Oregon A.D. thinks Chip Kelly will field NFL offers in the future


Oregon Athletic Director Rob Mullens says he’s thrilled that Chip Kelly has spurned NFL teams to remain the coach of the Ducks. But Mullens says he fully expects to have more NFL teams go after Kelly in the future.

“If we’re winning 11, 12, 13, 14 games, it’s something we’ll deal with,” Mullens told the Oregonian.

Kelly turned down the Buccaneers last year and then returned to Oregon this year despite reports that the Browns and Eagles had both identified him as their top choice. Mullens said he feels lucky to have a coach who’s good enough to leave for the NFL, but chooses to stay in college.

“Obviously, we’re ecstatic that Coach Kelly decided to remain at the University of Oregon,” Mullens said. “We’ve had unprecedented success over the last four years and that’s a tribute to his innovative style.”

Mullens said Oregon was in the early stages of a plan to find Kelly’s successor, a plan he’s glad not to implement.

“But as I said all along to everyone, our No. 1 priority was to retain Chip Kelly,” Mullens said. “He’s a special coach; the best in football, in our opinion.”

If so, the best coach in football will be at Oregon in 2013. But maybe not beyond.

31 responses to “Oregon A.D. thinks Chip Kelly will field NFL offers in the future

  1. “Oregon A.D. thinks Chip Kelly will field NFL offers in the future”
    Of course he will, he like the attention.
    Deep down inside he knows his game will not translate to the pros. He needs to stay where he is.

  2. How insecure does it get?
    After the stunt he pulled, wasting countless hours of NFL executives time, and then waffling like a little girl, he would be the LAST guy I would hire to coach an NFL team…

  3. Seems to me it would be pretty tough to ask your players reach for their maximum efforts and try to obtain their highest skill sets when the coach doesn’t seem to have the fortitude to do likewise.or maybe he knows his limitations and isn’t good enough.

  4. I think Chip Kelly used all these NFL interviews as leverage against the Oregon Boosters.

    He’s basically threatening them to back off, give him space and let him just worry about football – not golf outings and luncheons.

  5. Guys a scumbag only motivated by every dollar he can get. Offense won’t work in the nfl and he knows it. Can’t stand this guy and this is year two of burning nfl bridges. Good luck getting a job in the future doosh. Maybe the raiders still. Lol

  6. He knows his best bet to win with his offense in the NFL is wait until Marcus Mariota is ready to enter the draft and go to a team with a chance to get him.

  7. I still don’t know why teams that are interested in Chip Kelly dont look at what Hue Jackson did with the Raiders in 2009 & 2010. When Hue was here we were putting 30-50 points up on professional teams and Hue can develop and get production out of any player. He even had out OT Kalif Barnes catching TD passes. Hue’s a GM’a dream. It amazing that he’s not even getting a interview.

  8. He’s waiting for Johnny Football to come out. Whatever team is picking first that year, will need a QB, and a HC. I think he’s gonna make his pitch at that time.

  9. These comments are a prime example of success breeding envy.

    Kelly is a very successful coach in a top conference.

    Why shouldn’t he wait for the right fit in the NFL? Too many coaches seem to just take a job and then fail.

    As for what he does translating to the NFL that just shows the naivete of some of you posters.

    Kelly is a very intelligent coach and he will develop a system that will work in the NFL within his philosophy.

    You can trash talk all you want but the simple fact and reality is Kelly is considered one of the top coaches in the league running one of the top programs.

  10. “Here, Chip! Come coach the Browns! We’re an awful team, but at least you’ll get to be in Cleveland!!”

    I’d probably make the same choice…

  11. Who would want to play or coach for the Browns, since a losing team moved to Baltimore and started winning, than a team comes back to Cleveland and immediately picks up chronically getting whooped? How could over a decades worth of coaches be the problem, how could a decades worth of draft picks all go wrong? I think the Browns should hire a voodoo priest cause y’all gots the bad mojo. Seriously how does that happen in 10-12 years to not even be right by accident a couple of times?

  12. Chip needs very specific personnel for his system to work in the NFL. The Browns weren’t close. The Eagles were close but likely not willing to replace Nick Foles with a more mobile option. Kelly has great leverage as opposed to other coaches considering he holds a marquee job. NFL teams might get sick of his waffling act but when a job opens that fits his needs, he’ll come.

  13. Pulling a Farve in reverse. Tired of hearing about this. Wonder what this does to his recruiting ability and if Oregon whiffs on some good talent due to his always looking to leave.

  14. You Oregon fans suggesting Chip freaking Kelly can pick and choose which NFL team he wants to “bring his talents to” are totally out of your minds. Hilarious! Nick Satan has 4 National Championships and not even he carries that kind of weight. Another delusional fanbase.

  15. Whew. Surprised at the negativity. He’s a great college coach and delivered great excitement and entertainment since he arrived. I’m thrilled he is staying. We Ducks are having a ball. And when he goes, he goes.

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