ProFootballTalk: Previewing Seahawks at Falcons

The Seahawks will look to get physical when they visit the Falcons and the PFT guys wonder if Russell Wilson can work his playoff magic again.

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8 responses to “ProFootballTalk: Previewing Seahawks at Falcons

  1. I love that they are finally giving Seattle the love they deserve! 6 of the NFL corners in the NFL are over 6’2 and Seattle has 3 of them. Beasts! Go Hawks!

  2. Yes, they love to say the Seattle corners are “bullies”…code for dirty. The Seahawks have had 131 penalties this year, the Falcons had 68, least in the league and they’re 13-3. Keep up the “bullying”, it’s going to cost you first downs when you have the ball and give up first downs when the Falcons have it. The Falcons aren’t going to be intimidated, they’ll just push your buttons and take advantage of the results. You get the lowest penalty record by being better and smarter than your opponent.

    Two weeks of football in Atlanta then off to the Big Easy.

  3. Falcons, heed these words, for despair is upon you. You know not what approaches. Merciless anguish and neverending heartbreak is your destiny as a new empire descends upon the land. Witness the birth firsthand under your own roof. Witness the birth of a new force. Witness the Legion of BOOM and the SEAHAWKS EMPIRE.

  4. Come join us and witness as the dirty birds will be baptised and washed clean by the majestic birds of the sea. Services will be held at the Georgia dome Sunday 1pm et. Peace be with you.

  5. ” The Falcons aren’t going to be intimidated, they’ll just push your buttons and take advantage of the results.”

    Page 1, Chapter 1 of the Richard Sherman playbook.

    U mad bro?

  6. seenoland54–yes Seattle had a lot of Penalties, they did improve in that area as the season went on. However, only 5 DPI and 2 Illegal Contact penalties all year are the numbers I heard. Bullies also refers to bump and run but also to running plays and the fact that when a QB steps out of the pocket, that receiver is fair game, and they will get rocked all game long by those CBs, until they stop trying.

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