ProFootballTalk: Previewing Ravens at Broncos

The PFT guys look at key matchups in the AFC divisional playoff game pitting the Ravens at the Broncos. Can Baltimore’s front seven contain Denver’s rushing attack? Will Ray Lewis be the difference the Ravens need to end their nine-game skid against Peyton Manning-led teams?

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10 responses to “ProFootballTalk: Previewing Ravens at Broncos

  1. What would you predict the spread of the game to be if:

    – the Ravens were missing their pro bowl guard Yanda and starting the largely unknown Jah Reid in his place?

    – it hadn’t yet dawned on your coaches to let a 9- time pro-bowl left tackle mauler out of the doghouse?

    – Last year’s reigning DPOY was reeling with a severly strained bicep?

    – the players’ rated best defensive lineman of the year was reeling with a pesky knee injury?

    – a still-effective, first ballot haller, defensive captain, SMLB wasn’t playing on account of torn triceps?

    – the starting WMLB was done for the year with a spinal contusion?

    – the second string MLB and up to that point, leading tackler on the team, was out with two broken thumbs and a sprained ankle?

    – the rotation of corners, all but one of whom started the year off on the practice squad was trying to cover?

    – the starting SS for help in the box was out?

    – the Monday of that week you had fired your OC of five years and the new OC had 5 days to jel with his squad?

    And oh… Peyton Manning was coming to town?

    I’m shocked they got him to go 3-and-out so many times. And I’m even shocked that they only lost by 17.

    I’ll be less shocked when they win this weekend.

  2. None of the above matters. The old and slow B’less defense will get shredded, Flacco will get picked 3 times, and Ed Reed will continue to do his imitation of a tree stump. The Ravens wouldn’t have made the playoffs without the ref’s help and they wouldn’t have survived the Colts without the ref’s handing them the game. Biggest joke in all the NFL.
    Go Broncs!

  3. I hope the Raven’s inevitable departure is delayed, beating Denver and going all the way to the AFC title game. Then the FO will be so sold on Flacco they lock him up for years at ridiculous money. And Steeler fans everywhere rejoice and rejoice….

  4. The above aren’t excuses in as much as they’re a list of crucial things that’ll be different.

    Don’t get me wrong, a loss is a loss.

    It should be a different game is all I’m saying.

  5. Just amazing how Ravens fans still blasting Steelers. Guess there getting ready for next season. Cause this season is over! Ravens been a fraud all year ..

  6. steeler fan sarcastically says steeler fans will “rejoice” if Joe signs long time. Have you been watching? Joe’s beat you lately and won the last 2 AFC North crowns. Where do you see improvement in the future?

  7. This will be a much closer game than last time. If Flacco plays like he did vs the Gnats, Ravens will win. In any case, they will put some hurt on the Broncos.

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