Report: Dennis Thurman will become Jets new defensive coordinator

During his Tuesday morning press conference, Jets coach Rex Ryan made one thing clear:  defensive coordinator Mike Pettine won’t be back.

Ryan declined to name Pettine’s likely replacement, even though it seems that Ryan already knows who it will be.  (Ryan at one point mentioned waiting until the ink dries, which was an excellent Freudian tattoo slip.)

Manish Mehta of the New York Daily News reports that the next defensive coordinator is expected to be defensive backs coach Dennis Thurman, with Thurman and Ryan sharing the duties of calling plays.  That’s exactly how it worked when Pettine arrived, with Ryan becoming less and less involved over time.

Thurman arrived with Ryan in 2009, and Thurman and Ryan spent seven prior seasons together in Baltimore.

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  1. “Jets coach Rex Ryan made one thing clear: Mike Pettine won’t be back as defensive coordinator.”

    Well Florio, according to MDS, Rex was hoping Pettine would return.

  2. So, going with the pattern, who’ll be the defensive coordinator then next year when Thurman is blamed?

  3. coltzfan166:

    Ryan did want Pettine back, which is why the Jets offered him a contract extension earlier this season. When Pettine turned that down, they had to look elsewhere.

    Thurman was a logical (and good) choice. The secondary has always been good on the Jets since Thurman arrived (although Revis and Cromartie might have something to do with that too).

  4. “That’s exactly how it worked when Pettine arrived, with Ryan becoming less and less involved over time.”

    That defense also got worse and worse over time. Rex should be taking a more active role calling plays on D.

  5. “my bet Pettine will be a Bill…they are on a mission”… a mission to what we ask?

    Remain out of the playoffs for yet another year? Move to Canada? Please, the suspense is killing me.

  6. luvnlfe says:Jan 8, 2013 1:54 PM

    my bet Pettine will be a Bill…they are on a mission…

    That would be a good place for him to land. The Bills have a lot of good defensive players. This season was a pretty big let down for the Bills defensively, so the pieces would be there for Pettine. (Jets fan though, so I hope he goes NFC).

  7. Pettine knows Rex will get fired after next season and that the new GM will probably burn the place down and rebuild it.

    He’s looking to go to a team (maybe Buffalo) where he can sign a deal with more security. Marrone ain’t going anywhere for at least a few years……

  8. I must have been transported to bizarro world.

    Because I know in the real world NFL teams don’t reward coaches who have missed the playoffs two years in a row and completely lost control of their players by not only letting them keep their job, but allowing them to add to and consolidate their power.

    First, the Jets keep Ryan while getting rid of the GM.

    Next, they tell candidates that they have to be willing to work with Ryan if they want the GM job.

    Then they allow Ryan to make significant changes to the coaching staff without input from said new GM.

    They are sending a pretty clear message to GM candidates about who exactly will be running things in NY next year. What self respecting GM with options would ever go there?

  9. Pettine built his defense around Darrelle Revis. I can’t wait to see what he can do with Stephon Gilmore and company in Buffalo.

    Hey hehateme2, The Bills aren’t moving anywhere anytime soon. We will remain the only team in New York State for many years to come.

  10. I hope Thurman enjoys this very brief moment in the spotlight. Because whatever success the Jet defense has during his tenure, Rex Ryan is sure to take the credit. The only time his name will ever be mentioned again is when the Jets scapegoat him, and blame him for any failures. Teflon Rex, dodges another bullet….. and Pats fans could be happier.

  11. Pettine is a good Coordinator and I do give him credit for some of the success the Jets have had. It was a good move to go to another team, as he was stuck in Rex’s defensive shadow and probably needed a new start if he hopes to ever be a head coach. I wish him the best.

  12. Pettine was the unnamed source leaking all of the inside info to the media. The Jets wanted him to re-up during the summer but now they’re happy to show him the door.

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