Jets fire offensive coordinator Tony Sparano


One year was all Tony Sparano got as the Jets’ offensive coordinator.

After weeks of speculation that Sparano would be fired, ESPN’s Chris Mortensen reported on Tuesday morning that it’s done: Sparano has been fired. This is the second consecutive offseason in which Sparano will be looking for work; he was fired as the Dolphins’ head coach after the 2011 season.

When Jets coach Rex Ryan brought Sparano in last year, he hailed him as a smart and innovative offensive coach who would get the stagnant Jets offense moving. And when the Jets later traded for Tim Tebow, they said that Sparano would be the architect of a dual-threat offense that saw Mark Sanchez develop as a passer and Tebow making contributions as a Wildcat quarterback.

Instead, Tebow did next to nothing, Sanchez regressed, and late in the season Ryan was so desperate to try something different that he put Greg McElroy ahead of both of them on the depth chart.

Given the disaster that was the Jets’ offense in 2012, the biggest surprise is that the Jets didn’t make this move until eight days into 2013.

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  1. Ah Tony, the wildcat had relative success in 2008 – but it’s now 2012.. you should have left it in Miami and now you got whacked in Jersey!

  2. Typical Jets move. Cut off the arm but keep the head. Until Ryan goes the Jets issues will remain as they are. You have an owner who trusts the coach. You have a coach who, at times, is delusional about the problems of it’s team to the point of predicting championships only to not make the playoffs.

  3. And the same fate will become of the next OC if he is forced to stick with Sanchez. Mark Sanchez is the worst starting QB in the league. And is worse than some backups.

  4. Now Tony can go to Buffalo where he’ll for sure get the wildcat going and once again destroy the AFC East with fist pumps!


  5. Boy, it’s amazing how this organization is run. Send the owner’s pet on “vacation”, clean house and bring back the guy that is one of the biggest sources of all your problems. I mean I hate the Jets, but now am just kind of feeling sorry for their fans. It’s no good to kick them when they’re down. It’s more fun when they think they have a chance and you beat them. I thought the butt fumble was their nadir, but boy was I wrong.

  6. @jpb12: You do realize that firing Tony Sparano isn’t Rex’s call to make, but Woody’s, right?

    Glad that bit is done now, though.

  7. How do some of these inept coaches even get jobs?
    Dave Wannastadt constantly comes to mind as well. He has done nothing in decades yet still gets high profile jobs!

  8. And today’s press conference will be packed to see the 2013 edition of the Cirque de Jet.

    Giants won SB46, didn’t play well down the stretch of 2012, and missed the playoffs. Not a word from the media. That’s how it works, Woody – when you bring home the hardware, you can mail it in the following season with no complaints. When you’re all talk and no delivery, the press corps can’t wait for the next sound bite.

  9. I still blame Rex for most of the Jets failure this year. I bet if it was up to Sparano, he would’ve put Tebow in towards the end of the year when Sanchez wasn’t making any progress and at least won a few more games. Sparano probably had some crazy stuff drawn up for Tebow. Rex just didn’t want to be proven wrong because he kept saying Sanchez gives them the best chance to win.

  10. Tony is an OL coach that has been over-promoted to HC and then OC. His high profile opportunities should now be over. Nice enough guy but in over his head and cannot adapt.

  11. Tony: As Chuck Noll used to say, “You need to get on with your life’s work.” I suffered enough when you “coached(?)” my Dolphins. You reminded me of Jim Tressel, who, after kicking a field goal against Wisconsin inside their 5 yard line, quipped, “We needed to get some momentum going before half-time.” YOUR lack of trust in your Dolphin offense made Tressel look like a flaming liberal. Good riddance!

  12. It’s about time too. Why leave Sparano waiting while fat Rex goes on vacation, what a terrible way to deal with a coach. He was a terrible OC, but deserves to be treated a little better. This Jets organization is the biggest circus act, and someone there needs to get a “handle” on their next act.
    It’s shameful that the fans have to put up with all this nonsense. Who is next in the firing line????
    Should be the Head Coach and his baggage.

  13. If The Jets want to make amends to their fans, start by hiring a new OC and QB coach that will help Mark Sanchez, sign two proven LB’s that can sack a QB, resign both Landry and Bell and find a new RBI in the draft.

  14. The Jets need to cut their losses and clean house. Sanchez and Ryan will bring more of the same, or worse next year. I mean they really do seem to get worse every year. The fact that they went to two conference championships a few years back is starting to seem like more of a minus than a plus. It just highlights the level of deterioration.

    I know they have big cap problems, but you have to start somewhere…. at some time.

  15. Sparano may deserve to be fired but with the calamity of an offense the Jets put on the field this season I’m sure there’s plenty of blame to go around.

    This was Rex Ryan’s crew, his control, and his orchestration. Unless he goes, we’ll see more of the same from the Jets in 2013.

  16. perfect guy for todd haley and mike tomlin to bring in as offensive line coach in pittsburgh. Sparano or Andy Heck would be a great hire for the steelers.

  17. It is the equivalent of having your house falling down all around you and you decide to fire the painter.

    I’m not saying Sparano is a great OC but rather he isn’t even in the top 10 of the Jet’s biggest problems.

  18. Seriously, they are going to fire everybody on this team before they figure out that Sanchez plain old sucks.

  19. Sparano is in the top 10 of the biggest problems. What did he do right??? Nothing at all, and where was the Tebow playbook that he had???

  20. Good luck to Rex in hiring a new offensive coaching staff and defensive coordinator, when his own job security is about as thin as it gets. Rex may (or may not) be a good Head Coach, but one of the biggest parts of the job is hiring a good staff and without job security of your own that becomes next to impossible.

  21. mikeyhigs says:
    Jan 8, 2013 7:51 AM

    Mark Sanchez is the worst starting QB in the league. And is worse than some backups.


    Tell that to KC, Arizona, and Jacksonville fans.

  22. And the coaching merry-go-round continues to turn – how long before some other team snaps up Sparano, even after two straight years of failing and being fired?

    And is it time to start calling Tebow another ‘coach killer’, like Vick?

  23. Here’s another team that needs to hire Hue Jackson as OC. I mean after all Hue Jackson’s offense did put up 34 points on Rob Ryan in 2011 with J Campbell at QB. After which Rex Ryan declared he never gave up that many rushing yards in his life.

    I don’t get these NFL teams. Caldwell over Hue Jackson. C’mon son.

  24. Patriots nation is sad for Mr Sparano today. We were hoping to see him employed by the Jets for years to come.

  25. Sparano is the architect of failure.
    How is it that common fans are smarter than front offices?

  26. riverhorsey says: Jan 8, 2013 8:38 AM

    Jets are a circus

    That’s original. I never heard anyone say this before. How is firing an offensive coordinator being a circus anyway? There is plenty of things that make the Jets a circus, this isn’t one of them.

  27. The Jets hired the wrong guy. I still don’t know why they thought Tony was the mastermind behind Miami’s wildcat. It was David Lee the Miami QB coach in 2008. He brought it from Arkansas where he used it with Darren McFadden and Felix Jones. I guess Tony forgot to tell them that in the interview..

  28. Thankfully, the Jets fired Sparano before most teams have filled their head coaching vacancies. Now he is free to interv………….

    Sorry, I was laughing too hard to finish that sentence.

  29. Sparano was actually fired during the 2011 season (Todd Bowles coached the last three games).

    Waiting so long to fire him was more conservative than his offense.

  30. I remember this clown constantly fist pumping after first quarter field goals. His hard headed decision of sticking with Sanchez showed what a fraud he really is as a football coach.

  31. deerpathdave says:
    Jan 8, 2013 9:31 AM
    Good luck to Rex in hiring a new offensive coaching staff and defensive coordinator, when his own job security is about as thin as it gets. Rex may (or may not) be a good Head Coach, but one of the biggest parts of the job is hiring a good staff and without job security of your own that becomes next to impossible.
    I must say that I completely disagree with this. I could understand an offensive coach not wanting the job because he lacks confidence in Sanchez, but Rex’s situation should get ppl running to the organization. If I’m an up and coming coach and believe I’m great, what better way to interview for their upcoming HC vacancy than showing my skills firsthand as their OC or DC?

  32. They’ve done a quadruple amputation on a patient that has brain cancer!! Woody I get that you’re a totally inept owner but for the love of christmas fire your head coach already. Why is it that you’re the only person on the planet at this point that doesn’t see it?

  33. I am amazed just how many of you think Sparano is a qualified offensive coordinator. Many astute football fans saw this coming. It was a turrible(Charles Barkley voice) hire. Sparano lacks innovation as he was an offensive line coach in Dallas prior to being annointed a head coach because of his Parcell’s connection. He actually may be a better head coach than coordinator because he can inspire and lead. He just lacks the skill to call or put together a game plan. He may be the anti-Norv

  34. Sparano is now collecting millions from Miami and NY for being a lousy coach. This is a fine example of an NFL coach..and still some of the people on these boards are convinced the best and only way to lock in success is to hire someone with NFL and or head coaching experience.

    This whole organization is a train wreck and I agree that Wrecked Ryan should have been the first one to go but Tony Sparano is awful, lacks vision and frankly should not be coaching at this level. Good guy or not.

    Take all your millions from being FIRED and get some new sunglasses Tony. Then ride off into the sunset.

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