Ray Rice takes issue with reporters questioning his fumbles

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Ravens running back Ray Rice fumbled twice on Sunday. He would prefer that reporters not bring that up when interviewing him.

When he was asked about those fumbles, Rice said he didn’t understand why one game was being held against him after he played 16 games in the regular season without fumbling a single time.

“I didn’t fumble all year. So I don’t really get that question,” Rice said, via ESPN.com.

It’s actually not correct for Rice to say he didn’t fumble all year: He did fumble in Week 11 against the Steelers, although the fumble went out of bounds so there was no harm done. And although Rice has a great track record of holding onto the ball in the regular season, playoff fumbles have been a problem for him: He now has seven career fumbles on a total of 1,527 touches in his regular-season career (one for every 218 touches) but five fumbles on 152 touches in his postseason carer (one for every 30 touches). So what’s going on in the playoffs?

“It’s just me being smart in the situation. You look at how many touches I had already. My fumble ratio is way down. Once again, I’m going to address it — I’m not a fumbler. You guys know that, and that’ll be the last time I address me fumbling. It won’t happen again,” Rice said.

The fact that Rice’s fumbles are way up in the playoffs may be nothing more than a statistical fluke from a relatively low sample size. Ravens fans can only hope that’s the case, and that Rice is right when he says it won’t happen again.

54 responses to “Ray Rice takes issue with reporters questioning his fumbles

  1. When Ray Rice gets a ton of touches, the Ravens usually win. When he doesn’t, and Flacco throws 40-50+ passes (i.e. make Flacco beat you mentality), they usually lose.

    I don’t think his fumbles are a big deal because he has shown that he can be trusted with the ball. And he’s played in 10+ playoff games now.

    Give the ball to Ray if you want to win.

  2. Remember that 3rd quarter fumble against the Steelers back in 2011 Ray? I sure do, Ryan Clark came through and trucked you!

  3. whats he going to address? it happens to every running back. it would have been a bigger issue if they lost.

    although i’m not a ravens fan, i get where he’s coming from. its the same logic that follows as to why some people won’t complain about bad ref calls that go against them but in the end, don’t impact the final result. i think its just an antagonistic question that one cannot expect a positive response from the player.

  4. It could have something to do with the higher level of competition in the playoffs. Good QB’s throw picks and talented runners fumble. The intensity is greater.

  5. Maybe he fumbles more in the playoffs because he tends to be playing against the smartest teams that are trained to try and strip the ball like they should. The teams that can’t create TO’s don’t make it into the playoffs unless they have a secret weapon beyond TOs to make up for it which is rare.

  6. Ray Rice, just do like Lynch and don’t spend a single minute talking to reporters in your career. Just do you my man, you’re one of the best in the business.

  7. He needs to stop being such a tryhard. When you feel people start to tackle put both hands on the ball and go down. Instead I see him flailing around trying to squeeze an extra yard when it’s not needed. Go down, and protect the ball, and stop trying to be a hero.

  8. Or it could be that in the playoffs you are facing the best teams, teams who are more likely to be proficient at creating turnovers, at a time when creating those turnovers is even more crucial?

  9. He’s a post season fumble machine! Can’t wait til von miller makes him cough it up twice! Go Broncos!

  10. It’s only a fumble if it’s recovered by the opposing team… So you are incorrect, Rice has not fumbled all year.

    Michael David Smith: Um, no. It’s a fumble any time a player who has possession of the ball loses possession of the ball. Whether it’s recovered by that player, one of his teammates, one of the opponents or it rolls out of bounds, it’s still a fumble. But thanks for your fact checking!

  11. blacknole08 says:
    Jan 8, 2013 12:46 PM
    When Ray Rice gets a ton of touches, the Ravens usually win. When he doesn’t, and Flacco throws 40-50+ passes (i.e. make Flacco beat you mentality), they usually lose.


    When Ray gets a ton of touches, the Ravens are usually already winning. When Flacco throws 40-50 passes, it’s because they have to pick up chunks of yards with limited time while playing down.

    An OC who deliberately calls running plays while down big with limted time gets destroyed by the media and fans. One of those guy swas named Cam Cameron.

  12. You know what I take issue with, Ray Rice? I take issue with your fumbling. Suck it up. If you don’t like the questions, give reporters something else to talk about…like NOT fumbling.

  13. ratbirdking | Jan 8, 2013, 12:41 PM EST
    Cue the steelers worms.

    Come on dude you can do better than that. And Ray put on your big boy pants when talking to reporters otherwise you sound like a child

  14. When you are in the playoffs, every team you play has better talent that the ones you play during the regular season. So when he has to play against better players then his fumbles go up. So basically he’s just not as good against the teams with better talent.

  15. Oh com’on Rice..Just laugh it off! You’re teamates’ your fans and the most important people in your life know you’re a fumbler..Not a big deal..Don’t worry about the stupid reporters and there idiotic questions..

  16. I predict one Joseph Flacco to go to Denver and he will smoke the bronco secondary for 350 and 4 tds and ray ray will get his 100 and 2 tds Baltimore 45 broncos 20 Remember where you heard it 1st

  17. Three more points.

    1. Ray Rice is also the one that set up several of their scores. No questions from reporters about the good things.

    2. Rice’s two uncharacteristic fumbles, one in the red zone, combined with (what I counted were) 6 potential picks by Luck left on the field means this game could have been considerably more lopsided than it ended up being.

    3. Later in that same interview Rice said something poignant. He said that he ust signed a 5 year contract, and he’d like to play effectively for those 5 years. And that is the secret to why he doesn’t usually complain about running-in-committee and having limited touches.

  18. Ray Rice fumbled the ball two times in one game against a bad defense that isn’t known for causing turnovers. I’d be a little worried if I was a Ravens fan. I’m pretty sure Rice didn’t touch the ball again after that second fumble so the coaching staff is at least aware there is a potential problem.

  19. blacknole08 says:
    Jan 8, 2013 12:46 PM
    When Ray Rice gets a ton of touches, the Ravens usually win.

    No. When the ravens win, Ray Rice gets a ton of touches.

  20. I honestly believe that statistic gets skewed in the playoffs across the board. Running backs receivers are trying harder to do more and get the extra yards leaving themselves more vulnerable. Couple that with defensive players trying to create more turnovers.

  21. little Ray will lose the game for the birds on Sat because he messed with the terrible towel…….they never learn….

  22. All joking aside Ray needs to talk about it as much as he can otherwise reporters will know his hot point and go for it to piss him off. Then it gets in his head and he becomes a Mendenhall . Ray as long as you know and have a short memory it will be fine.

  23. Ray Rice better start worrying about those fumbles, because I’m sure I’m not the only one that has seen how good Bernard Pierce can be. And this is coming from a Ravens Fan.

  24. ravenator says:
    Jan 8, 2013 1:24 PM
    Ravens are in the postseason. What about the steelers?


    What about the Steelers? Did they fumble twice in the game against the Colts this past weekend? Was this story about the Steelers? Did anyone even MENTION the Steelers?

  25. ravenator says:
    Jan 8, 2013 1:24 PM
    Ravens are in the postseason. What about the steelers?

    16 9
    Glad you are up on the news dude. What do you think about rices fumbles and do you think it will hurt the ravens in the Super Bowl…..oh that’s right they don’t go there. Cheers

  26. Steeler Ben. Ur an idiot. Steelers suck. Time to rebuild that old def and maybe find a halfway decent linemen. Ravens will dominate this division for years while Pitt will fighting the browns for last

  27. “You guys know that, and that’ll be the last time I address me fumbling. It won’t happen again,” Rice said.

    I may be wrong, but when i originally heard this, I took it as a commitment that Rice wasn’t going to fumble again—read the two sentences together—it’s the last time he’ll have to address it because it won’t happen again.

  28. Notice how there are no steeler articles, it’s because you are no longer relevant. Let that sink in, cheers!

  29. Seriously everyone knows he fumbled twice … what do you want him to say …”I did not fumble the ball”.
    I just don’t get the question.

  30. For a guy who likes to strut around preening as he flexes his biceps to show the world how tough and rough he is, he has rather thin skin, does he not?

  31. What I really want to know is whether Ray Lewis has recovered yet from that horrible seizure he suffered as he left the tunnel last Sunday. He looked like he was in incredible pain or suffering a stroke maybe.

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