Marrone will have inside info on two QB possibilities


One of the first big decisions new Bills coach Doug Marrone is going to be in on will be at quarterback.

And he’ll have some inside information on the proceedings, one way or another.

Marrone didn’t shed much light on the status of incumbent starter Ryan Fitzpatrick during his introductory press conference.

I haven’t had the time to make those evaluations,” Marrone said, via Jay Skurski of the Buffalo News. “I don’t talk about players in the press. I’m looking forward to evaluating this time with our great scouting staff, getting to know them, and starting that process.”

Of course, he can start much sooner, as he and Fitzpatrick share an agent, Jimmy Sexton.

It might be hard for Sexton to make both clients happy, as Fitzpatrick is due a $3 million roster bonus in March, and it’s no sure thing that happens. Bills GM Buddy Nix was emphatic about drafting a quarterback this year, to the extent of advocating for trading up to get one.

“We covered that, just like we covered everything, but I don’t think we emphasized that any more,” Nix said when asked whether the quarterback situation came up during Marrone’s interview.

One of the draftable quarterbacks they’re looking at will be Ryan Nassib, a three-year starter for Marrone at Syracuse.

“I love him. He did an outstanding job for our football team. He’s really grown in the last couple of years; he put a lot of emphasis on the leadership role and really took over the team. He’s a player that has gotten quite a bit better during the year,” Marrone said of Nassib, during an appearance on the NFL Network. “He’s going to be playing in this league. I haven’t studied the draft, I haven’t gone through that; that’s down the road for me as far as the process of what I have to go through. But I do know that he’ll be in this league, so I’m excited for him.”

Figuring out that position will be his first priority, and his connections with his agent and his college will at least give him a jump-start on the process.

9 responses to “Marrone will have inside info on two QB possibilities

  1. Ryan Nassib looks good, but not Franchise QB good, at least not yet. Fitzpatrick is not the guy for the job either. He would be an outstanding back-up QB, but not at the pay he is receiving. A pay cut would be eminent. Buffalo needs to look at one of the more mobile, strong armed kids coming out in the draft this year. They might have to take one of the QB’s earlier than warranted, but I guess that is all part of the game. If you want someone bad enough, you might have to drop a little more than expected.

  2. It’s actually not a great year to have a top two pick, as there are no clear cut choices at 1-2 like there was last year.

  3. Fitzpatrick was really well paid the last two seasons. I think going forward he’ll have to be happy with a team willing to pay him $3 million for an entire season, let alone as a roster bonus.

    Jason Campbell made $3.5 million for the Bears last year. David Carr made around a million. I think Fitzpatrick should be somewhere in between.

  4. Nassib may not be a franchise QB, but if drafted by Buffalo would have a head start on learning the offense, since I’m sure it won’t differ drastically from SU.. and if Marrone leans heavily on the two great RBs the Bills have, would he really need to be anything more than a game manager until he adjusted to the NFL? I think he’d be a great pick in the draft for Buffalo.. just not sure where. I’ve heard conflicting reports on when he’s going in the draft.. 2nd round some say is a reach.. but its a better reach than TJ Graham was last year in the 3rd.. so I’d be fine with that.

  5. With no sure fire top QB prospect, there are 5 decent ones to take a flyer on. After The Pinstripe bowl, leave Geno out of the discussion tho. The 1st round pick needs to go to best player available (linebacker hopefully) If a trade is not in the works, get the QB in the 2nd. Things are looking up at One Bills Drive.

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