Rex Ryan: I need an offense that reflects who I am

Getty Images

Jets coach Rex Ryan said in his first public comments since the end of the season that he plans to reshape the team’s offense in his own image, making them more aggressive and physical offensively.

“I don’t think I’ve done as good a job of implementing who I am throughout this team,” Ryan said. “I want a physical, aggressive, attack-style of football team. Offense, defense and all that. . . . I don’t think I’ve done a good enough job of getting that through to the entire football team. Certainly I think it’s gotten through to defense and special teams. I don’t think it necessarily got through offensively. That’s what I want.”

Although Ryan didn’t criticize Tony Sparano, whom he just fired as offensive coordinator, he did make clear that he needs a different type of coordinator in 2013.

“I want somebody with that same type of belief I have,” Ryan said of his next offensive coordinator.

Ryan said he still hopes Mike Pettine returns as defensive coordinator, and he also said he’ll be ready to work with whoever the Jets hire as their next general manager. Jets owner Woody Johnson said he has made it clear to all general manager candidates that keeping Ryan around as the head coach in 2013 is a condition of taking the job.

Johnson called it “a very tough year for all of us,” but he also said he believes Ryan “has a rare ability” to lead an NFL team. Johnson also acknowledged that the Jets were wrong not to have this post-season press conference sooner than today, telling the reporters present that he had heard their complaints about how long it had taken and agreed with them.

“Your comments regarding the delay are valid,” he said. “I should have gotten back earlier.”

If Ryan, the next offensive coordinator and the next general manager can’t get things turned around, the complaints about the Jets’ media schedule will be nothing compared to the complaints about the Jets’ offense.