Reports: Rob Ryan fired in Dallas


Jets coach Rex Ryan saved his job.  His fraternal twin can’t say the same thing.

The Cowboys have fired defensive coordinator Rob Ryan, according to multiple reports.

Rob Ryan took the job in 2011, after being fired by the Browns.

Cowboys owner Jerry Jones has vowed that changes are coming to the franchise.  He also has lamented the absence of fundamentals, like solid and basic tackling skills.

At the NFL level, Rob Ryan has worked for the Raiders, Patriots, and Cardinals.  It’s possible that the Cowboys will look to replace Rob Ryan with Mike Pettine, who has served as Rex Ryan’s defensive coordinator since 2009.

There’s a chance that Rob Ryan will join the Jets’ coaching staff, but Rex didn’t hire Rob when he was available two years ago.  Rex reportedly will be making Dennis Thurman the new defensive coordinator in New York.

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  1. How do you fire Rob Ryan who managed to make that Defense still rank 19th overall after all the injuries, yet keep that clown Jason Garrett as a HC…?…Give me a break JJ…& I’m a die hard Cowboys fan…I can’t even make an excuse for this debacle…!

  2. LOL, Jerry keeps making Jerry decisions and probably firing the wrong people, and I don’t even like Ryan. But as a skins fan leave the HC, GM and QB in place and we’ll be good, even if it has to be with Cousins for a while.

  3. browns simply let him and then-offensive coordinator brian daboll interview elsewhere. at which point ryan accepted the lateral move to dallas

  4. This might be just the right guy to take over the 3-4 framework left behind by Coach Crennel in KC

  5. Have been waiting a week for this. It is an appropriate move. The Cowboys need to project a good image and he does not.

    Now I would have preferred that Mr Garrett being handed walking papers, as I don’t think he is competent right now to be a HC because he didn’t have enough experience as a OC. But I don’t think that will happen, which is unfortunate because there are better HC options.

  6. Jerry Jones is a pompous idiot. He has a yes man as a head coach and a quarterback who cant produce in the clutch.

  7. I agree with the lack of fundamentals being applied (Mike Jenkins I’m looking RIGHT AT YOU) but shouldn’t Garrett bear the brunt of that? I was far less impressed with the amount of times Romo was having to yell at receivers who ran incorrect routes.
    I highly doubt Garrett made the final say though. And that’s the problem. Garrett needs to grow a pair, and get this offense angry. I’ve had it up to here with the million false start penalties a game, and Romo turning the ball over because Olgetree didn’t graduate from Juco.

  8. Jerrah Jone this is trrrrble. The only good thing about your team last year was the defense. I think Jerrah Jone is gonna make Jerrah Jone this next defensive coordinator in Dallas.

  9. Next year’s D might be outstanding with the right guy. We have Lee, Carter, Scandrick, Church, Ratliff all coming back which will be huge in and of itself. Things are looking up as long as we don’t get some scrub to run the defense.

  10. The guy still had a bright future left in this league. If he gets to a team where the owner realizes that it’s ABOUT THE TEAM and not him or the 25 family members in the owners box every week. Rob led a good group of players but with the injuries they had it was hard to keep them going. Maybe Jones will fire the coach that deserves it most and do some inner soul searching to realize he needs to remove himself from direct operations of the team. Until he does that there will be nothing but bad karma in Dallas.

  11. As a cowboys fan I am TICKED. Our defense was finally coming together. Add a healthy Sean Lee Bruce Carter another year of experience for Claiborne etc and this was a top 8 or 9 defense. For the first time in a long time the Cowboys could stop the run this year before Sean Lee went out. I am baffled by this.

  12. That’s the easy way out Jerrah!! That’s not making a statement about winning!! That defense was down to third stringers!

  13. He will go to the jets…i bet he and rex argue and make up every other week and tim tebow will have to break up at least 7 fights between them #freetebow

  14. Dumbest move the defense had like 6 starters hurt people playing from off the street and still holding teams when needed and not giving up a lot of points after turnovers after turnovers

  15. Fundamentals…..The bodies we did manage to keep on the field looked like no one ever taught them to tackle. Those exotic blitz packages didn’t produce no where near the amount of pressure we needed to create against the QBs we played this year. How can CowBoyNation complain about Jerry wanting to instill fundamentals and get a coach that will actually bring that to the practice field? I truly believe Garrett’s offense can get it done if we actually have more than one starting caliber O-lineman!!!

  16. Jerry Jones just hired himself as defensive coordinator head coach and offensive coordinator. Nothing has changed.

  17. ARE YOU KIDDING ME! With the amount of injuries we had he did a great job with scrubs like Ernie simms and Dan Connor starting Jerry I hate you so much

  18. What B.S. I thought he did a heck of a job with all those injuries. And you fire him two weeks after your season is over so the guy has a tougher time getting a job! Great work, Jerry. And I’m a Cowboys fan and someone who defends Jerry more then most!

  19. Rob is a helluva coach but its hard to keep the players on track when the owner always trying to have his input with in the field matters. Al Davis Pt 2

  20. If you recall Garrett wanted Horton, Fangio, and believe the D-coord from San Diego, before finally having to settle for last option Rob Ryan.

    Get Horton.

  21. I can hear his response, “sure I’ve never had an effective defense, no defense I’ve ever coached had a winning record, but, did you see how cool my hair looks on the sideline?

  22. Take a Lovie Smith or Romeo Crennel to run the D. Crennel would be a great choice to stick with the 3-4. I don’t agree with the firing though. Garrett should have gone first, Ryan wasn’t awful with the healthy staff he had. In reality for the money he’s paid I understand the firing too.

  23. These comments are hilarious, I can’t top them. I fully agree with the one Ryan down, one to go sentiment.

    Also the clown Garrett needs to ride out of town too…maybe even take the choker Romo with him.

  24. This isn’t a strategic move. This is a cultural move. That loud mouth crap from an average coach is outdated. Best organizations are buttoned up, tight lipped teams (I.E. Steelers, Packers, Patriots)

  25. Is he ugly? Yes.

    Is he fat? You bet!

    Does he lack people skills? Darn Toot’n!

    Does he have the best hair these eyes have seen? YES SIR!

    he’s a beast! woot woot

  26. Wow. this guy took a bunch of scrubs (after injuries) and ranked that defense 19th overall and JJ was dumb enough to fire him? Good bye any chance of the playoffs next year

  27. What has this guy ever really done in the NFL? He’s probably one of the top ten over hyped, over rated people in the NFL, players included.

  28. Wait, all you clowns are now SUPPORTING this buffoon, saying he did well with players injured?

    Were you watching the same sucky defense all year that the rest of us were?

    Ryan ran one of the most disappointing defensive units in the NFC, and you guys are crying that he got canned???

  29. That defensive issue was not his fault. Garrett is the problem, not Ryan. His main problem was every time he ran his mouth his defense crumbled. As long as he shut up his defense was OK, considering the key injuries. The Cowboys were literally signing LBs off the street.

    That said, Lovie Smith just found his landing spot as DC when nobody hires him as HC (Bills should have)

  30. Damn shame rob isn’t the problem…..lee,carter,church,coleman,scandrick hasmissed just about all the season ratliff n ware wasn’t healthy he made due with what he had. jerry need to fire himself n hire a coach like bill cowher to run show it sucks being a cowboy fan

  31. thereisalwaysnextyear says:Jan 8, 2013 7:45 PM

    LOL, Jerry keeps making Jerry decisions and probably firing the wrong people, and I don’t even like Ryan. But as a skins fan leave the HC, GM and QB in place and we’ll be good, even if it has to be with Cousins for a while.

    Like I said yesterday. Worry about your team. Should I sit here and start naming all the backup QB’s who had one game wonders and then fell of the face of the earth? Rob Johnson, Matt Cassel or how about Matt Flynn? Maybe you should worry about your defense especially that secondary but I’m sure you will get a blue chip prospect with your first round pick…Oops I forgot.

    Your GM, your Coach and QB are sitting at home watching the play-offs just like they have since 1991 yet they are so much better. Please!!! Should I bring up the article of your FB crying like a girl over so called cheap shots.

    Like I said worry about your team especially that god awful song. Sounds like a bunch of high school freshman getting hyped over their first prep rally. Have you paid attention to the lyrics. Horrible I tell you. You sure you’re not a undercover Cowboys fans since your always posting on Cowboys articles???


  32. I always felt like the Cowboys issues on defense were more personnel than coaching/scheme. Kinda feels like Rob was just made the scapegoat.

  33. Out of the 3 top guys you would look at as logical terminations… the wrong one got fired… Head coach and “GM” shoulda been first out the door

  34. Rob Ryan was just a scapegoat. The real issue is the GM and Head Coach/Offensive Coordinator. Jerry Needs to fire himself, hire a real GM, Head Coach and Offensive Coordinator. But, he’s too stubborn to do either. He doesn’t want a coach that is in control and he doesn’t want to relinquish control and sit back and collect the money like most owners.

  35. Did someone actually say Rob Ryan should get a head coaching job? He has been fired twice as Def. Cor. Why would an owner hand his franchise over to a loud-mouthed coach who doesn’t back up his arrogance? It looks like the Ryans ate making their way down the coaching ladder. I can see Rob as a position coach and Rex as a coordinator and then before you know it they will fade away.

  36. Just kinda get the impression that Rob Ryan did not kiss Jerruh’s ass to the degree in which he is accustomed.

    Jason Garrett is making a How-To video on that topic at the moment.

    The Cowboys are not that much different from the Jets……..

  37. He’s a fat slob in Dallas just like he was a fat slob in Oakland. But in Oakland he blamed his lack of success on Al Davis’s mandated schemes. Then he went on to stink up the place in Cleveland and Dallas despite finally being able to run his own schemes.

    No matter where he ends up his defenses can’t tackle and take bad angles.

  38. Jerry needs to fire himself, I’m an Eagles fan yet acknowledge that Dallas’s defense did very well this year especially with the setbacks they had. If you’re going to fire Rob, fire the whole team.

  39. I’ve always thought Ryan was at his best as a position coach, not a coordinator. When you’re a position coach you can’t run your mouth as much to the media and your job is less complicated. Ryan’s defensive scheme seemed all wrong even when the defense was healthy. You have all these corners, why not press cover and blitz with your lbs instead of playing soft and going zone. He also tries to get too cute with his wacky alignments. People will point to the games cleveland confused Brady and Brees when he was there, but those are isolated incidents. The best policy, and what I want in the next DC, is someone who will send guys out there, match the other team man for man, and just play regular, good old fashioned defense. No cute alignments, no constant shifting, this isn’t madden where you can just nano-blitz over and over again…

  40. For my true Cowboys fans who actually watched our games. How many times did we see 3rd and 15, a 3rd and 20 only to see a 2 or 3 man rush while everyone playing zone? How many times was it 3rd and 5 while having Carr and Clairborne playing 10 yards back? How about the in game adjustments that never happen until it was too late?

    Now all we need is DeCamillis gone and hopefully Jason Garret with his 3rd and 1, 3rd and 2 pass plays.

    Just a wish bit doesn’t Bill Cowher as a HC, Norv Tuner as OC and Lovie Smith as DC sound awfully good compare to what we have?

  41. @pinion8ted
    What games were you watching this year??
    This guy had them ranked in the middle of the pack with me and my 2 neighbors playing LB and my sons buddies playing DB, good lord man his 3 best players went down and the rest were in and out all season.
    I’m not even a fan of the girls and i know this was a stupid move.

  42. U cowboy fans need to chill. Jerry Jones is doing what is best for the dallas cowboys, by having the coaching staff walk on egg shells in 2013, instead of living large like a country club. Whoever the cowboys select as the next defensive coordinator, he will have a gold mine to work with. Even though it will be still the 3-4, it will probably take til 2014 to see the results on a consistent basis.

  43. ninjapealzee and finfan are right – Jerry will hire Lovie if Lovie doesn’t get a head coaching gig. The announcement of the Eagles interviewing Lovie is quickly followed by Rob Ryan getting fired. I predicted a couple of weeks ago that Lovie would end up either as Jags HC or Cowboys DC. Jerry may make Lovie an offer he can’t refuse (DC with the possibility of becoming HC in a year or two? Lovie grew up a Cowboy fan. Watch out, Jason Garrett)

  44. Sounds like a scape goat to me! Defense was respectable despite a lot of injuries and Dallas D was next to last before Ryan. Funny how Jets scapegoated O and D coordinators to cover for Rex and then brother Rob is the revers in Big D

  45. I thought jerry was just old but now i see that he is senile on top of this. can you please show yourself the door. as a matter of fact why dont you let someone evaluate your efforts as a gm and see if you still have that position once their complete. The cowboys will never be sjjjiiiitttt again.

  46. He’s nothing but a bigmouth jerk like his brother. Why any team would hire either one of them is beyond me

  47. You know you have to love skins fans, They crawl out of the basement for 1 year and act like they just won 3 superbowls in a row. lol Enjoy it while you can you are going back to the basement next year.

  48. So does Jerry Jones determine who is retained or not? If so, it’s a recipe for disaster and you begin to understand the 20 years of unraveling . Does anybody ask this question of him?

    How do successful business guys not understand micromanaging eventually catches up to you?

  49. You know you have to love skins fans, They crawl out of the basement for 1 year and act like they just won 3 superbowls in a row. lol Enjoy it while you can you are going back to the basement next year. lol

  50. Now who will be the default camera shot when Unbeatable Dallas plays in prime time, as they do far too often relative to their record?

    It can’t be Garrett, since he’s about as visibly emotional as a soap dish. It can’t be Tony Romo, Celebrity Quarterback (TM), since he has only one expression, “That INT can’t be my fault, I’m Tony Romo!” I guess they’ll have to go back to showing Ol’ Facelift.

  51. Would like to se him join the Pats, then send Rex a Xmas card next year with Rob Kissing Bill’s rings.

  52. When will Rob and Rex realize that livin off of Buddy’s legacy isn’t so hot?

    After all, Buddy had a decent on field jab…

  53. Poor tackling and lack of fundamentals can be put squarely on the CBA. How can you become good at these things if you can not practice them? What is it down to for the number of practices they can hit in? It’s ridiculous.

  54. Jerry Jones only hires pushovers who wont challenge him (Garrett and Phillips) and fires or pushes away the ones who do challenge him (Ryan Parcells). And then he wonders why his teams underperform. As a skins fan, most of us always thought Snyder was the worst owner ever. Then he finally woke up, hired a real GM, and has been silent ever since. With Al Davis dead and buried, I think its safe to say now that Jerry Jones is the worst owner in the NFL. Definitely the worst GM.

  55. The Dallas Cowboys have the worst personnel and rational in not only the NFL, but of all football. Jerry Jones, and his side kick, Jason Garrett, have decided that Rob Ryan should be fired as Defensive Coordinator as of today. His defense was #1 in many categories, before his starting MLBs were hurt, then he lost much of the rest of the defense to injury. Lee, Carter, Ratliff, Coleman, Scandrick, Church, all starters, were hurt and there were others injured throughout the season. Absolutely terrible decision!

  56. Here is the real reason why Rob Ryan got fired:

    Jerrah Jones personally picked Jason Garrett to become HC-in-waiting while Bill Parcells was still employed in Big D as the HC.

    But Rob Ryan was not picked by him and got hired by Garrett AFAIK. If Jerrah would have fired Garrett, he would have indirectly admitted that he made a big mistake. But this is not going to happen with JJ.

    The only recourse Cowboys fans have is to vote with their dollar bills.

  57. So Rob is the fall guy for the yearly disappointment in Dallas huh? Its Robs fault that Jery has no idea what hes doing? Its Robs fault that Garrett makes idiot calls? Its Robs fault Romo CHOKES when it counts???????? WHAT A JOKE IN DALLAS!!!!

  58. If any of you heard Garrett’s press conference then the answer to why Ryan was fired is in it. They’re moving forward in a different direction philosophically on defense, meaning they’re most likely going to the 4-3. They probably won’t be able to keep Spencer, which means a huge hole in the 3-4. Rob Ryan isn’t a 4-3 coach, he’s a 3-4 coach. If they do get to keep Spencer then he simply puts his hand on the ground like Ware. A line of Ware, Ratliff, Hatcher and Spencer looks a lot better than a line with Coleman or Spears in it.

  59. Have to laugh at the Rex Ryan hate. Guy’s been a HC for all of four years, has gone to the conference championship twice, and has had one losing season, but somehow, he’s a bum.

    Completely absurd.

    Playoff wins through first 4 years as an NFL HC:

    Rex Ryan: 4

    Bill Belichick, Chuck Noll, and Tom Landry COMBINED: 2

  60. Jerry Jones is a real class act. They had a coaches meeting on Monday, than everyone went on vacation. On Tuesday he fired Ryan by telephone while on his vacation.

  61. Rob did a good job with the defense considering the amount of injuries this year.

    I thinks the offense was more at fault for always playing from behind and their inability to score points in the first half.

    It will be Garrett’s last year if the team struggles next year.

  62. Can anyone say scapegoat?

    While Ryan wasnt exactly the best D coordinator. He wasnt the problem either.

    Until they get some kind of stability in Dallas they will remain 8-8.

    Heck I think Singletary would be a good D coordinator. He has the kind of fire and leadership to put these players in line.

    We all know that JJones is going to be there. At the very least bring in someone who demands nothing but the best out of the players.

    Talent isnt the issue in Dallas. Its leadership and accountability.

  63. This is the best news I heard in a long time. All of you who say that Rob Ryan is not the problem are people who do not watch EVERY PLAY like I have for most of my life.

    Rob Ryan has been terrible with every team he’s been on. I do not want to here injuries either. We had all of our players when we couldn’t barely sack Jay Cutler and their crappy O-Line in Week 4.

    All the media robots on here want to blame Romo. You have no clue what you are talking about. Watch out NFL if the Cowboys go to a 4-3. Serious trouble for the whole league!!

  64. Best thing Dallas could have done it to dump that long-haired, unshaven,fat, foul-mouthed a$$hole of a bum. There are much better coaches around for the picking.
    Vince Lombardi, or Tom Landry he ain’t!! No class…no professionalism… good riddance!!!!

  65. I don’t care where he goes PLEASE make him get a hair cut or at least groom it he looks like the dirtest man i know

  66. Ok we have no running game, Tony Romo throw a pick everytime the game is on the line, what we can do? Oh i have an idea let’s fire the defensive coordinator! (Jerry Jones)

  67. If it’s all about the injuries in 2012, how come his D sucked in 2011 also?

    Hell the ’11 Eagles with an O-line coach as DC were better on D.

  68. Ryan was a fat slob and looked disgusting on the sideline. The exact opposite of the class that Tom Landry portrayed.

    But to be fair to Ryan the defense was lucky to do as well a job as it did with the huge number of injuries.

    The two things to take care of next is the offensive line and for Garrett to call better plays.

  69. Ryans results with the Browns after two years, were similar to what he has done in Dallas. But in Cleveland Ryan said he didn’t have the personnel to work with like he will have in Dallas. He just didn’t get it done.

    In fact this season the Brown allowed less points per game than Dallas.

  70. What does Romo throwing three picks have to do with the Rob Ryans defense? Im iz confused

    Funny, I was gonna ask what Tony Romo had to do with giving up 200 yards to a rookie RB.

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