Rob Ryan vows to find work quickly


They say pride comes before the fall.

It apparently comes after it, too.

Former Cowboys defensive coordinator Rob Ryan has confirmed that he has been fired, according to Tim McMahon of

I’ll be out of work for like 5 minutes,” Rob Ryan told McMahon.

He may be right, but not every NFL coach will be thrilled about the prospect of hiring a defensive coordinator who tends to talk when maybe he shouldn’t.  Still, Ryan is skilled at what he does.  And with so many owners hiring coaches with offensive backgrounds, they’ll all need solid defensive coordinators.  Rob Ryan instantly goes to the top of the list of available candidates.

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  1. Really? Skilled at what he does? A coach can handle adversity such as injuries ..he coaches his players through it and makes the second teamers look better . Rob Ryan did none of that . His defense folded with adversity.

  2. Rex as a Jet fan I want you to hire least the jets could lead the league in big mouth ryans

  3. Two games vs. WSH this year:

    Thanksgiving: 28 points allowed in the first half. Lost 38-35.

    “Rob, we’re going to need to shore up that defense so we’ll have a chance to beat these guys when we see them again in 6 weeks. OK?”

    Well, did Rob fix it?

    Game 2: 200 rushing yards later, I would say no, he didn’t fix it.

  4. Rex is looking for an offense to reflect who he is. Here’s his chance for his defense to do the same thing.

  5. I’m still so miffed and disappointed that Garrett is seemingly escaping accountability a second time.

    He should have been let go with Waid; he has had so little success even as an OC.

    The recent divisional chance in Week 17 should not save him — do-or-die in the final week of the season is part of his destructive pattern.

  6. Bottom line, he’s failed twice as a coordinator. Nobody needs a celebrity coach who can’t deliver. May be competing with his brother for a DC job in 2014.

  7. He should have a job in a hurry what he did with that injured mess in Dallas was pretty amazing…complete scapegoat

  8. Wow! this is shocking. I thought the HC was gonna get fired..Didnt see this coming..Not a fan of Robby ryans attitude but he is a freakin good coach; and he is right, he will find work quickly-not exactly 5 minutes

  9. I dunno…he has been fired twice over the last 3 or 4 years…I know the cowboys had a lot of injuries on d but they haven’t been that good the last couple years why he was there. I’m sure SD or KC would give him a chance, but is it him or personnel..I’m thinking him..

  10. I’m kinda stomped as to how Rob Ryan gets fired and Jason Garrett keeps his job? What kinda incriminating Stuff does Garrett got on Jerry Jones? Not saying Rob should have kept his job. Just saying. Smh

  11. @phillyphan72 – Buddy Ryan was the most overrated coach in the history of the NFL. The man didn’t care a lick about offense and could not actually coach players to do things like watch film at home and study the playbook.

  12. If the Eagles get an offensive coach then I’d be happy with Ryan running the D. He runs a 3-4 which doesn’t fit our personnel but teams running that scheme seem to be more successful in the league right now. We need someone with some tenacity back there, someone who will bring an edge to our vanilla D. He may be outspoken with little tact but he’d be a major upgrade over Juan Castillo and Todd Bowled. Plus we in Philadelphia loved his dads attitude and Rob brings similar qualities.

  13. Rob Ryan is the most overrated coordinator in the league. Never been the DC of a playoff team, at least Rex has postseason games on his resume

  14. Oh, yes.

    Rob Ryan is very skilled at looking like a cool defensive coordinator.

    he just has to learn how to be a successful one first.

    That Cowboys squad was underperforming so its a great move by Jones. Imagine what a real DC can do with that talent if he gets those guys focused?

  15. Skilled?? In 9 seasons as a defensive coordinator he’s never lead a top-10 scoring D…while finishing in the bottom half of the league 7 times

  16. Never been over .500 as a defensive coordinator …..I think he actually
    Said is ” the buffet is in 5 minutes”

  17. We will take him on as our Defensive Coordinator in Buffalo. I’d love to see his D play the Jets and his brother twice a year. He would do well under Marrone.

  18. Tony Romo is becoming a defensive coordinator killer.
    First Wade Phillips now Rob Ryan.
    I am not sure how it is the defensive coordinators fault when Tony Romo throws 3 interceptions in big games, every big game.

  19. If he gets another DC job this coming season the person hiring him needs to be fired by their boss.
    How a guy can be a DC for 9 straight years and never once be in the top 15 for points allowed (which is what actually matters) while being in the bottom 4 teams 3 times is beyond me, I guess name value is better than actual performance/production. It’s not like he’s even put out good (not great) defenses, they have be BAD, bottom 10 in 7 of 9 seasons.
    Yardage isn’t much better, just managing to crack the top 12 just once and that was over a half decade ago.
    He needs to go back to being a LBer coach on a team that has a real HC & DC.
    People are talking about how the wrong coach was fired and Garrett should have gone instead, why? At least Garrett has the overall team & offense producing at an average level. If anything it should have been both of them fired not Garrett instead of Ryan.

  20. In hindsight, he probably shouldn’t have gotten that tattoo of Jerry Jones “Tebowing,” wearing nothing but a Cowboys jersey.

    Now it just seems creepy.

  21. Why does anyone think he’s a good DC. His defenses always stink. Name one good D season he has ever commanded.

    Oh and when the Raiders fired I’m he had the same 5min quote. To his credit he was hired immediately by the Browns where he proceeded to build a defense that would make Swiss cheese blush.

  22. Hes right, he will have no problem finding work in this league. Jerry is an utter fool for letting him go. If I was the Saints, Bills or Chiefs I’d be salivating at the chance to hire him.

  23. Most people are a bit more humble when they lose their job. And with the unemployment rate in this country being what it is, could be 18 minutes. Or 18 months.

  24. “war27 says: Jan 8, 2013 8:16 PM

    What has this guy ever really done in the NFL? He’s probably one of the top ten over hyped, over rated people in the NFL, players included.”

    You can add Andy Reid’s name to that list.

  25. Saints will hopefully take a long look at him. Or wide look, either way it should be an improvement

  26. Sean Lee, Bruce Carter and Anthony Spencer all played very well when not injured.
    The 3rd stringers and street FA’s played exactly how you would expect them to.
    I don’t think Ryan was the reason for credit or for criticism.
    This changes nothing, Jerry.

  27. Look, I’ve been a Raiders fan all my life. I saw every televised game that Rob coached as Raiders DC. “Talented” and “Rob Ryan” should never belong in the same sentence.

    It was really scary that we almost hired him as head coach. A lot of fans wanted it.

  28. I’ve never been able to understand why the NFL in-game production staff fixates on showing this guy on the sideline as often as they do/did?

  29. Name a top of the line defensive player under Rob Ryan in Cleveland. And yet they were pretty solid. With all the guys the Cowboys found on the street to play defense this year, its amazing they weren’t worse. And yet he gets fired. Jerry, you have done it again. You wont hire a GM, you hire coaches with no backbones (just the way he likes it), and you draft the worst team players or laziest pieces of crap just because their skilled and you get surprised when they dont perform (Dez Bryant and Ogletree couldnt run a route for half the season for goodness sake). Unfortunately Dallas fans, your gonna have to be like Raider fans and wait until your owner dies to fix this problem…

  30. no rob ryan defense has coached on a winning team, how many defenses have finished in the top 10 let alone top 15? was time to move on, give the sake that injuries did him in too though…

  31. Rob predicts he will win a Superbowl next year. Fill in the blank for the team, it doesn’t matter. He will win a Superbowl.

    Rex hopes that Miami hires him, so that somebody in the AFC Least can at least beat the Patriots besides the Jets. Oh at least anybody in the AFC Least can beat the Patriots.

  32. I could be wrong but I bet he was acting like his father did when he was the DC for teams. Everybody except the defense was garbage unless Buddy Ryan was the head coach. I think this might have been a power struggle and in the in JC won.

  33. I don’t understand why people are calling him a scapegoat. The guy doesn’t harp on the fundamentals, and his so called blitz heavy scheme lacked blitzes and was too complex for new players to pick up. Too many times we cowboys fans saw the secondary looking lost, then a big play would happen. Too many times we were penalized for too many men on the field or ran plays with only ten players. I understand there was a lot of injuries, but every team has injuries and he didn’t help put the new guys in a position to win when he can’t teach his scheme. We need a coordinator who’s gonna teach guys to line up, punch the “O” in the mouth and wrap up when they tackle.

  34. Stay away from STL. We could use Lovie, not a “celebrity” coach. “Celebrity”= one whose fame is greatly exceeded by their ability/achievement. Another Kardashian?

  35. How does this guy always manage to find a job? Everywhere he goes its someone elses fault. Hes an ok coach but he brings an element of stupidity and arrogance everywhere he goes. Hes a good stopgap coach for egotistical coaches such as Al Davis and Jerry Jones but hes nothing to build a foundation on. His philosophys are screwy and it shows in pressured situations, hes inept at rallying the troops.

  36. The math is simple. Ryan has one year on his deal, maybe $300k. Garrett has two years left, probably $10 million. Jerruh ain’t eating $10 million for no one.

    The problem I see with this decision is it took the cowgirls a year just to learn his system. The D was better this year, they just did not have the depth to deal with injuries. Now you bring a new guy in. The only guys that run the 46 are named Ryan so I guess you go to some other sort of 3-4. Another year to get people up to speed. The new guys is gonna want D lineman because all ‘girls are hurt, suck, or going to jail. In the meantime you need to draft O lineman because your line is an overpaid sieve. But you’re GM has shown he could draft a beer in a brewery. It’s just a train wreck.

  37. phillyphanatic77 | Jan 8, 2013, 8:50 PM EST
    If the Eagles get an offensive coach then I’d be happy with Ryan running the D. He runs a 3-4 which doesn’t fit our personnel but teams running that scheme seem to be more successful in the league right now. We need someone with some tenacity back there, someone who will bring an edge to our vanilla D. He may be outspoken with little tact but he’d be a major upgrade over Juan Castillo and Todd Bowled. Plus we in Philadelphia loved his dads attitude and Rob brings similar qualities.
    Speak for yourself dude! This Eagles fan,saw his Dad for the blowhard joke that he was! Zero playoff wins! That’s his Dad’s legacy in this town,give me a break with that”we loved his attitude”crap! The guy was a Horrible Head Coach.

  38. jr4real says: Jan 8, 2013 8:55 PM
    Just how is he “skilled at what he does”?

    He ‘does’ mouth off very well.

  39. He sure as hell wouldn’t go to the top of my list. There’s a lot more to coaching than an understanding of coverage schemes. I’ll take a coach with maturity and character any day over a blowhard who hasn’t really done any that spectacular to blow hard about.

  40. Jerry wants to fire Garrett but knows he will look so bad for picking he wrong coach again and again. He’s willing to lose again so he can say he tried. Then he goes after a college big name like Saban or Kelly.

    Then again maybe im giving him too much credit.

  41. The perfect move if you’re going back to a 4-3 D.

    If the Pokes want to best utilize their current talent, there are great 4-3 coaches available.

  42. I told you when he was hired: There will be no “D” in big “D”.
    He said the exact same thing about “the five minutes” the last time he was fired.
    He’s running out of suitors.

  43. Jets GM……..Buddy Ryan
    Jets HC……..Rexy Ryan
    Jets DC………Robbie Ryan
    Woody might as well add a couple more clowns to the circus. If Robbie boy is as good as he thinks he is, what better fit than to work for your brother…unless not even your brother thinks you are that good but then how does one define that when rexy thinks he is the best. A dysfunctional owner deserves dysfunctional coaches who create a dysfunctional team. All in the Family.

  44. LOL … the guy has never coached a team above .500 and gets more love than Manning or Brady who have actually won a SB.

  45. Hey Cowgirls fans. From a Gmen fan. The truth is your LBs are as bad as ours. slow or stupid or both. If not for Ware, you have almost no pass rush too. Don’t hang your lousy D all on Ryan, he covered your butts with blitzs to prevent your secondary from getting roasted like a stuck pig.Remember , Ryan had to work with what the Wizard of OZ(jerry ) gave him. Grow a pair, there are Dallas policewomen with bigger ones.

  46. 1509lucky says:
    Jan 8, 2013 10:42 PM

    Speak for yourself dude! This Eagles fan,saw his Dad for the blowhard joke that he was! Zero playoff wins! That’s his Dad’s legacy in this town,give me a break with that”we loved his attitude”crap! The guy was a Horrible Head Coach.

    Look I’m well aware that Buddy Ryan never won a playoff game despite having one of the greatest defenses of all time. But that doesn’t take away from the fact that the people of Philadelphia still love him. He was not a “blowhard joke”, he was an excellent defensive mind. His problem was that he had no idea how to implement an effective offensive gameplan. And you trying winning a playoff game with RICH KOTITE running your offense. Talk about a blowhard joke. It’s a miracle Buddy even got em to the playoffs with that dumbass running our offense. There’s no arguing that Buddy Ryan knew how to draft and develop defensive studs.

  47. He was misquoted. The actual quote was “I’ll have another sack full of Big Macs and a box of moon pies in, like, five minutes.”

  48. I’m no Cowboys fan, but I can’t help but feel Jerry missed a chance at a coaching coup. He could have canned Garrett and hire Lovie Smith as the HC (4-3) and Norv Turner as the OC (awful HC, great OC).

    We know money’s not an issue, so it can only be his incessant need to believe he knows what he’s doing. Even though it’s clear he doesn’t. This team/coaching staff/front office already existed for the last 20+ years and it was called the Oakland Raiders. History repeating itself.

    If Jerry would remove his head from his rear end, cultivate a first-rate front office and stick to the business side of running the team, the Cowboys could be worth $2+ billion AND be a serious threat to win the ‘Ship year in and year out.

  49. Rob needs Lap band on his fat tummy and another on his trap.
    Buddy was an excellent dc but average head coach.
    The reason Jerry didn’t fire Garrett was that he wants someone coaching the team that will be ok with Jerry doing all the things he does. Jimmy got in his face. Garrett, the “mouse,” won’t.
    Moral……. Jerry is comfortable with losing as long as he can be Jerry.

  50. Please, Rex, hire your brother! Can you imagine the entertainment factor? Rex and Sanchez are like the newspaper funny pages of the NFL and I love them!!

  51. I don’t know whats more sad. The lame fat jokes everyone seems to think are funny. Or the fact that the people posting them are probably polishing off their third Big Mac of the day.

  52. Yup only five minutes. That’s the time it takes to fill out an application at McDonald’s and get hired. Flipping burgers with Rex on the other side of the counter salivating all over himself.

  53. Ryan is a good DC, even in Cleveland. We did beat the Saints and NE in back to back weeks. And Cleveland is not known for its Pro bowl caliber players for some time. The Defense of Cleveland was our strength at the time. The problem, like in Dallas, was the offense. Mistakes, turnovers, 3 and outs, and they kept the defense out on the field too long or bad field position. Ryan does a lot with not much talent. He will be coaching again real soon.

  54. Would like to see him in Chicago as the DC. It was his fathers D that got us a ring before. I can’t see anyone being successful involved in the Dallas circus. Everyone is too busy looking to see who cleans Jerry’s glasses next too see what the REAL problem is there!

  55. Rob Ryan had to deal with alot of injuries i will give him that.

    My Problem with him is I have never seen a defense so unorganized in the red zone. Against the Saints he had 9 guys out on the field until for some reason Drew Brees called a timeout.

    He was always shuffling guys in at the last second and they never were lined up properly. It happened at least 5 times in the red zone.I have never seen it happen once to any other team.

    Lack of turnovers also killed him.

  56. Rob Ryan has been a d-coordinator for 9 years. The average rank for his defenses in the time that he has been a coordinator: Yards, 22nd. Points allowed, 22nd. Turnovers forced 15th.

    At best, he is an average defensive coordinator.

  57. Cowboys should consider Mike Pettine if they don’t want to go back to 4-3 full time. I really think it does a team and the players a disservice to keep switching between base defenses every few years with different coaches.

  58. He’s a terrible DC, numbers don’t lie. I guess the trick it to just run your mouth like you’re a good coach and people will buy into the BS. His brother is doing the same, must be the Ryan way.

  59. I wouldn’t be too sure about that, big boy. The everlasting image most people have of you is freaking out on the sidelines, getting into it with opposing players and taking stupid penalties that hurt your team. Does any head coach really want to hire a defensive coordinator who is that much of a loose cannon, has that much profile, and who will throw you under the bus at the first opportunity? I wouldn’t be surprised at all to see Rob have to sit a year in the coaching penalty box until he becomes somewhat less radioactive to hire.

  60. The Jets!..Cowboys did have the #1 ranks Defense for a couple of weeks..another NFL scapegoat for bad GM/Ownership

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