with Philly and Arizona for their vacant head-coaching jobs.  But Jay Gruden has no plans of leaving.

“I got called to interview for these jobs,” Jay Gruden told Geoff Hobson of Bengals.com.  “I figure I better say yes or they’ll quit asking me.”

Under that logic, he’d better accept any offer he gets, or they’ll quit asking that, too.

Still, the younger brother of former Raiders and Bucs coach Jon Gruden claims he wants to stay in Cincinnati.

“I think it will be a great experience and it’s exciting,” Jay Gruden said.  “I have every intention of coming back here.  We’ve got a great group of guys here.  We’re excited for the future here.”

He also could become excited for a future elsewhere.

“When you enter the coaching profession you necessarily don’t do it to be an assistant your whole life.  Eventually you’d like to be top dog and run your own ship,” Jay Gruden said. “When the time’s right.  Every team has their issues and their problems.  That’s why they’re looking.  Eventually when the time is right, hopefully I’ll get a chance.  If not this year, or next year, or the year after.  I’ll be happy here because it’s a great place.”

But Jay Gruden realizes “here” may not permanently be happy with him.

“I also know in this business your welcome mat doesn’t last forever and I’m sure mine has probably been kicked off the doorstep,” Jay Gruden said, three days after a playoff performance that triggered significant criticism of his play-calling.  “People probably want me out of here right now.  That’s just the way it is in this business.”

That’s why he needs to answer the door when opportunity knocks.  After all, you never quite know when the knocking will stop.

If Jay Gruden has any doubts about that, he needs to only listen for all the knocking that isn’t happening on his big brother’s door.

19 responses to “Jay Gruden says he’ll interview for other jobs, but plans to stay in Cincinnati

  1. “I have every intention of staying” is the go-to line for a coach who wants to keep his options opening without angering his current team or it’s fans.

    All it means is that right now, before he has spoken to anyone to see what was being offered, he “intends” to stay put.

    Subject to change, of course, without notice.

  2. Whatever, but if you return to the Bengals, improve your game plan management and play calling.
    Playoff game and you feature Gresham over Green?
    that’s brutal!

  3. I am a little confused what you mean here when you say, “Just please dont come to Cleveland your horrible.” A combination of idiocy and lack of comprehension of the English language is clearly at issue here.

    From what I can deduce, you don’t want Jay Gruden to come to Cleveland because he is terrible.

    Cleveland. Really? While Cleveland has a great RB, probably the best in the AFCN, including Ray Rice, they are years away from competing. While my beloved Bengals are FINALLY coming out of the cellar of sports futility and can at least MAKE it to the playoffs, we just need to finally WIN a playoff game. Jay Gruden may or may not be a part of making that happen, but he is certainly not “horrible.”

  4. Brother Jon may have advised most teams under what conditions he would even discuss taking the head coach job. Those and $ may reduce the numbers/interest from some teams. My bet is he still ends up picking between 2-3 teams and/or getting a big bonus from ESPN to stay.

  5. Well since my original comment was deleted for whatever reason, I’ll make it short. I hope someone hires Jay to be an HC somewhere so we can get Hue Jackson in as our OC. Then I give Marvin and Dalton 1 more year. If we don’t make the playoffs or pull another 1 and done, I’d be booting Marvin and looking for another QB.

  6. Some things are best unsaid!
    It’s certainly beneficial to go through the coach search process for informational purposes for future, but he probably shouldn’t tell his suitors that he just jerking them around; what an idiot!

  7. Bengalsucker,

    I expect improvement next year as well, but you’re ready to dump Dalton after 3 years? That’s silly.
    This team is young and has a brighht future ahead of it. Let’s not get greedy. We’ve been NFL doormats for too long to turn back now.

  8. mhildreth85 says:Jan 8, 2013 4:42 PM

    If Gruden leaves, I think Hue Jackson will be his replacement. Mark it down.

    Well if that’s the case, Marvin better watch his back. Mark that down too.

  9. Oh you mean a team that goes 12-4 isn’t calling you moron. It’s an interview not offer. That’s why this guy is known as Gruden light.

  10. I thought the improvement with the Bengals this year was the defense. He should be lucky to be asked to HC.

    Just please don’t come to the Eagles…

  11. Please, someone sign this second coming of Dave Shula away from the Bengals. Relatives of famous coaches should be banned from employ by the Bengals. They all are busts.

    Shula, err… Gruden is either incompetent or unwilling to go up against Marvin Lewis, essentially giving up on the promised so-called West Coast Offense for Marvin-ball. Marvin was a good defensive coach, not an offensive genius.

    It is the OC’s job to point out to the HC when he does something stupid, like pass incomplete six straight times to end the Dallas game, allowing them time to kick the game winning field goal as time ran out. Four running plays and Dallas would never of been in range and the game would have been in the bag.

  12. nykingfan says:
    Jan 8, 2013 5:15 PM

    I expect improvement next year as well, but you’re ready to dump Dalton after 3 years? That’s silly.
    This team is young and has a brighht future ahead of it. Let’s not get greedy. We’ve been NFL doormats for too long to turn back now.


    This is a different sport man. We can’t wait 5 years like the Steelers did for Bradshaw to finally click. When you have rookies coming out and performing like Wilson, RGIII and Luck, there’s no reason to wait years for a QB to develop. Dalton’s #’s last year weren’t even close to those rookies this year. I even heard exactly what I said over and over again by analysts stating year 3 is the year for QB’s because if they haven’t clicked by then, they’re not going to. Mark it, if Andy doesn’t improve much next year, the talk will be to find another QB. I guarantee it. A 2nd year guy shouldn’t be taking a sack rather than throwing the ball away. And some of the decisions he makes are god awful. Unacceptable even for a 2nd year guy.

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