Keim, Cardinals negotiating

Eight days in to the 2013 offseason, and no new General Managers have been hired.

That could change soon.

Albert Breer of NFL Network reports that the Cardinals and director of player personnel Steve Keim currently are negotiating a deal that would make Keim the in-house successor to Rod Graves.

It has been widely believed that Keim would ascend to the top job in Arizona, where the Cardinals also are in the process of hiring a new head coach.  Keim also is believed to be a finalist for the G.M. job in Jacksonville.

The other teams currently searching for new General Managers are the Jets, Chiefs, Chargers, Panthers, and Browns.

7 responses to “Keim, Cardinals negotiating

  1. In house isn’t more loosing idiot. Graves was more a numbers cruncher not a good drafting guy that’s why Wiz had more say so on draft day picks. FYI both Graves and Wiz are gone case you haven’t heard the breaking news. Keim is very highly regarded with other clubs as well. I believe he will do a much better job of scouting for the drafts and assembling a winner. The Cardinals are only a couple linemen and an Alex Smith away to NFC title. Sometimes additions are made by subtraction. Wells gone Kolb gone,Skelton gone. Draft Joeckle or Mathews or even Lewan at seventh pick forget reaching for a QB at 7th pick. Then a running back to replace Wells,the either Sutton or DE stud, I would love to see them sign DRC back from Phili or draft the Patric Peterson LSU honey badger buddy.

  2. Keim supporter and fan follower. Steve please do NOT reach on a QB at 7 Joeckle if still on the board or Mathews or Lewan or even aggressively pursue Clady or even Jake Long. Make a splash spend some of our money we pay selling out the stadium. Order of first big move. Watch closely on 9ners and Alex Smith releasing and pounce show him the money like the Kolb experiment plus some extra to out bid if you have to. I am telling you sign Alex Smith Draft up or line and replace Wells you win GM of the year first year.

  3. Huh. So Adam Rank finally quit his day job.

    Who will he start next year, Andy Luck or Cam Newton? (Wait, we’re talking fantasy football, right?)

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