Money could drive Caldwell from Jags to Jets

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After three interviews with the Jaguars, Falcons director of player personnel Dave Caldwell has yet to be hired as the General Manager in Jacksonville.  Instead, he’ll interview a second time for the G.M. job with the Jets.

So what’s going on?  Glad you asked.  (Even if you didn’t.)

As we hear it, both teams want Caldwell.  But one league source says that Caldwell and the Jaguars had a financial gap that couldn’t be bridged, which has prompted Caldwell to explore more seriously the opportunity in New York.

And the opportunity in New York has arisen for Caldwell in part because, as we hear it, Tom Gamble’s interview with the Jets didn’t go well.

For Caldwell, there’s a chance he overplays his hand and ends up staying at Oregon.  I mean, Atlanta.

15 responses to “Money could drive Caldwell from Jags to Jets

  1. As I said before, it wouldn’t surprise me if Gamble were just using the Jets to increase his interest and salary from other suitors.

    This latest report suggests that Caldwell and Gamble both are doing the same thing.

    Apparently there’s no pressure for the Jets to get someone quick. They obviously don’t need a “real” GM since that GM wouldn’t be allowed to pick a Head Coach, or Quarterback, or now a QB Coach or OC.

    The inmates are running the asylum in NY – figuratively and literally.

  2. What GM, especially a first timer like Caldwell, would want the Jets job? Rex is forced on him. But even worse Ryan has the ear of the owner. Once next season starts to go south (which will likely by week 1) Ryan will do whatever he can to save his job. Which could include undermining the new, inexperienced GM. This train wreck is so easy to predict. Amazing to think that the Jags job is the better of the two.

    Jets = Mets. Two NY laughingstocks.

  3. So he wants too much to go to Jacksonville, where the cost of living is quite cheap. With no state income tax. Instead he wants to go to NY/New Jersey where the cost of living is quite high? New Jersey has a tax rate of 9 percent for that income bracket. In reality unless Jacksonville is offering about 20 percent less money, Caldwell is an idiot.

  4. This does not make sense. The Jags are horrible. If they think this guy is the best guy to fix it why are they nickle and diming him? How much money could we be talking about here?

  5. Anyone in Jacksonville who saw Shad Khan’s yacht can tell you that there is no “financial gap” if you’re the man Khan wants….but MJD can tell you he won’t overpay either.

  6. Caldwell won’t get a 4 th interview. Too bad. The idea that he’d bring Greg Roman to coach Tebow was causing a stir in town

  7. The ONLY possible way to fix the circus was to fire Rex and Tanny. You leave Rex, now your narrowing your GM search substantially by basically saying to any GM candidates “you have no say in coaching decisions.” Had Rex been booted I can almost guarantee they’d have a GM in place by now.

  8. This is all posturing to get a bigger contract. Money is NOT an issue for Khan in hiring a new GM or a coaching staff.

    Khan was willing to eat Gene Smith’s contract and is willing to eat Mike Mularkey’s contract as well if the new GM wants a different coach.

    This is Caldwell’s agent trying to drive up the price, and PFT is participating in the process by peddling rumors fed to them by agents.

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