Nate Burleson thinks Titus Young needs to channel Scottie Pippen


The Lions haven’t made any decisions about wide receiver Titus Young’s future with the team, but one of his teammates thinks that he knows what Young needs to do in order to succeed in Detroit.

To fellow wideout Nate Burleson, it is as simple as knowing your role. Burleson isn’t sure whether or not Young and the team can build a bridge back to a working relationship, but he believes that Young will have to do a better job of accepting that he isn’t the lead dog on the Lions offense. It’s Calvin Johnson’s show and Young was advised to look at another second banana to see a way that things can work out for everybody.

“He is extremely competitive, which is good,” Burleson said, via Justin Rogers of “He comes in and he wants to be the man, he wants to shine. He feels like he can help the team any given play. He’s an I’m-always-open guy and I like that about his personality. It’s just when you’re playing with (Johnson), you have to adjust. You never heard (Scottie) Pippen saying, ‘Let me lead the team in scoring.’ It’s (Michael) Jordan’s show.”

That seems like a big stretch for a player who was a lot closer to Dennis Rodman behavior-wise last season. Young was essentially thrown off the team this season for intentionally sabotaging the offense to protest the size of his role in it. A big stretch is going to be what Young needs to do to remain in Detroit, though, and, unless he goes to a team without a top receiver, what he’ll have to do to thrive anywhere in the NFL.

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  1. Pippen HATED that role, but Jordan was a demanding teammate and taskmaster and Scottie fell in line. That was Jordan’s team not because he was the best, but because he was the best and demanded higher quality play from those around him. Who on the Lion’s is gonna step up and be that vocal leader and demand excellence from those around him?

  2. Without much needed therapy Titus Young won’t amount to much in the nfl. Even then, I just don’t know how he can earn back the trust of this organization or any nfl team for that matter. I think Mayhew and company had a clue and started to prepare for the Young meltdown when they drafted Broyles last year.

  3. When I saw this headline I immediately thought of Dennis Rodman too!

    Maybe Titus Young should marry himself.

  4. I hate to say it, but he’d probably do well in St. Louis. Amendola is a great slot guy, but they need someone who can play the Y and stretch the field a bit. Of course if he brought an attitude to St. Louis he’d be gone in a heartbeat. No way Fischer puts up with any crap, especially after the other “Young” guy he had in Tennessee.

  5. I will never understand why Titus Young would do what he did. You have Calvin Johnson on one side of the field drawing double and triple coverage giving a man of Titus Young’s talent an easy path to a second contract where he would undoubtedly gotten a huge payday. Every receiver in the NFL would love to play alongside a Calvin Johnson or Larry Fitzgerald because it makes everyone else more open.

  6. hatesycophants says:Jan 8, 2013 11:51 AM

    He can’t possibly think he’s the number 1 on that squad. No one is that stupid.

    Ohhh, but he did and he is.

  7. The guy’s a bum. Players like this all over that team. Me-first players from ridiculous 15 yard penalties to sabotaging the offense. This is why schwartz needs to go. He built this team the wrong way. Stafford is a stud when healthy, CJ is the best in the biz. There are pieces, you need someone to put them together

  8. Put TY on the 3rd string with his former bronco mate KM.

    Make him earn his way back up and no more chances. If he can’t settle down…see ya.

    Talent is worthless on a team if you don’t want to be part of the team.

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