Klein makes agent hire

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Former Kansas State quarterback Collin Klein has seen his draft stock take a hit in recent weeks.  Once regarded as one of the top quarterbacks in the class of 2013, the man who finished third for the Heisman Trophy could be waiting for a while on draft day.

Helping him enhance his standing will be Authentic Athletix, an agency owned and operated by Peter Schaffer.

Klein was named the Big 12 2012 offensive player of the year, and he won the 2012 Johnny Unitas Golden Arm Award.  Still, Klein wasn’t invited to the Senior Bowl, and some have suggested that he may have to move to receiver at the NFL level.

Klein will get a chance to being changing peoples’ minds at the East-West Shrine Classic in Tampa.

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  1. Granted it may not be conventional or a beautiful masterpiece, this guy wins football games. If he goes undrafted or I can get him around the 6th or 7th round then he would be a steal. Colin Klein just needs to work on his mechnics and fundamentals. He should not move to wide receiver, he just needs to work on his skillset.

  2. Funny that he won the Golden Arm award considering that he doesn’t have a very good arm. His uncontested hail mary throw at the end of the first half against Oregon went about 50 yards.

  3. Klein has NEVER been thought of as a top rated QB. He is a good college QB but not a good NFL prospect. All the scouts I know feel he is at best a late pick and probably a free agent. Gets your facts straight Florio

  4. Klein should be eatin and lifting weight as we speak…they wont let him be a qb cuz of the tebow rift raft but I would to see him play DE or SS or TE…good luck to him

  5. “dalucks says: Jan 8, 2013 7:05 PM

    Granted it may not be conventional or a beautiful masterpiece, this guy wins football games.”

    …So there are still people out there who think “being a winner” in college makes you a good QB?

    Why isn’t Greg McElroy a ProBowler?

  6. Getting picked later might help him in the long run. If Josh McDaniels wouldn’t have lost his mind and picked Tebow later, it might have worked out better for both of them. Even at the time, most scouts said Tebow was going to be a project. The pressure on him & the team to play him, wouldn’t have been anywhere near as bad if he was a mid to late pick.

  7. @eventhorizon04

    No quarterback can win playing for the Jets with the lack of talent on that roster. Not even you.
    I have watched about 6 Kansas State games this season and Klein just needs to work on his skillset including his reading the scheme, reacting to the coverage and releasing the ball. To make up for a lack of arm strength to fit the ball into tight windows, a quarterback needs to read the defense quicker and release the ball sooner to makeup for the lack of arm strength.
    Colin Klein has the mobility, frame and with a year or two of work on his skillset, he can be a good solid quarterback in the NFL.

  8. Better to be Julian Edelman and be a special teams/ wide receiver than be a third string QB for a year or two. Make the switch.

  9. Get him to replace Clausen as Newton’s backup and maybe have him relieve Newton on some of the goal line dives. Also experiment with him at other positions.

  10. This kid may be a winner but in no way does he have an NFL-caliber arm. Other people have said Tebow 2.0 and I’d agree that’s a good comparison. He may have skills they just don’t translate to playing under center at the next level.

  11. This kid isnt even good. He might get picked up in the draft as a project for someone.

    Why the College Football world keeps training QBs to be useless NFL prospects is amazingly stupid. NCAA Football is what the NFL likes to think of as a proving ground for players, especially QBs. Now days teams are increasingly moving to a option based system which is useless in the NFL. Very rarely is there an athlete gifted enough to throw after playing in these systems.

    The NFL owners should send a memo to the NCAA. “Teach these kids how to throw from the pocket, please”. And people wonder why there are very few good QB prospects coming out of college.

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