Marrone brings Syracuse offensive coordinator to Buffalo


New Bills coach Doug Marrone has made his first hire.  And it’s a hire that Marrone previously has made.

According to Tim Graham of the Buffalo News, Marrone has hired Nathaniel Hackett, who served as Marrone’s offensive coordinator at Syracuse.  The move comes a day after ESPN reported that Hackett would remain at Syracuse, in that position.

Hackett, 33, will serve as the offensive coordinator of the Bills.  And while Marrone said Monday that he wants coordinators with “thorough NFL experience,” Hackett has only four years’ experience in the NFL, all as an offensive quality control coach.



35 responses to “Marrone brings Syracuse offensive coordinator to Buffalo

  1. Same old Bills. 5 years in the AFC East basement and it looks like that streak will be extended. Patriots, Dolphins and even the mess that is the New York Jets are loving these Bills hires. Clueless organization.

  2. Bills are rolling the dice with this new regime hopefully it all works out. It’s the dc I’m most interested in let’s just hope it’s someone from other than Syracuse.

  3. Basically I didn’t like the hire of Marrone but I kind of figured I would wait and see and find out where things go. I like some of the things I heard. Ok first move… back to not liking the hire. Are you kidding me.. Our OC is now a guy with very little experience in football at all. I guess we know who the Bills are drafting in the 1st round. Nassib and then for the rest of the picks will all be Syracuse guys too.

  4. This is just extremely disheartening. Maybe they know something we don’t but I really felt it was time to hire a proven Head Coach and staff and this is the COMPLETE opposite.

  5. Liked the Marrone move, but now I’m not so sure. What happens when this movement fails? Damn it.

  6. He’s pondering also about acquiring his QB at Syracuse. So…basically any players or assistant caoches, Buffalo Bills fans, will come out of Syracuse and no where else. Someone needs to show him a map of the rest of the United States.

  7. An offensive minded HC doesn’t need a super strong OC… it’s the DC that us Bills need to worry about. It’s been more than 5 minutes since Ryan was fired in Dallas, and I haven’t heard anything about the Bills signing him.. so it looks like we averted that disaster.

  8. Ugh.. Ugh.. What else do I say.. Russ Brandon gets ” full control” .. Hires his college buddy for head coach .. His buddy hires his pal he worked with .. Can’t wait till we overdraft his medium range future backup QB. Nothing will ever change I have zero faith this is moving in the right direction !! I want to say ok young guy taking a new direction but the more I see the more I fell like this guy is going to be way in over his head!! After 30 plus years of being a Bills fan I have no reason to think anything will ever change .. I hope that I am wrong and the ship will be righted.. But this just feels like groundhogs day!

  9. Look on the bright side. As long as he can recognize that CJ Spiller is their best offensive weapon he’s miles ahead of the previous coaching staff..

    He certainly can’t do any worse…

  10. Hired Paul Hackett’s son?!?! Who was one of the worst and overrated OC’s in college and the NFL? The son of Jamarcus Russell’s former qb coach? Glad I’m not a Bills fan..

  11. Marone was a cautiously optimistic move for Bills fans. This one isn’t. If you are going to hire a guy like Marone, it has potential for being a good move or a bad move. It all depends on what your next steps are. Inexperience as a head coach in the NFL should not be coupled with less experience at OC. It should be coupled with experience at OC. This feels like it has an enormous amount of potential to be another step in the wrong direction. This organization over the past decade has taken so many steps down the wrong path that their new path is starting to look like the way to go, while the right path is the one that’s overgrown with shrubs and weed. As a Dallas fan who lives in Buffalo, I can’t help but root for the Bills because I respect the passion of their fans. But even as just a casual observer who carries a hope-for-the-best attitude towards the Bills, its frustrating to see their illogical approach to growth.

  12. So he is building up a team from Syracuse. They will know each other. Which is fine because Syracuse was a pretty good team in the last 3 years,…. wait they were not.

    Dear Mr. Nix you should have choose the Crimson Tide for something like this.

    But, after all I root for the Pats, so it is fine with me….

  13. Not for nothing, but finishing .500 in the Big East is nothing to brag about. It is a soft NCAA Football conference. Not even if the team was in shambles before, is it good. Look at what Saban did to Bama! That school was a joke, in the powerhouse conference, SEC. Five years later, he has 3 National Championships.

    I hope I’m proven wrong, but is this really going to be any better than Chan? This is the NFL, things move quicker and the schemes are more difficult. I think Marrone’s hiring was a fluke, as is an unproven OC!

  14. Nathaniel Hackett is the son of Paul Hackett. You know, the guy who coached Joe Montana? Quit rushing to judgement. The guy is a fantastic coach with excellent pedigree. You will be pleasantly surprised.

  15. Hired someone he works well with and knows-someone he knows shares a philosophy. Can’t blame people for be skeptical because the franchise has been a debacle since Flutie took us to the playoffs only to be benched- any hire will bring negativity. We’ll find out in September.

  16. nyjetsfan08 says: Jan 8, 2013 10:55 PM

    He’s pondering also about acquiring his QB at Syracuse. So…basically any players or assistant caoches, Buffalo Bills fans, will come out of Syracuse and no where else. Someone needs to show him a map of the rest of the United States.
    Leave California off the map – that hasn’t worked so well for the Bills.

    Putting Russ Brandon in charge is the kiss of death, IMO. He’s been part of the problem in Buffalo for years.

  17. It wouldn’t be a Bills coach if he didn’t say one thing and do another.

    As a lifelong fan of this team, all I can hope is that Marrone knows Hackett well enough to know he can be successful at this level. Not sure the fan base can continue to support consistent losing much longer.

  18. First of all, some of you Bills fans need to settle down a little bit. I don’t know much about the guy either, but I do know he is 33 years old and he is an up and comer. I runs some type of K Gun the Bills use to run, uptempo offense. I’m all for it. It’s about time guys like Nove Turner, Mike Martz be laid out to pasture. What did Turner’s offense do that last couple of years in San Diego anyways? I’m ready for someone young with fresh ideas. I’ll take the youth movement and smart mind in Buffalo anyday over these old retread/recycled NFL coaches.

  19. McDaniels was 30 when he got his first OC job, and Kyle Shanahan is currently 33. Just because he isn’t Tom Brady’s coordinator or Mike Shanahan’s son doesn’t mean it’s a bad hire.

  20. I don’t know how many of you people know this but Nathaniel Hackett is the son of Paul Hackett. A well respected offensive coordinator for the Chiefs back in the 90’s. So the kid has probably been around football all his life and should have a pretty good understanding of how the NFL works. Doesn’t mean he will be good, but you should at least be willing to give him a chance and not be so upset about the move.

  21. Things are easy to bash now, but these guys haven’t directed an OTA, or even a team meeting. A fresh start with new coaches is a breath of air as far as I’m concerned. No guy trying to salvage an iffy NFL coaching career, but a guy with NFL experience and a short, but proven track record of righting wrongs in a college program.

    Keep in mind, fixing a college program is harder than the NFL, simply because there are more facets involved with recruiting, player turnover, etc. Yes, the NFL has that to an extent, but you are playing with professionals and house money.

    I am giving coach Marrone and his staff open arms and patience. In 3-4 years I may not be happy, but I am guessing that this year will see vast improvement, at least offensively.

  22. Please explain to us how who Hackett’s father is has anything to do with anything. I’m pretty sure he can’t put his Dad’s accomplishments on his resume.

    Only the Bills fans who see this as a disaster-in-the-making have common sense. The rest of you are idiots.

  23. Listen, if you want to bash the hire, it is your choice. Personally, I think it is a good hire. The tea leaves point to Nassib being drafted by The Bills now and I have hopes that it will work out. the Dolphins proved that when they reached for tannenhil last year as all The ‘EXPERTS’ said and he did all right for his first year. I am excited for Nassib and The new and improved K-Gun offense. Like people have commented… it can’t be worse than Chan. Give this a chance to work. The OC is young and respected in NFL circles. I remember quite a few young assistants… Gruden… no use naming them because haters will hate. I am excited. Like I commented previously .500 is a step up. No use shooting for the stars the first year…. give this some time to work. I believe Bills fans will be pleasantly surprised.

  24. See, most Buffalo Bills fans think that they are all football experts who know more than than professionals. They are all burned right now because none of the guys that Marrone hired are who they thought would be hired. Because they may not have heard of the guy, they think the hire stinks. Bills fans may be loyal to their team , but it does not mean that they are very intelligent.

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