Rex Ryan: If Sanchez doesn’t play better, my tattoo will change

As he closed his first press conference of 2013, Jets coach Rex Ryan was asked about his infamous tattoo — the one that shows his wife wearing a Mark Sanchez jersey. And he answered with a joke.

“Obviously, if Sanchez doesn’t play better, that number’s changing. That’s a given,” Ryan said.

At least, I think that’s supposed to be a joke. What is clear — as Ryan said — is that Sanchez will have to compete this offseason to keep his starting quarterback job. And although it’s too soon to say who he’ll be competing with, the most likely result is that the new general manager will bring in another quarterback, and that Tim Tebow will be jettisoned.

Despite talk that Ryan’s tattoo — which was just spotted by a tabloid photographer last week — showed his wife “Tebowing,” Ryan said he actually got the tattoo long before Tebow came to the Jets.

“There’s a question, ‘Is that a real tattoo or not?’ I’ll keep you guessing,” he said. “It’s funny, it’s actually a tattoo I’ve had for like three years — going on three years now. . . . I’ve been married for 25 years, and through my eyes, my wife’s the most beautiful woman in the world. So that’s what it is.”

If only Ryan could find a quarterback to love as much as he loves his wife.

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  1. I sure hope that tattoo isn’t real. It looks like it was drawn on with a sharpie by an elementary schooler. If you’re going to get a tattoo of questionable subject matter, at least make sure it is quality work, man.

  2. ““Obviously, if Sanchez doesn’t play better, that number’s changing. That’s a given,” Ryan said.”

    So Sanchez starts next season? At some point I will begin to feel bad for Jets fans.

  3. As short as jobs can be in the NFL, who does this? Who is so confident that they feel they will coach one team forever and with the same quarterback for ever? Is he expecting a Ryan/Sanchez bust in the hall of fame right next to Shula/Marino, Walsh/Montana, and Lombardi/Starr?

  4. Another offseason of doing whatever you can do to draw attention to yourself.

    He apparently was given a vote of confidence or he would be keeping a low profile.

    When will people realize that hiring a Ryan is fun and exciting for a while, but soon you realize that they too focused on self-promotion to win.

  5. Sending a Paparazzi after a coach is a new low even for sports media. Dude loves his wife, other coaches cheat on their wifes – how is this a story? Ask him about his coaching problems and how he’s going to fix it.

  6. So Rex thinks that Sanchez is a starting QB, the Jets are a Super Bowl caliber team, and his wife is the most beautiful woman in the world. Wasn’t this a Seinfeld episode?

  7. And in his eyes he’s the smartest football coach in the world too. Maybe it’s time to get somebody that isn’t so detached from reality and can see what’s actually happening right in front of them. This guy is one nutso dude and a lousy football coach.

  8. He did find a quarterback to love. Mark Sanchez!! And made it clear it is open to competition? Please, he said that this year but played that loser anyway!

  9. We still love ya Rex. You get another year to get the ship righted.

    Some of us have not forgotten the great playoff runs in 2010-2011. You are a very good coach and you believe in this team, I am very happy about that.

    And most of the idiots on this site condemning you root for teams like the Cowboys (1 playoff win this millennium) and the Bills (ZERO playoff appearances in 13 years), not to mention the hapless Fish.

    I will take Rex and the Jets over those teams everyday of the week thank you.

  10. Woody Johnson is a successful business man, no doubt. Can’t for the life of me understand what he was thinking keeping Ryan………Come on man!!!!

  11. So in reality the Jet fans have to put up with this bum Sanchez for at least the first few games next season, I really thought they would try to get rid of him or at the very least make him a back up. I just can’t wait for next season to start, it will be interesting to see how many season ticket Sanchez will cost the Jets.

  12. I’m still trying to figure out how he’s still the head coach. I’m guessing this has a lot more to do with the candidates available.

  13. Smart guy that Rex.

    He refuses to confirm whether the tattoo is real and in the same sentence says he’s had it for 3 years.

    Thats a helluva long time to go without a shower, assuming its a temporary tattoo.

  14. So who is going to bite the bullet and see if Rex had this tattoo in Hard Knocks like he said.

    Seems to me between this tattoo and Rex’s profile the implications are clear.

  15. You said that he should find a QB that he loves as much as his wife. He has he loves Sanchez more than his wife, his job, Jets fans and just about anyone else but himself.
    He’s proven that these last 4 seasons that the only person that he loves more than himself it is Mark Sanchez. I used to be a fan of Rex Ryan, now I can’t stand seeing him or hearing him. I couldn’t even watch the last month of the Jets playing it was too pathetic in them losing and what they did to Tim Tebow. He’s the one who got hurt the most by being a Jet. They made him a joke and he didn’t deserve it, he deserves a team that is going to play him whether it’s as a QB or not, let him play and he deserves to win a Superbowl. What I want to see the most is to have Tebow go to another team as the QB and win the Superbowl. That’s what I dream about.

  16. Rex better start sketching out some changes…cuz Sanchez isn’t improving anytime soon. And he’ll probably end up being 2nd string anyway bc if Rex doesn’t show marked improvement next season, he and Sanchez will be down the road.

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