Report: Jags want Caldwell to be G.M.


After three interviews with the Jaguars for their vacant G.M. position, Falcons director of player personnel Dave Caldwell agreed to take a second interview with the Jets.  It sparked rumblings that Caldwell was looking for more money from the Jaguars than the Jaguars and owner Shahid Khan were willing to pay.

Now, the Jaguars and owner Shahid Khan apparently are willing to pay.

Jay Glazer of FOX reports that the Jaguars have “tabbed” Caldwell as the team’s next G.M., but that the two sides still have to work out a deal.

Which means they haven’t worked out a deal.  Which means that, in theory, they may not.

Either way, Caldwell has given up his biggest piece of leverage.  Per Glazer, Caldwell has told the Jets that he’s out of their search.

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  1. This will be done by tonight or tomorrow. I don’t think Jacksonville is a great job, but it is at least a clean slate to build a team how you want to. I am not so sure the Jets job is one I would personally want to touch until some serious changes were made.

  2. Which means that, it’s gonna cost a whole lot of money for the Jets to actually snatch him away. Who would want to go work for that circus when they can work for a filthy rich owner with an amazing mustache, with plenty of salary cap room and the freedom to pick their own HC (as opposed to being stuck with Ryan)? Caldwell will be Jags GM soon enough.

  3. The decision to force the new GM to keep Rex Ryan will keep them from getting a GM who has options.

    I said on the other post that Khan could certainly afford to pay whatever the Jets could and Khan has NOT come out publicly and said whoever was hired had to keep Mike Mularkey as coach.

    Those two things alone make the Jags a better job. Throw in gobs of cap space and no crippling contracts on the books, and I am surprised that anyone would be surprised by this.

  4. Looks like the Jets are bridesmaids again. Such is life for the Redheaded Stepchild of NY Football!

  5. Supposedly this guy is a big time GM prospect. I hope he works out for my jags but I think a GM is only as good as his scouts. Lets hope he raids the best scout teams and doesn’t just invite his freinds over. San Fran and Seattle have had some good drafts as of late.

  6. Any playoff news? There are games coming up this weekend. Who cares about all these wannabe’s.

  7. Caldwell is not happy that the Jags want him to grow a ‘stash as a condition og employment and are only willing to throw in 2 bottles of ‘stash cream a year. Negotiations are ongoing as Caldwell wants three bottles.

  8. In

    I know it’s a business but if u want to succeed
    u have to spend some extra money to make money. Right now Jax suck. He seems like a tight wad. Wasn’t willing to pay MJD any more money. I don’t see him having a successful team if he keeps this up. He needs to look at how the successful teams are getting it done. Andy Reid is looking to try & take one of the Packers assistant coaches just as the Raiders owner took McKinzie from us then he took another guy from the Packers organization.

  9. If the NY Jets don’t get Caldwell that they sign up Marc Ross

    Here’s what are saying.
    Marc Ross has interviewed for general manager positions with the Seahawks, the Colts and the Bears. He has not landed any of those jobs, a fact which doesn’t exactly upset the Giants, who still employ Ross as their director of college scouting.
    “Selfishly, we’re happy he’s staying with us,” Giants GM Jerry Reese said, “but I think some people missed out on a great opportunity for a very good GM candidate with Marc Ross.”
    Reese praised his staff up and down this week in Indianapolis, and the 38-year-old Princeton-educated Ross is a large part of the Giants’ success.

  10. The state income tax in NY is a none issue as the team has there offices in NJ.

    Next on the list of facts Woodie Johnson is from the Johnson and Johnson Johnson’s so I would hazard a guess that Woodie has as much if not more money then Kahn.

    Now after all that I hope he goes to the jags who wants to be tagged as capt of the Titanic.

    And also if he does not go to the jags he will spend his life fearing the wrath of Khan

    Also of he goes to the jags maybe he can get some of that fine corinthin leather.

  11. The Jets players and coaches live in NJ and their corporate offices are in Florham Park NJ=NO state income tax ….it’s a non issue.
    He’s taking the easiest road as we all would no media, more cap space a young team and nowhere to go but up,if he took the Jets job he’d be under a microscope 24/7 be at the cap ,have a ton of bad contracts and be in the 3 ring media circus that is Jets football.

  12. The tie breaker for me would be, if you are the GM for the Jets, you get to rid the cancerous Tebow. If you are the GM for Jacksonville, you’ll have to become infected with the cancer. Take the Jets job.

  13. “captainslapnuts says: Jan 8, 2013 5:44 PM

    The tie breaker for me would be, if you are the GM for the Jets, you get to rid the cancerous Tebow. If you are the GM for Jacksonville, you’ll have to become infected with the cancer. Take the Jets job.”

    Says who? Tebow’s agent in that Mortensen report?

  14. You don’t just raid scout teams. Those guys are always kept under contracts, most roll over. The good ones. If they’re available there is a reason.

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